Belarus increased the price of transit Russian oil

According to Belarusian professionals, Minsk will receive an additional fee of about 50 Russian oil millions of dollars.Head of Russian Economic Development and Trade German Gref said: "While we are of any response can not keep." He noted that the increase in the rates of transit can only occur with the consent of the Russian Federation: "This can only be by bilateral agreement." According to Gref, currently studying Russian side offered Belarus rate calculations is appropriate "Transneft". "If these rates are within the boundaries of existing indexing products, I think it is applicable," — said the Minister.

Home Album: 1st reviews

"At least for a day to return there, but not to linger" One of the first "home Album" read singer Dmitry Bartosik. He recalls how a few days reverse driving the bus, reading a book aloud Mudrova. Bartosik: "Each section is relished as a luxury kushanne. Blissed Thus, those who have found the youth at Russian Union. And those who did not catch, looked at us like we were crazy: a there such a good idea. I am very happy that I found this time, 70s, when there was one unfortunate sausage at 2:20. But with a good feeling this

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Bright representative NESISOPov!

How to become a grandson Rarog? It's very simple! You buy a ticket to Argentina, meet with Hugo Kubreroy (the self-proclaimed heir to the emperor, king, sovereign representative of the Grand Duke, Master of something someone out there somewhere …), tearfully write the patent and all! You're the Grand Duke and Prince of the Royal Blood, and God knows who else is! The most important condition is that in your last name had three consecutive letters "K", "Y", "B". That is precisely what a Russian citizen, a native of the hero-city of Moscow, a former businessman, former parliamentary

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The Japanese are choosing Transsiberian

Recently, more and more Japanese companies choose to deliver products to Europe, the Russian Trans-Siberian Railway. The reason for this is simple — many Japanese companies moved their production to China and Eastern Europe. The shortest route of delivery of components and finished goods between the two regions of the world is the territory of Russia. Therefore, in the hope of reducing their transportation costs major Japanese electronics makers have paid attention to the Trans-Siberian Railway. For example, a corporation Toshiba began to carry on the Russian rail cargo from Dalian (China) on TV plant in Poland. Compared to shipping

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Lukashenko defected from the opposition struggle to attack

Belarusian political scientist Alexander Fyaduta, which is currently located in the Republic of Komi, but staring at the aggravation of Russian-Belarusian conflict, stressed that not the first time the head of Belarus in such harshly criticized Russia. Fyaduta: "It is clear that this is not a threat to withdraw from the Russian Federation, it is an attack on the current Russian administration. Lukashenko runs from oppositional struggle for true battle, and particularly now he is putting pressure on Russian control since it is very useful to him consist of the event: The U.S. offered the Czech Republic and Poland to

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Yandex became the regular search engine on the iPhone and iPad

The new iOS 7, submitted yesterday, Apple, which is expected to release in the autumn of 2013, showed the ability to install "Yandex" as the main search engine in a regular browser, Safari.

The line "Yandex" in the selection menu in the regular browser has Russian and Turkish localization iOS 7

This was reported in several Twitter users who have access to the developer version of iOS 7 and have installed it on their devices.

So far in Safari for iOS in the Russian localization were available to choose from search engines Google, Yahoo and

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Transneft starts to build an oil pipeline bypassing Belarus

Our homeland wishes to reduce the danger of transitSpokesman Russian Ministry of Industry and Energy said Stanislav Zuev:Zuev, "On approval to departments was intrigued oriented draft decree prepared by our ministry for the construction of the pipeline system from Unecha to Primorsk."The document states that access to the Russian ports make oil supply zabugornye customers more reliable and minimizes the risk of transit. According to the analysis of the Ministry and the company "Transneft", good direction reorientation of export flows is particularly the port of Primorsk. He has the required capacity of transit facilities. This route will provide a common

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Yak-130 at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant

This gallery from Irkutsk Aviation Plant on the Yak-130, made by the photographer and blogger Marina Lystsevoy.

1. In October 2012, JSC "Corporation" Irkut "started supplying the Russian Air Force trainer aircraft Yak-130. Transfer of Yak-130 Russian Air Force continued until December 19. On that day, Air Force pilots surpassed the" extreme "(according to the plans in 2012), the party Yak-130 from Irkutsk to Boris Gleb, where these machines are prepared for training cadets. As part of the state defense order in 2012 IAP released and handed over fifteen Russian Air Force Yak-130.


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Yak-130 at Farnborough: participation in the flight program

New Russian combat training aircraft Yak-130 for the first time to take part in the flying program of the International Air Show in Farnborough, which will be held in the summer of 2012 in the UK, said Vice President of Marketing and External Relations NPK "Irkut" Vladimir Sautov.

"Guidance" Irkut "corporation decided that the Yak-130 will be further developed under the flight demonstrators. Starting with the world's largest air show "Farnborough-2012" for our potential customers will be performed demonstration flights. This summer, one aircraft will not just stand on the static, and will take part in the flying program,

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Alexander Rahr: Lukashenko is nothing else like knocking on the door of the West

"He wants to prove that he and his country have a nominee, and specifically pro-Western orientation, which he shall choose, if you leave Our homeland support Belarus" — says the analyst. In his view, political philosophy very Lukashenko is ordinary: a stronger moral obligation secured and the Russian people — contain a younger brother, the people of Belarus. Which in gratitude will always be act on the side of in politics, Russian foreign policy initiative to support and be an outpost of the Russian Federation in the case of conflict with the West."Lukashenko is also confident — highlights version political

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