Lebedko finds support from the Russian Federation

The reason for the ban was the kind of conversation Belarusian opposition politicians to leave the borders of the country. Favourite UCP asked to contribute to the preservation of the sovereign Lukin Russian border as a window to travel to Europe. Anatoly Lebedko so says the main goal of this meeting:"As long as I can still defend their constitutional rights, going through the Russian Federation for the Belarusian border. But not today or tomorrow (I already have such operational information) will be taken to close the opportunity. Lukin Because meeting was on the subject of — when my rights are

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Parity in favor of Russian systems

This was at a meeting of the Advisory Board of Belarusian government Foreign Investment spokesman said "the system" Alexander Rudakov. He said that holding Capital National Bank of Belarus offered three options for the implementation of "Paritetbank", according to a final decision Rudakov will be accepted for this week.Holding the "System" has long been showing interest in the Belarusian market. Russian company MTS, which comes in the "System", has a half stake in the Belarusian mobile network MTS. Not so long ago it was reported that the "system" wants to buy the Austrian company another Belarusian mobile network Velcom, which

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Strict criteria loan Moscow responds to the non-recognition of Abkhazia?

Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Dmitry Pankin said about the criteria for issuing a loan for Belarus. "We expect that the loan will be associated with the adoption of a joint action plan, which will defined economic measures like … There will be a fixed rate of monetary issues, Russian companies access to the Belarusian market, privatization issues, the balance of payments in Belarus ", — said Russian bureaucrat. He also did not rule out that the loan may be associated with the introduction of Russian ruble as a common currency settlement or reserve currency. What hence

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Khabarovsk shipbuilders laid the new vessel

At Khabarovsk Shipyard solemn laying of Highly azimuth ice class tug designed to work with large-port vessels. This order Khabarovsk shipbuilders received from a subsidiary of Rosneft.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Government of the Territory, the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Far East Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

As the chief engineer of the Khabarovsk Shipyard Vladimir Leonov, the new vessel will be 23 meters in length, 10 — wide and 350 tons displacement. Its design will allow for port and coastal mooring maneuvers to

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Ha-ha-Arocha article!

Exclusive test drive of the first Russian supercar Marussia B2

… So, let's see what kind of myths exist about the Russian supercar, and is it possible to consider them true? Myth number 1: "Maroussia" does not exist Lies! In fact, this myth is completely shattered even after the official opening of Marussia car showroom on Tverskaya Street in Moscow this year. Evil tongues, prorochaschie rapid decline of Russian supercar, were irrelevant. Despite all the difficulties and difficult crisis year, the project alive Marussia healthy and continues to grow. Now in the lineup has been two models:

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Fundamental off

Fundamental off (or a little bit about the architecture of IMA)


In the past few years, Russia has begun to create not only new aircraft, but also technology. And some of the developments will be introduced for the first time on domestic airliners in the world.

Five Branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences are working with aircraft manufacturers in more than twenty different directions. Development of domestic and foreign scholars are used both at the stage of theoretical and experimental, and some of them have already implemented or being implemented to create new

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Album illustrated by beautiful pictures … Z.Poznyaka

"Lim" in 1938 on the front page says: "that Russian Belarus. Triumphs free Belarusian people. Latitudes over his land, as if yasnakryly bird has flown want to hear: Stalin and his military colleagues, members of the Politburo of the CPSU (b) Comrades Molotov, Kaganovich, Voroshilov, Kalinin, Andreev, Mikoyan, Yezhov Zhdanov agreed balatyravatstsa deputies Supreme Council BSSR. ""Fatherland" on this week 1958 contains a comment for publication in "changing the Red": "The creators of the comments," You swim, wreath "… offer in respect of our ordinary Kupala more prodigious output: cooperate with the celebration of this prazdnichka" days of Russian youth,

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Lukashenko proclaimed Prime Minister Putin

"Chairman of the Supreme State Council Union countries Belarus and Russia Alexander Lukashenko May 27 signed a decree about the purpose of Vladimir Putin President of the Council of Ministers of the Union of the country. His signature to this document was also president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev "- reports the press service of the Belarusian manager.The Federal Government — integration structure, which has enormous potential, it usually approves the budget so called Union programs and conduct a yearly meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union Council of Ministers yes.

Minsk analyst Vital Silitski purpose referred

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Sydney Pollack died

Film 1969 "They Shoot horses target, is not it?" in the Russian public has caused a mental shock. Nothing of the kind we have not beheld. Two hours on the display dance marathon times Lofty American Depression of the 1930s, which fell yagokaga participants willing to die for the prize. Profound tension acts stunning drama actor execution. Then the first time we have seen and loved actress Jane Fonda. Film had seven nominations for "Oscar" and the actor Gig Young won the prestigious statuette for best supporting actor.Of all the American directors of the "golden time" of South American cinema

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Assesses how much independence Belarusian bureaucrat?

What are the social consequences of privatization will, which currently starts in Belarus? How will the population growth of social inequality? Can new oligarchs become a pillar of power? On these topics in the program "Prague accent" Valentin Akudovich reason philosopher, creator of the blog in the online edition Telegraf.by Alexander Brechak and economist Alexander Chubrik. Drakakhrust"Over the last decade the system built in Belarus, was although not the most repressive states in the midst of the former Soviet Union, then certainly the most Russian and entourage, and social and economic nature. It is here that the greatest managed to

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