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I still was not clear why the non-systemic opposition is not so popular among the people as, say, system. There was all very simple — NESISOPy Russian people despise myself and absolutely do not associate with him. Here are just a few examples: Eduard Limonov Veniaminovich, former chairman of the banned Russian National Bolshevik Party (NBP) "… Today, schools are sitting on the desks are 13-year and 15-year-old" girl "that blossomed from their desks pop corporal. They do not have a place on the desks — they are in bed. <…> The girls need to quickly translate into girls, even

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In Nizhny Tagil exhibition Russian Arms Expo-2013 showed a prototype of the future BMP

Russian «Uralvagonzavod» together with the French company Renault Truck Defence shown on the opening exhibition in Nizhny Tagil arms and ammunition Russian Arms Expo-2013 layout infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) of the future, said the CEO «Uralvagonzavod» Oleg Sienko.   «We have distributed our ability 50/50: French side box provided, engine, concept, fire control system, we — weapons, including the possibility of introducing our components and assemblies, — said A. Sienko, ITAR-TASS reported.   «Today we litsezreem exhibition car that will compete with those that are widely presented in international markets,» — said General Director, specifying that the submitted layout BMP

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CAST published the book The New Russian Army

Collection of articles is dedicated to passing a 2008 dramatic reform of the armed-forces of the Russian Federation and their transition to the "new look".

Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies — Russia's leading research organization, conduct studies on the defense industry and military-technical cooperation. The center was founded in 1997

Download the book (Format pdf, ~ 1,2 Mb)

The first article examines the progress of reforming the Army. The article provides a brief overview of the previous stages of military construction in Russia in the post-Soviet period.

The second article focuses on reform and the

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Center Planet KVN opens in Moscow

Photo: The Russian Newspaper

In November 2011 it was decided to grant "KVN" the building of the former Moscow theater "Havana". This gift was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Club.



The best teams leasers act in Moscow. In the district of Marina Grove open house tonight KVN. Russian President arrived there. The head of state came to the center along with the students and teachers of the Baltic Federal University, which met earlier in the day.

Here today — a concert in which the act seven

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Price wars will not be

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia believes that this can be avoided with the implementation of the SDO 2013

The case center of government of the Russian Federation for the first time this year, a conference was held under the supervision of the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Agenda: results of the 2012 state defense order and tasks for 2013. Excerpts from the most relevant presentations.

2012 was a turning point in the implementation of the SDO. In most areas it is filled with more than 95 percent. For the first time managed to stop

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ROL: The Way of slavery

"Russia is interested in capturing" the Panama corridor "through the terrain of Belarus. We need highway, pipeline. Else — grass does not grow. This impartial, our enthusiasm, Russian imperial enthusiasm."Sergei Dorenko, "Free announcements plus", in April 2008. "Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "Here is the statement on the pages of the newspaper made the Belarusian recognizable Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko, whose presence in the political games was also seen. So, the geographical position of Belarus — the center of Europe — not only can be good, and bad for civilization?"Oleg Trusov: "Yes, as all roads lead to imperial slavery captive nations, beginning from

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Grodno on regional television no longer sounds the Belarusian language

TV and Radio Company "Grodno" currently manages Nicholas Melyachenko. He started as a reporter, doing sports events in the Belarusian language. I asked him what caused the transfer news release on the Russian language? Remains whether Byelorussian TV in general?Melyachenko"The Belarusian language will be leaving program that will talk about the Belarusians abroad. It will come out with a new season, every week."CorrespondentBut the latest example program is planned to start in September. Now any applets in the Belarusian language is not. What caused the transfer news release on the Russian language? Melyachenko"Well, this is such a widespread trend in

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CB comes out of the currency board?

Previously, due to the resignation of "the best finance minister" Kudrin, I have already expressed the hope that Russia will last from colonial rule "currency board" — the so-called "currency board", which limits the amount of money the size of the country's gold reserves, determined in its of all, the size of exports. In our case — energy. At the time the policy was devised by British bankers in respect of the British colonies. Colonial character of such a system is determined primarily by the fact that in the "currency board" central bank money is not an issue-center —

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TSAMTO. Top 10 most significant exports to Russia in 2011 in a segment of the arms NE

 Photo source:msn.com

In the top 10 most significant events in the segment of Russian arms exports Army in 2011 TSAMTO turned 3 and 7 of the contract of delivery of programs (by previous agreements).

Top TSAMTO rating of up to 2011 takes delivery of the ground forces of Venezuela on a large batch of arms contracts signed in 2009-2010.

The following places in the ranking are occupied by the following programs.

 Photo source:nevaphoto.com

2. Delivery of the joint venture "BrahMos Aerospace" NE India for completion of one regiment of the new modification of the Kyrgyz

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Minsk — Russian city forever period

Minsk as before remained Russian city where the main prize still remains from the Russian times its purity. Experts of the company "Mercer" in assessing the quality of life in the town, or otherwise take into account the political, economic and social situation in the region, personal safety, censorship and restrictions on human rights facts, cultural life and the opportunity to relax, honey services, transport and services, abundant supply of goods in the shops, affordable housing, the natural environment and other causes. Undisputed favorite for a couple of years in the ranking of the town remain in Switzerland and Germany.

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