The front-back

Sukhoi Su-34 was developed in the second half of the 1980s, in the early 1990s already on the pre-production phase plane went revision. The first flight of production aircraft took place in 1994. Deliveries of the Su-34 to the troops began in 2006, but the formal acceptance into service took place only in 2011. Despite the fact that the Su-34 has not yet been adopted for the Russian Air Force, the aircraft took part in war in South Ossetia in August 2008.

The crew of the Su-34 includes two people. The bomber is capable of speeds up

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Front-end loader SDLG LG933L available for purchase in the LLC Spetstehmaster

Ltd. "Spetstehmaster" — a company engaged in the supply of machinery and plants in China, today announced a new feature for its customers: now available loader SDLG LG933L.   Ltd. "Spetstehmaster" is a joint Russian-Chinese venture. Business — delivery vehicles and construction equipment to the Russian market. Collaborates with leading factories in China. The Russian consumer is offered a special meeting international quality certificate, earned a good reputation among experts from different countries. A key advantage of China's machinery is the optimal balance of cost and quality. All equipment is a high-performance, easy to operate, easy maintenance. On the

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Belarus should remove obstacles to Russian investors

Theme issue of the weekly "Bel" — Elections to the House of Representatives. Due to the fact that favorite united democratic coalition announced its own participation in the election campaign, the newspaper’s journalists seek out the answer to the question of who is following the existing opposition can get to the highest legislative body of the country, taking into account their biographies towards authorities. In the article entitled "Moore world" "Bel" reports on the visit of the South American diplomat Jonathan Moore Presidential Administration Belarus. Says deputy editor of Victor Martinovic: "We, unfortunately, no latest disk imaging, but because it

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Ratsya: love Mryya, Gashko something, Hrabal

He was born in 1959, two kilometers from the Russian border while working in Bialystok on Radio The radio and writes fiction. Guest presented his latest book "The snow-white stallion," a documentary film "For the ointment."The book came out in the library of the Belarusian literary association "Bialowieza." In his film writer knows how the inhabitants of the village in the district of Bialystok zafundavali Russian soldiers who carried out the border between the USSR and Poland, moonshine, lard, honey, that are not shared by the village in half, and quite left her on the Polish side. The villagers were

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The French want to make Russian an official language of the EU

France will be a collection of signatures for the use of the Russian language at the official level in the EU. The initiators of this proposal are the French association advocating for the development of relations with Russia.

"We believe this is a necessary step because the Russian — one of the main European languages, conductor identity of European civilization. This is a vector of worldwide distribution of different cultures, based on the mediation of the Russian language, "- said the president of the association" France-Ural "Dmitry de cat.

Head of the Association said that in the European Union

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Frenchman raises the Russian brand to the world level

Publish here an article from the French translation of 15.09.2010., The translation is taken from the site of Manor Ursa ( Count Jacques von Polier poses with the clock from the collection of "Rocket", the sale of which will begin in November.

For the shabby Soviet facades sometimes lurk companies with extensive commercial potential. Heads for two years, the plant Peterhof — Rocket, 35-year-old Frenchman Jacques von Polier aims to create the first Russian brand, known all over the world.

Why did you set off in such a venture?

I come from the financial sector, but I

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What will our homeland in exchange for a cheap gas?

Said this agency Royterz unnamed source in the Russian government circles.For the Belarusian-Russian negotiations on cost of gas closely watched in Europe, which receives a quarter of its gas from Russia. 20 percent of Russian gas supplies transported through Belarus and the Belarusian-Russian gas war from time to time lead to supply disruptions.It is understood that the topic will open a discussion during the visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Minsk, where the meeting of prime ministers of the CIS countries.

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France began to build the first Mistral for Russian Navy

At the conclusion of the ceremony of laying in the dry dock of the first helicopter carrier "Mistral" for the Russian Navy in the shipyards of San Nazaire French shipbuilders have begun to step build the ship, said on Friday a representative of the contractor DCNS Emmanuel Godez.

"Tab — a key milestone in the construction of the ship," — said Godez. It marks the completion of the preparatory work, which began exactly a year ago (the first iron plate of the future helicopter was sliced in February 2012), and the transition to a

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Milavidkaya victory

"At the dawn of Russian fighters cautiously occupied fighting positions. Bureaucrats meant at one point and defeat the rebels already evening triumphantly back into town. But the preparations for the assault on rebel commanders watched intently and accordingly prepared for the meeting.Located far sudden volley of cannon heralded the beginning of the assault. Echoed through the woods echoed severe "Hurrah!" And as punishers approached the rebel positions at a distance shot from a gun, struck a powerful volley in response, which led Muscovites move. Lieutenant Colonel plan designed Bulgarin easy victory broke. After some time, he repeated attempt to assault.

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Privatization in Belarus — all for sale to Russians?

Tsigankov: "10-12 years own presidency Alexander Lukashenko has strongly denounced the idea of privatization, even used it as a weapon against political opponents. But it seems that the last months of sales promotion of Belarusian descent began some fantastic silver frisky pace, at least, according to Belarusian standards . Neuzh financial situation is so pinned or maybe just changed the consciousness of the Belarusian management has become more market? If you recall some major milestones of the Belarusian authorities to the case of privatization, which the evolution of this case? "Klaskouski: "Indeed, this presidential era began under the slogan" We

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