Brain you take it — Russian

"But this is my homeland, because for me he is the best. Compared with all other towns it is unrivaled "- recognized Olga. "Mind you take it Russian: Russian architecture, Russian mentality in their heads. But you do not can you say, you love the right hand or the left? It is his. It is part of you. "Minsk 183 takes place in the comfort of life, according to the company Mercer. The middle line of research was the school and education: assessed standards, availability of international schools, etc.Commenting on the findings, Ms. Korsak said: "The university lacks. It seems

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Algirdas Baharevich: His profile was a painful shock and not anasteziya

Like most people of my generation, the first time I opened myself Bykov during their studies in school. Belarusian literature on the lessons that students could not stand with the sincerity, which are capable of only children from Minsk suburbs, adored teacher to arrange staging any textbook fragments from the works of our folk writers. Soap operas Shamyakin, pastoral dialogues Melezha, vadevilnyya scene "Pavlinka" … Bulls did not fit into the scheme lovingly designed teacher, he was very awkward, difficult, uncomfortable, forced to think … One was gradually homage to this eternally angry uncle on the photo … When I

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Scaffold Chingiz Aitmatov

Do not become Chingiz Aitmatov. The creator of "Jamilya", "snow-white steamer", "Buran halt", "chopping block" and 10’s other works, which are whole world glorified the name of Kyrgyz writer, protected from pollution their native steppes, his voice sounded from the congress of Russian writers in defense of creators who were not to enjoy power — including Vasil Bykov out of his hands left in the world, the term "mankurt" whose value is now known to all who are not indifferent to the historical memory of its own people. People’s Poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin met with Chingiz Aitmatov in the

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Belarusian-Russian affairs Reloaded

Gas in 2009 — for 200 bucks?Is not the most significant statements of the Russian ambassador was a message that from next year Belarus will have to pay about $ 200 for a thousand cubic meters of Russian gas, and in 2011 — more than 400 bucks. With all this government comes in the forecast budget for the following year from the price of 140 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. Where did the $ 200 figure, as it is due?Apparently, based on long salting agreement signed by "Gazprom" and the Government of Belarus in the last day of 2006.

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Want a Russian war?

Again about the name

Want a Russian warYou ask in "Silence"Above the expanse of arable land and the "Fields"And "Birches" and "Topol"

Still ask the soldiersWhat's the scoop "Option"As for the "Obuvka" on their feet,As "Goat" catching up fear.What smells "The Fly" and "tulip"And what filled our "Glass"In which places our "Vortex" and "Val"What is the "Cabbage" rules "Ball""Phantasmagoria" which"Fagot" plays and "Oboe".What gives our "Courier",And where there is a "barrier"Ask for "Metis" from "mulatto" asCaught in Russian "Zoo"What is associated with "Pinocchio" "Bumblebee"And from what saves "The Pipe"How to "Peonies" and "Stud"Our fragrant flower garden.What are the "Cacti"

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A good start, though! Three wins in the first three matches of the 2012 IIHF Championship.

I came, I saw, vdul puck! Short digest winning streak of the Russian national hockey team at the 2012 World Cup, which takes place in sunny Scandinavia, and more precisely in the Kingdom of Sweden and the Finnish Colonies.

May 5, 2012

In the opening match of the World Cup hockey team defeated the Russian team with a score of Latvia — 5:2. Forward "Pittsburgh Penguins" Evgeni Malkin scored double, scored three points.

The first dangerous moment at gate Edgars Masalskis organized opponent, Alexander Popov, who broke through on the left, but the

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HONG Yong-Jo: SOCCER FOR GIRLS not trade

In addition to various kinds of tournament records, in August, "growth" has surprised all and football exotic, presenting the gaming public of the North Korean midfielder Hon. His debut in the crucial match with the "Ural" was "a great success". Novice replaced Oleg Dolmatov in the second half, the podium was carried out by applause. Fast, technically, delivered a blow with snap, Hong Yong-Jo sees the field well, feels partner knows when and where to issue a perfect pass. In short, Rostov guessed at best, revealing a bright Russian football player. Do you think too much with the compliments? Not

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Holding Schwabe: combining optical assets

Invites all event became a turning point in the optical direction of our country. Rostekhnadzor (Russian Technologies) established the Holding Schwabe and rebranded to pool assets in the opto-electronic systems. The result of re-branding and integration shows us the new Russian Federation.

Holding RKTM started producing cars at its own casting

Holding RKTM released the first freight car on its own foundry. This event was preceded by a reception ECM-Stal (part of the holding structure) permit marking the main nodes trucks — frames and beams side bolster. Experts Railways and FAZHT conducting the certification, noted the high quality of the cast, and in particular, the robust frame construction side, which is a proprietary engineering center RTKM. Pilot testing confirmed that the frame can withstand the load and has reinforced the best among domestic manufacturers of mechanical-strength properties.

"We have taken another step towards raw material security and strengthen its

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Holding Helicopters of Russia held a demonstration in Ansat with a new control system

Holding "Helicopters of Russia", a part of United Industrial Corporation "Oboronprom", one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of helicopters, including some of the most iconic, innovative and widely operated models, today announced that JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" (JSC "LSC") has successfully conducted the first demonstration of the first prototype light multipurpose civil helicopter "ANSAT "with hydraulic control system (GMSU).

At present JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" made two prototype "Ansat" with hydraulic control system — one for flight, the other — for ground tests, which are conducted since 2011. The test program has already yielded positive results,

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