Holding Aviation presented 20 innovations

Holding "Aviation" has completed testing of innovative landing gear, emergency oxygen systems and components for fuel, hydraulic and air systems that can be installed on the promising Russian planes, helicopters Ka-62, Mi-38 and other machinery.

In the framework of the federal target program "Development of Russian civil aviation for 2002 — 2010 and for the period up to 2015" holding "Aviation", which is part of "Russian Technologies", completed the testing of 20 innovative designs. "I can say with confidence that the characteristics of these developments fully comply with international peers — that's why we are planning to collaborate

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Holding company Russian Railways is ready to start the summer traffic on the new schedule, motion 2013/2014 period.

May 22, at the meeting of the Board of JSC "Russian Railways", chaired by the president of the company Vladimir Yakunin, head of the Department of passenger traffic of "Russian Railways" Gennady Verkhovykh reported on the development of a schedule of passenger trains on the 2013/2014 years, and the willingness of the holding "Russian Railways" to the beginning of summer passenger traffic on the new schedule.

At 00 hours 00 minutes (Moscow time) on May 26 of "Russian Railways" introduced a new timetable and plan for the formation of passenger trains in the 2013/2014 years.

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Lavon Volsky: Name Bykov for me due to childhood

Once a kid all I wanted something such foreign. As if there’s any true adventure, and we are certain they "wrong." And all the kids were skeptical attitude to our creators Russian and Belarusian. And, remember, were asked to read "third missile" Bykov. I was at home, I lazily unfolded and, in short, somewhere deep NIGHT MODE finished reading it. And after already started reading Bykov. As there was real war, not like most Russian books — for me, for a kid, anyway. Beletrystychna and very "gone." And we have too many in the class read. And read Belarusian creators

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The Knight ……… head.

 Photo source:liveinternet.ru

We know that periodically appear in the press ratings of various institutions and funds, with a rating of any country settings.

A strange discovery you make if you compare the ratings of Russia in the years 1990-2000 and 2000-2010.

Education in the 90's was better The attractiveness of the business — above Democratic — unattainable now Freedom of speech and the press — the charm

By coincidence, we can compare for yourself because do not live on the moon. And easy to observe muhlezh "necessary funds and kommisii"

Simultaneously with the

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The festival Mighty God Belarus remained the only brand

Previously the festival organizers did alert on 3 languages: Belarusian, Russian and British. The last three years only in Russian. In the culture department of the Mogilev city executive committee in not behold the flaws. They say: Belarusian language two municipalities — Belarusian and Russian."We have the documents governing the writing of official, unofficial documents that may be on the Russian and BelarusianRussian languages. The Russian language is more accessible. We have 30 percent of the participants from Russia. Why can not we, when we have a choice to make in the Russian language? "- Said Deputy Head of culture

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Bread — it’s great

Bakeries Kuban expand the range of products enriched with biologically active substances of therapeutic and preventive and functional orientation.

Most bakeries edge baked products with the addition of mixtures of cereals, bran, beta-carotene and iodine. To enrich the protein products of the substances included soy flour bread. Strong demand from the population enjoys and bread on the basis of triticale.

The company has sufficient capacity, raw materials and technological opportunities for substantial growth of this group of products at a trade network applications.

In addition, such activities

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Gomel: Tribunal will be conducted over the activist role translator

In proceedings should participate translator on whiteRussian language.Prior meeting referee Arkady Kalugin began to lead Russian language. But Zhukovsky claimed interpreter, how bad has the Russian language.Tax believe that expenditure Constantine Zhukovsky, namely the acquisition of the house in Gomel, exceeds the declared income for the last 5 years. Hence the requirement to pay 2 million 115 thousand rubles income tax.Earlier sovereign Zhukovsky was fined 1 million Tribunal 750 thousand rubles for a wedding gift from relatives in Ukraine. This was seen as preparation and implementation of foreign donations without registering with the Department of Humanitarian Affairs.

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UFU chemists have created a new connection

One hundred of the best inventions of 2012 made Russia in the Ural Federal University.

New chemical, patent is issued Ural Federal University (UFU) , recognized as one of the hundred best inventions of Russia registered in 2012, the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

Appropriate certificate marked the collective staff of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and Chemical Technology Institute (HTI) Ural Federal University, led by head of the Department of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences Academician Oleg Chupakhina. A synthesized

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Hiddink led by

[Img = http://www.rsmfans.ru/images/photos/1039.jpeg] Head coach of the Russian national football team Guus Hiddink led by London "Chelsea" for three months — until the end sezona-2008/09. This method of cooperation English club offered the Russian Football Union (RFU) and the Russian side is ready to accept the proposal, the official website of the RFU. [Cut] RFU also confirmed that within three months Hiddink will combine work in "Chelsea" and the team of Russia. This possibility is stipulated in the contract Dutch expert with the Russian Football Union. Hiddink agreement with the RFU is valid until July 2010, and the fund pays

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Russian Defense Ministry denies atrocities

"Katyn" — political agitation in support of today’s Polish radicals "- wrote in the pages of" To the glory of the motherland "someone Kozhevnikov and continues: -" The position of this: the Russians in the "indebted" to the descendants of Polish officers captured during the liberation campaign of the Red Army in the Western Belarus and Western Ukraine. "movie with his" fierce hatred of the Red Army, "as vysnovvae creator, cut and sewn by" patterns gebelsavskay propaganda. " At gunpoint critics military researcher — the famous Polish film filmmaker Andrzej Wajda’s "Katyn", which is narrated in the murder of thousands

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