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Politics threatens Luzhkov Belarusian businessmen

At the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov the end of 2007 from the Russian capital will be removed all consumer markets. Signed an order to close most of the markets where the majority of Belarusian merchandised "pumps" — Cherkizovskiy. Will be liquidated and Tsarician radio market, where in Belarus move computers, televisions, stereos, etc. "Already, in many places in Russia hanging signs: do not work with Belarus"One of the favorites of the entrepreneurial movement in Belarus Anatoly Shumchanka acknowledges some discomfort in "pumps" that merchandised Cherkizovsky market, certainly arise. But he is convinced that without work will be left Moscow

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Or rebuilt in Mogilev city hall?

Historical Russian title area — Trading. From the 16th century, there was a constant attribute euro town that had Magdeburg Law — Town Hall. After the first partition of Poland in 1772, the Russians renamed the area the governor. The destruction of the town hall in 1957, the area remained without a specific name. 25 years ago thereon erected a memorial complex "Fighters for Soviet power."After the reconstruction of the area itself and its neighborhood have changed dramatically. Mogilev, but worried — or will build a town hall.A middle-aged guy: "I believe that the town hall is worth rebuilding, and

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Large-scale privatization in Belarus: a bluff or reality?

Valery Karbalevich: "Document of the Ministry of Economy on the privatization of large companies looks like a sensation or even a revolution in the economic policy of the Belarusian authorities. Indeed, until now the policy has been almost reversed.Lukashenko claimed more than once: Why privatize municipal enterprises, if they work well? In contrast, in the past wasprogramm and started the nationalization of several companies by voluntary forced sale of shares of joint stock companies to the state in exchange for loans.And the next moment. In all post-socialist countries, the privatization began with small, medium enterprises, trade and personal services, and

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Media learned about the conditions of sale of the Su-35 to China

Our motherland China is ready to implement a batch of 48 functional Su-35 fighters in four billion dollars, if China guarantees the failure of copying Russian aircraft. This writes «Kommersant» citing sources in the Russian military-industrial complex.

According to the source publication, the parties actually agreed to the number of aircraft for delivery and their prices, but the «price negotiation process may change.» If the deal is concluded, it will be in the history naikrupneyshim cooperation between Russia and China in the field of defense industry and the

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If Belarus will receive Russian loan?

Commenting at a press conference in Minsk on a considerable amount of credit sovereign Korbut explained that the size of 1.5 billion dollars justified doubling of the price of Russian gas Belarus, Interfax reports.

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Belarusians again call for savings and ashchadnastsi

Economy Minister Nikolai Zaichenko now stated that the directive will "reincarnate economy and thrift factor in economic development."Independent economist Konstantin Skuratovich on this occasion notes that such language was accompanied by the Soviet economy from the time of its existence:"People Incline age remember that in all the years Russian authorities conducted a permanent struggle for savings. Called work on saved raw materials and energy. All subbotniki held only on saved resources. And finally Russian economy is six to ten times more than squander resources per unit of output for America, Germany, Britain, and before the end of the Soviet Union

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What will Moscow in response to the low profile of Minsk?

Alexander Lukashenko believes that the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia should be shared decision allies of Russia under the Treaty on Collective Security. It can be concluded that in Belarus there diplomacy? What predictions about the joint CSTO decision on this issue? That Moscow would do with Belarus after such diplomatic, evading recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia?Participants: last salting Belarus in Germany Peter Sadowski Associate Professor of Minsk and Russian Higher School of Economics Andrew Suzdaltsev from Moscow.Appears in Belarus diplomacy?Valery Karbalevich"After a trip to Sochi Lukashenko, Belarusian favorite meeting with the presidents of South Ossetia and Abkhazia,

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Or neighbors celebrate day guys?

Part of Russian newspapers and online publications contains befitting materials, for example stories about military or army posters funny stories, not touching sense of celebration days of February 23 as defenders of the Fatherland. There are critical publication. On the Russian website placed an op-ed favorite party Democratic Alliance Valeria Novodvorskaya.V. Novodvorskaja writes: "Russian prazdnichkom — it’s just poem, in general, as well as Russian weekdays. But Russian weekdays remained outside the modern, or post-or napavsavetskay era. But prazdnichkom were warmed by the new time, even though their content is not only mixed with 2007, but even directly contradict

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Why Defenders of the Fatherland day celebrated in Belarus on February 23?

First, our correspondent asked this question Emperor middle-aged:Man: "It’s gone from Russian time. This day was created by the Russian army. And this day is celebrated."Reporter: "And how do you feel about this prazdnichkom? Celebrate him?"Man: "I served in the army, but not idle. In Belarus ist prazdnichek not so noticeable as in Russia. "Lady: "It seems that such an army was still in civilian war. Previously around the Russian Union celebrated. "Emperor with a beer bottle, "the order was signed February 23, 1917 on the development of the Red Army. But now I note another own day."Young Man: "There

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Western media: Putin’s speech in Munich — a challenge in half resentfully

It took more than a week from the time Vladimir Putin’s speech in Munich (February 10 2007), In which he said the United States "dragged the world into the abyss of conflict", "encourage the spread of weapons of mass destruction" and "often blackmailed by their own neighbors and manipulate them" that they "overstepped its national borders in every way."Since then expressed his surprise not only the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Shocked political observers and politicians talk about the importance of new formulevak Putin: "Do not start this war, the latest cool?", "Do not pay Putin in his own

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