In pictures: The intelligence ship Kil’din Russian Black Sea Fleet returned to the Black Sea

February 7, 2013 the average intelligence ship (SRZK) "Kil'din" Russian Black Sea Fleet was the Dardanelles, and February 8 — Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, heading from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.

SRZK "Kil'din" Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Dardanelles, February 7, 2013. Photo Ahmet GÜVEN (Ahmet GUVEN)

This is moving the ship of the Russian Navy still does not officially reported.

Average intelligence ship "Kil'din": Average intelligence ship pr.861M. Displacement: 1,560 tons Dimensions: length — 73.3 m, width — 11.2 m, draft — 3.9 m Full speed: 17 knots. Range: 9,700

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In pictures: New Yak-130 flying in Boris Gleb

September 13th on our website has been reported, the transfer of the three Air Force UBS Yak-130 — here.

Now you can look at these three beauties.

UBS Yak-130 ("55 White"), the Russian Air Force. Shagol, 23.09.2013 (c)

And this is — made by 23 September 2013 at the airport Shagol (Chelyabinsk) pictures depicting an intermediate landing these three new trainer aircraft Yak-130 is distilled from Irkutsk to Borisoglebsk of the 209th Air Base Boris and training aviation training center for training of flight personnel front , bombers and ground-attack aircraft Chkalov Air Force

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Banks sell to support the economy

Controlling stake, "Belinvestbank" 1st of 5 huge municipal banks in the country, after three or four months implement German Commerzbank. According to the chairman of the State Bank of Belarus Petr Prokopovych, fundamentally decision has been reached.By him, end of the year and will be implemented next big bank — "Belpromstroibank". Apart from this, in the not to distant future is not ruled out selling 10-15% stake in the country and naikrupneyshgo "BBK" and "BAPB" which, according to Money magazine version of Global Finance, the second year in a row is the best bank in Belarus.Spokesman for the State Bank

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MAZ receive behalf Deripaska?

The initiative provides for the creation of a Russian research and design center for the development of heavy-duty trucks and combine sales networks. With all this the main objective — increasing joint production of freight cars and 100 thousand times a year.Currently more than 250 MAZ car modifications, 60 kinds of trailers and fifty models of buses and trolleybuses. Once a year, all kinds of art produced about 50 thousand units.MAZ — state-owned enterprise, and for the creation of joint structures, involving the exchange of assets or their union, it must be incorporated.

Speak out as a voice Shura

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The president of the Golden Vityaz not find pocket money …

"Vitebsk proletarians"At 1938 prints by Stalin’s speech to the workers of the higher school at a reception in the Kremlin: "Who is not clear what Papanina Papanin and in his own work on the Arctic ice floe drifting in passing, without much difficulty, knocked The old idea of the Arctic, as ustarevshae and installed new, according to the requirements of the true Science! .. I read about science. But science is all. The science that I read is called an advanced science. ""Fatherland"On This week in 1958 he says: "Taking formally syanneshnyaya BSSR has no affiliation with the Russian Ukraine,

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MAZ can be realized for 5-8 billion dollars

According to informed sources, just the other day Deripaska open a discussion with Alyaksandr Lukashenka possibility of privatization of MAZ. Namely, the Russian side proposes to combine into a single production structure MAZ cars and heavy trucks plant "Ural" (Chelyabinsk region of Russia). What explains the willingness of the Belarusian State Control start trading property?

Deripaska decided, as a relative of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, to use the old sympathies and "process" Lukashenka

That’s what this says economist, manager of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Stutterer:"Why is this happening? Russian specialists and Deripaska have seen that there

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Or implement MAZ 9th number of the richest people in the world?

According to Forbs magazine sovereign Deripaska — the most wealthy person of, in wealth, which is 68 billion dollars, he — on the 9th place in the world. The Belarusian leader confirmed the readiness to implement joint projects "Russian Machines" and the Belarusian MAZ. Lukashenko singled, after modernization of Belarus MAZ could work and compete without the help of others, but could and join forces with Russian partners. He said Deripaska that interested, Russian tycoon has made in Last year, but Lukashenko said Belarus has received similar offers from Russian and KAMAZ. "If we start to negotiate, I would like

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In pictures: 2ES5 on flow-ring NEVZ

There are the first pictures of the new Russian main cargo ac electric generation 2ES5 5, TMH and developed jointly by the French company Alstom for JSC "Russian Railways".


The tests are 2 cars 2ES5-001 and 2ES5-002.

2ES5 — Russia's first commercial electric AC induction motor drive. It is designed in the Russian engineering center "TRTrans", which was created on a parity basis TMH and French engineering concern Alstom Transport. The design uses the most modern technical solutions, including traction drive with asynchronous traction motors with individual voltage inverters.


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Pictures: Vladivostok docked

July 25, 2013 pribuksirovannaya in Saint-Nazaire, the stern being built for the Russian Navy helicopter landing ship dock "Vladivostok" type Mistral, introduced in dry dock shipyard construction STX France, was docked with built there fore part of the ship. July 26, work began on the actual mix of both parts of the body.

(C) photo sam7 / (clickable)


All the work on the dock to be completed by the end of August.

Russia and France signed a contract for the joint construction of two ships of the

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In pictures. The first Ka-226T for the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Ka-226T (tail number 241 black) for the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations:

Photokabuki from site 

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