Experiment Mars-500 has been successfully completed

The unique experiment "Mars-500" to simulate a manned interplanetary "flight" on the Red Planet has been successfully completed: sealed July 3, 2010 steel "marsoleta" open, and six members of the international crew went out "at will."

 Photo source:federalspace.ru

Participants in the 520-day experiment for ground simulation flight to Mars was greeted with applause and cheers of their wives, children, relatives, professionals and journalists IBMP. Congratulations on your safe return of the crew arrived and the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin.

 Photo source:federalspace.ru

After the release of "marsonavty", according to an ongoing program of medical research, will

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Expedition On the way Vitus Bering was launched on August 10 (with video)

Overland expedition organized by the Russian Union of rescuers with the Russian Emergencies Ministry, with the support of the Russian Geographical Society (RGS), kicked off on Friday in St. Petersburg. The route is laid in the wake of the First Kamchatka expedition of Vitus Bering, which ran from St. Petersburg to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

First Kamchatka expedition was launched in December 1724, after Peter pointed explore the waters of the Pacific Ocean and confirm the presence of the strait between Asia and America. Leader of the expedition was named Vitus Bering, and his first mate — Russian sailor Aleksei

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Exclusive of Russia

A consortium of "Russian Railways" (RZD) and OPK "Oboronprom" intends to present the "Indian Railways» (Indian Railways) its proposals for the operation and possible production in India is unique Russian locomotives running on compressed natural gas — turbine-electric locomotives. It is expected that an international tender for the supply of this equipment Indian Railways will announce in November. Competitors on it in Russia will not grow. But the experience of turbine-electric series production in our country either. Therefore, India and Russia will perform in fact pioneers in the industrial development of this type of technology. Transforming ideas

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Belarus has not yet reacted to the agreement of Poland and the United States

Agreement, namely dyslyakatsyya foreseen by the Polish countryside battery "Patriot", and in 2012 in Poland planned to house became South American garrison. The document also contains a declaration on ensuring America’s military assistance in case of danger for Poland from third states.

A.NagavitsynThis decision has caused a nervous reaction in Moscow. Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsin stated that the Polish step goes unpunished — say, Poland at risk of becoming a target for Russian missiles if positioned at the South American.Or share Russia’s concerns at the official level in Belarus —

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Russian loan conditions are not named Belarus

Dared crediting mechanism economies 2-countries — before of the Belarusian, which lags behind the rise in prices of strategic raw materials.For disk imaging press service of the Council of Ministers of Belarus, first meeting with Russian officer Sergei Sidorsky said Belarus send humanitarian aid to victims of the war in South Ossetia. In addition, in the Belarusian health resorts throughout August and September are ready to take on the rehabilitation of 2-3 thousand Ossetian children. Vladimir Putin stressed that the moral and even more so real help will be very btw. Then hand deserted to economic issues, which open a

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Robert Gates: Cases United States and Russia can be aggravated by years

At a press conference at the Pentagon, Gates said that Moscow’s actions in Georgia have led to severe consequences in the field of security and that all dealings with Russia will be reviewed. Gates, but added that the U.S. has no desire vorachivatsya during a cool war. He also said that the South American military personnel in Georgia would only deal with humanitarian issues and that there is no need for U.S. military force in today’s conflict.U.S. Secretary of State naktrovvaetstsa in Tbilisi. George Bush said that Rice’s visit "is the support of Georgia." In Georgia and South Ossetia arriving

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The EU adopted a plan of settlement of the conflict

Contrary to the claims of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to take a tough statement condemning the actions of, the final document is maintained in a conciliatory tone, which insisted France and Germany.Adopted at a meeting of foreign ministers of the decision confirms support for the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. In the document there is no criticism of the Russian Federation, which urged the Foreign Minister of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as in England.Minister of Foreign Affairs of the English David Miliband harshly criticized Russia. "It’s outrageous anger of, the Russian army outside of South

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Georgia-Russia — mutual vinavachanni

Our homeland Georgia and now in the morning to a cease-fire, but within a day or did not stop traffic announcements Russian tanks in the districts Blaze. Coupled with the fact Tbilisi and Moscow continued to mutual accusations of flagrant violation of international law and the atrocities against the civilian population.A few hours after the merits of the ceasefire agreement of Georgia announced Our homeland that violates this Agreement.Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Tkeshelashvili told reporters today in Brussels:"I can do for you with full confidence to inform you that at the moment is in Georgia in the morning

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Bush directs the Secretary of State of Georgia

Bush expressed concern about reports of continuing Russian military action in Georgia. He said that the acts of the Russian Federation "raise severe questions about its intentions in Georgia and the region."Georgia: Russians will soon leave BlazeThe Georgian Defense Ministry said that in the coming hours, Russian troops will come out of the town in the direction of Tskhinvali Blaze. Deputy Defense Minister Kutelia said earlier Russian soldiers left Zugdidi, city not far from the Abkhaz border.As for Kodori Gorge, that representatives of the Abkhazian armed forces stated that it is quite are kept under control.Four favorites criticized Sarkozy planThe

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The Western press about the Russian-Georgian conflict

English weekly "Times" article of its own South American correspondent Gerrard Beykera argues that Vladimir Putin’s own relations with Georgia uses a split of American policy toward Moscow. Beyker draws attention, except that rather restrained criticism of Russian military operations in Georgia, official Washington has not made any other steps to assist Tbilisi."Although U.S. maintain excellent working business with Saakashvili ordinary Realpolitik requests to maintain good relationship — despite numerous provocations — with Moscow, "- writes Beyker. According to the correspondent, metropolitan Washington’s position in support of Iran’s nuclear programs from either the neutrality of in other fundamental issues for

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