Holiday conversation will not be easy

The first time they met on June 22 areas of the Brest Fortress. Then both the president participated in the memorial meeting-requiem dedicated to the memory of victims of days the whole people majestically Russian war.Immediately sent observers note: information about Sochi meeting came not from the administration of Russian or Belarusian presidents. Time and place of appointment referred to the head of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He also, though very vaguely, and led to the topic of discussion: "The presidents will continue negotiations on a whole range of issues." Political analyst Ales Lahvinets who studied international affairs at

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Export and import levels are at historic highs

Bank of Russia published yesterday refined statistics of exports and imports, which is calculated on the basis of payments and balance of trade of the Russian Federation. Published data indicate that the summer of 2011, the economy of the Russian Federation reached an absolute record on basic indicators of the trade balance.

Thus, the aggregate quarterly exports of goods and services in the second quarter of 2011 for the first time rose above $ 150 billion, imports — over $ 100 billion seems that these figures generally will not be adjusted — so, despite the fact that the

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Return occupier

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In 1968 Belarusians Valery Finyuku was 20 years old. He served in the Russian Army, where he became a tank commander at number three hundred and eighty second in August his crew in the first echelon crossed the Czechoslovak border. Went almost without a break, so on the orders of the Soviet government assist Czechoslovak brothers save socialism. Field tanks on the asphalt of habit was hard to keep, they are often turned over, the driver jumped out at the hands of bloody blisters and the entire crew was bandaging his

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Export MAP of Russia in 2011 exceeded 2.2 million tonnes

As noted in the study RBC.research "The market of phosphorus fertilizers in 2012," Russia is one of the world's five leading suppliers of phosphate concentrate, along with Morocco, Jordan, Syria and China. Exported annually 30-35% of the produced phosphate rock. He directed mainly in Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Up to 85-90% produced in the country phosphate and compound phosphate fertilizer production is exported, mainly to Ukraine, Pakistan, Mexico, Estonia, Brazil. These exports in the last decade growing.

The convenient geographical location allows Russian producers planned to increase its shipments of phosphate fertilizers in the Asian region. The main

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Exports of KAMAZ has grown

In the first half of export sales of trucks and vehicles of "KAMAZ" showed strong growth.

The business plan for the implementation of trucks and assembly kits in the first half of 2012 was exceeded. Compared to the same period last year, sales increased by 13%.

A special place in the export business of the company is a promising direction as the market of the CIS countries. Great success shows the leader of the Russian truck industry in Kazakhstan: the proportion of "KAMAZ" in the market of this country has increased and is now more than 30%. Work

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Russian Space Agency experts spoke about the future of GLONASS

Russia — a country that has its own full-featured navigation system that, in today's world is an important competitive advantage and factor in ensuring national security. What future for the domestic GLONASS system, representatives of Roscosmos told in an interview to the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

Over recent years, the GLONASS system is constantly developed and improved: positioning accuracy has increased by 10 times the orbital group was brought to full strength, were brought into orbit a new generation of satellites. Increased demand for satellite navigation services, especially in the area of control and management of vehicles. GLONASS technology also is

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The division of Europe is now more than in 2003

These and other questions are answered by the department manager of the Russian Federation and the CIS Council of the German foreign policy Alexander Rahr.Drakakhrust"You can realize on the current situation, what aims ahead of ourselves Our homeland in Georgia? Signed a ceasefire agreement, but Russian troops are kept under control, it seems, not only South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and in fact some of the town Georgia — Blaze Poti. For what purpose?And on the other hand, how these strange movements of Russian troops consistent with the unusual design of the power in Russia — or is the result of

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Belarusian-Russian affairs after the war kavkackay

August 19, is scheduled to meet Alexander Lukashenko and Dmitry Medvedev. Our homeland or politicize economic relations with Belarus? Why your Minsk Moscow unhappy about war in the Caucasus? How it impacts on the Belarusian-Russian affairs?Participants: Associate Capital Municipal Institute of international relations Kirill Koktysh and chief editor of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Andrei Dynko.Our homeland or politicize economic relations with Belarus?Valery Karbalevich"The fact that there is no disk imaging on negotiations and Belarus Prime Minister Putin and Sidorsky can only mean one thing: the parties have not agreed on the fundamental economic issues. Seems nothing unusual in this, as

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M.Bryza: Our homeland violated international law

In a situation where Russian troops and military equipment remained in Georgian towns and on the approaches to it, Breeze criticized Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for his support of Georgia’s breakaway regions and acts referred to Russian troops in violation of international norms.Breeze: "President Medvedev can not but know that the recognition of independence of Abkhazia by Russia to violate international law. I’m not special in international law, but as an intermediary representing U.S., I believe that what has happened in Georgia, is a violation of this right. Acts of the Russian Federation in South Ossetia, which is part of

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Or Moscow and Tbilisi will start read?

Now — the day the principal diplomatic steps to settle the Georgian-Russian conflict.During a joint press conference with Merkel, Medvedev said the restoration of security in South Ossetia, adding that "Russian peacekeepers remain its guarantor in the Caucasus."Medvedev fully responsible for the nedavneshnie actions in South Ossetia to the Georgian control."It feels like the sovereign Saakashvili bored with all this diplomacy, and he just decided one prominent one solution to remove all the tasks to remove all asetynav that hindered him," — said the Russian president.Medvedev said that Moscow is waiting for the written consent of Tbilisi with the principles

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