Minsk protect against breach of contract

According to Ambassador Surikov, question gas prices has to get in a day or agenda scheduled for August 14 meeting of the heads of government of Belarus and Russia. On the days of the first Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said that in connection with the change of events must either break the old contract to supply Russian gas, or supplement it. This contract defines the price formula for Russian gas until 2011. Now salting Alexander Surikov gave an answer to such statements:"Apparently, when the Ministry of Economy of Belarus considers the likely cost, and you can imagine

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With Russian jaws protrude only Belarusian foot

Let’s start with the issue of responses to the death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Recognizable Russian writer died on August 4 90-year life.Man: "Out of life man, figuratively speaking, a sign of — Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It is such a sign of age, as Sakharov. Know, will miss them. Boring. More than 100 years in Russia is more embarrassed. Paraphrase the last sentence of story "One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich", passed three thousand 6 500 days and nights, and much more Our homeland will live in heresy? "Aleksander Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "I am very sorry for the families and friends.

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Gallup: enthusiasm for the Russian language grows

In 2006 and 2007, respectively. Gallup put respondents in the post-Soviet countries, follow-up question: "How do you basically ensure that your kids are in this country studied Russian language?" Could choose one of the five answer choices: 1) do not know / do not want to answer, 2) it does not matter, and 3) not very principle4) sufficiently fundamental, 5) is very crucial.The results were quite fascinating. For example, despite the long-term tension in relations between Georgia and Russia, 64 percent of Georgian respondents replied "very fundamental" (a year earlier these respondents had accumulated 43 percent).Overvalued enthusiasm to the study

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Telepolis: Summer promotion sales in the last dictatorship in Europe

"In recent months, the management of Belarus took a specific course on economic changes … Belarus, but — the only post-Soviet country dominated municipal form of economic and accessories where as oligarchs in Russia, made thanks to the "feral" privatization, simply does not exist. Shred personal sector in the gross national product of the EastEuropean countries is about 25%, and the property of the richest Belarusians measured in millions, not in billion dollars . "According to the German edition, "Belarusian authorities convinced that the privatization process will take place uniformly ordered, and it will help prevent wildly unpredictable and privatization.

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Another squadron of Su-34 will go into the armed forces

By the end of 2012 in order Voronezh base (Western Military District) goes even one squadron of the latest Russian Sukhoi Su-34, which will change uniformly planes Su, but more of early versions — the Su-24. According to the State programmke arms for the Air Force Russian Federation will be bought in the general difficulty about 140 bombers Su-34 In the first step of procurement will be purchased 92 modern machines, then grouping will be increased to 124 aircraft, and in the long term the full amount of bombers Su-34 reaches in the Army Air Forces 140 units. Complete

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Solzhenitsyn — a monarchist at heart, and it is his right

"For me the biggest impact made when I was still in school — it was the middle of the 70s — when the radio" Voice of America "sounded head of Solzhenitsyn’s novel" The Gulag Archipelago. "They passed within 2 months on a couple of times a week, and I tried to listen to all the pieces. Naturally, there was no very good welcome and I’m not all heard, but heard, certainly, very affected my perception of the world. Especially since that my father, who also listened to, even though he was basically Russian man, but stated that almost all of

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Russian tire production TYREX

On the basis of the current production of Yaroslavl plant completed the modernization of three of the eight models of tires brand TyRex. Already a serial production of new products, which has received all the necessary certificates and can be delivered anywhere in the world. During the existence of the brand TyRex * has taken its place in the market of truck tires in the B segment and received the recognition of consumers.

 Photo source:tyrex.ru

The development of technology in the tire industry and scientific research allow manufacturers to continuously improve the level of output. And the increasing

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V.Semashko: We have removed the skin long

For this and adopted a plan of privatization of hundreds of companies.According Semashko stock sell-off, as Komarovskoe on the market will not. Shareholders will be elected for three main aspects: money, resources, marketing."President Lukashenko pradeklyaravav three principles. Possible investor must have the money to buy shares and invest in the development of the enterprise. He must have raw materials in order to assure 100 percent load of the enterprise. In This is the meaninge Russian oil companies have value because close oil pipeline "Druzhba". About complex "Naftan-Polymir" we are negotiating with "Rosneft" and "Lukoil". And "Lukoil" in August put a

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Russians build a nuclear power plant or the French?

He recalled on June 30 at a meeting on nuclear power plant construction, Alexander Lukashenko identified that need again officially invited to participate in the construction of the nuclear power plant of the French, the US-Japanese and Russian companies.These companies had reply before August 1. As a result, the answers came from French and Russian companies."Our circle narrowed till 2 companies — said V.Semashko. — On this day Russian" Rosatom "said definitely positive that this project it is fascinating. It is ready within the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Belarus to implement this project is ready submit related credit. If

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Dystantsyyuetstsa Belarus oil dispute from the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic

Instead of half a million tons of raw materials consumers this country receive only 300 thousand.Russian authorities convince management of the Czech Republic, it is caused by technical rather than political reasons. But most experts are convinced from Moscow — is a step in response to the signing between the Czech Republic and the United States hosting arrangements on the ground of the Czech military base Brda parts of a U.S. missile defense.Has recently come to the Czech Republic, geologists from the United States who will perform measurements to determine the radar (it should work in 2014). The Czech side

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