Why many students failed centralized testing?

June 28 applicants passed the last test in chemistry. In 5 subjects of applicants have already been tested (by the Belarusian and Russian languages, Belarusian history, global history, arithmetic). Under the rules, if an applicant for centralized testing is gaining on the subject less than 20 points, he can not enter the university. Today’s results are disappointing centralized testing — as rated by their executive secretary of the State Control Commission for the preparation and conduct of entrance examinations Valery Avsyannikav. Particularly impressive results by language and arithmetic: more than 40% received less than 20 points out of 100 possible

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Chelyabinsk commandos received state awards

Press and Information Office of the Interior Ministry.

The commander of the Ural Regional Command of Internal Troops of Russian Lieutenant General Alexander Poryadin and Chelyabinsk Region Governor Mikhail Yurevich presented state awards Chelyabinsk military special forces.

This was reported Press Service Ural regional command of internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Press and Information Office of the Interior Ministry.

Awarded the Order of Courage Ensign Jamil Ishembetov, Marat Zhapaspaev sergeant, corporal and a soldier Nikolai Gorbachev Ravil Fakhretdinov. Medal "For Courage" was awarded a warrant officer Sergei Tretyakov. Sergeant Denis Kozlov, Junior

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Chelyabinsk region: to launch Mikheevskoye GOK only a little less than a year

In Varna district of Chelyabinsk region implemented one of the most ambitious projects of the construction of mining and processing enterprise "from scratch" in the post-Soviet space. Construction is ZAO "Russian Copper Company."

To date, the GOK been invested more than $ 12.5 billion rubles. Almost all of the equipment on the GOK received, began its installation, erection ends of the main production bases. In September of the following year, the factory is working, and six months after it will reach its design capacity. The total investment amounts to more than 24 billion rubles.

Factory will produce more than 18

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Russian human capital estimated above U.S. GDP

The cost of Russia's human capital is 600 trillion rubles (about $ 18 trillion). As in the issue of October 12 the newspaper "Vedomosti", the experts gave this assessment of the Higher School of Economics. For comparison, the GDP of the world's largest economy — the U.S. — is less than $ 15 trillion. The report is compiled director of the Center for Labor Studies Higher School of Economics Rostislav Kapelyushnikov. According to estimates of the HSE, the "cost" of every Russian in prices in 2010 was six million rubles. In this case, the value of Russian human

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The Belarusian travel ban list 260 thousand people

Deputy Head of the Department of Citizenship and movement Ministry of Internal Affairs Aleksei Begun said that the reason for the travel ban list’s association has an agreement within the Community, which regulates mutual trips of people:"The agreement was, but it did not work. Not all were ready. We database exclusively This year made. Russian Federation is advancing. "According to Begun, the agreement will take effect "as authorities learn to solve technical issues related to the transfer of information. Enthusiasm has the one and the other."The list of restricted to travel abroad, which have the Belarusian border guards, 260 thousand

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CSRI Cyclone is preparing to launch mass production of OLED microdisplays for

Holding company "Roselektronika" announced the launch of production of OLED microdisplays (OLED).

Large-scale project in the field of mass production of such equipment is currently implemented in a member of JSC "Russian electronics" Central Research Institute "Cyclone".

Currently, over a cluster installation and laying of technology unveiled microdisplays, scheduled for launch in autumn 2012. The area of application of this equipment — rendering images on mobile devices and computers in any television standard, including 3D technology. The expected output of 24 million units per year in one shift.

Recently on predrpityaii visited

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Dullness in bronze

Recognizable Belarusian designer Leonid Levin could remember monuments and other works of monumental art, built during the Belarus-independent, which could would call masterpieces.

"Unfortunately, our era is very very common with previous years. And posterity will be hard to find that of the monuments was delivered now, and that in the 70s or 80s. We have some steps forward, which would significantly found the face of our time. " According to Levin, the usual repetition of old concepts — a monument border guards in Grodno. "Belarusian school lies in the tradition of social realism, and this tradition is currently

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Better listen to Putin than Medvedev

In-2, Our homeland holds very inadequate monetary and financial policies. Belarusians can hope that Russian management will respect them if Russian control their own economic policy indicates that do not respect their country. People tend to join the cute States and to unsightly, even loved ones, they do not wish to join. "

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Our homeland Belarus and hold the union contract

Meeting accomplished "one on one". Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus and Our homeland "will never live separately from each other." Recall that the Russian president arrived in Brest after official visits to Kazakhstan, China, Kazakhstan and Germany.According to the joint declaration Our homeland Belarus and advocate the development of economic relations on the principles of market economy. Dmitry Medvedev referred to relations between the countries’ strategic partnership based on the union contract. "The heads of state said they would adhere to existing agreements, filling them with a certain content. Alexander Lukashenko said Our homeland that Belarus "will never live separately

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Lukashenko finds an excuse to break Medvedev

It is expected that the parties will discuss Russian gas supplies to Belarus.Visit Belarus both controlled conditions during a telephone conversation on June 10 after the CIS summit in St. Petersburg. At this summit, Dmitry Medvedev held bilateral talks with the favorites of 9 community. There was a meeting with the President of Kazakhstan, as Russian president recently made its own first zabugorny visit to Astana. Dmitry Medvedev has also not met with Lukashenko.The reason for the first visit to Belarus and the first meeting with the head of the country would be "nation-wide day of memory of victims majestically

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