In pictures. The new Mi-28N Russian Air Force

February 28, 2013 in Rostov-on-Don passed flight tests of the next combat helicopter Mi-28N, built "Rostvertol" for the Russian Air Force. Presumably, the helicopter is the first machine Mi-28N, built in 2013.

The ongoing flight tests once a combat helicopter Mi-28N is a new building for the Russian Air Force. The helicopter is not colored. Rostov-on-Don, 28.02.2013 (c) of the Mi-26 /

In pictures. The new Mi-26 Russian Air Force (32-06)

On July 16, the 2013th year of the assembly shop "Rostvertol" for years probation Station (LIS) rolled out a new helicopter "Mi-26" with serial number — 34001212636 and serial number — "32-06", built for the Russian Air Force, Preparations for the first launch of engines and a hanging above the first factory airfield.

The first flight on July 25 Of 2013, with the rise of "Krestovki" and flying without landing on the runway, "the Road" with the call sign — "027".


Photo by "Mi-26" from the site

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Russian oil pipeline will bypass Belarus

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that more economically and environmentally non-hazardous lovely option — prakladanne pipeline to Ust-Luga. In the Baltic meant to build the terminal, and problems with downloading BPS-2 will not. Putin said that already had a conversation with the President of Kazakhstan and Kazakh colleagues here have intrigued.

Oil prices allow Russia produces, not economic politicized projects

According to analysts Russian agency RusEnergy Misha Krutikhin, Russian intentions hand very severe: "Large oil prices allow Russia produces not economic, and thoroughly politicized projects. This pipeline, which turns from the borders of Belarus and vorachivaetsya almost reversed, coming

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In pictures. Rooks flash mob

Amusing picture of Sergei Ablogina from the competition "Aviadarts" crew front and army aviation Russian Air Force, made at the airport Baltimore (Voronezh) 7000 th Air Base — line of Su-25 different combat units (air groups) Russian Air Force from various parts of the country. The competitions were held in late June 2013 at the site Pogonovo near Voronezh.

The range of the Su-25 different combat units (air groups) Russian Air Force. Baltimore (Voronezh), June 2013 (c) Sergei Ablogina /

Move and fear

The Emperor Alexander to go to Russia is almost 10 years. It states that all drivers dread transport police:"They inspect the operation, documents can check, looking, you’re loaded or not … But the main thing — operation. Currently in Germany, looking to the driver slept and rested. And in Russia — who slumbers rest? There drove and drove. " Alexander works in the Russian company and ride on wagons with Russian numbers:"We will not stop a lot. How goes Belarusian or Lithuanian or Polish — so immediately stopped," Well, come here. "They drive and fear, because they constantly stir up

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Rewarded, taking the gold …

"Fatherland" on this week 1958 publishes radio skit "Liberation" of the Russian pavilion at the international fair in Brussels: "I went up to the board with books. School books, scientific journals, then … what? — I rubbed my eyes. So that I did not get up this place: Bible Gospel! Or I can kind of anti-Marxist force in the Vatican Pavilion flipped? I Jumped out of the pavilion as if stung. Turned around — no, though our, Russian. Already after guessed: the Bible, the Gospel — a product for export … ""Lim" on this week 1978 published an official statement:

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Who is Mr. Medvedev?

On these issues in the program "Prague accent" magazine reporter talk "Russian Reporter" Dyatlikovich Victor, director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic research Vital Silitski and chief researcher of the Institute of Russian Academy of Europe Dr. Dmitry Furman.We bring you the full text transmission.Drakakhrust"Not so long ago I heard such a ridiculous story. Medvedev Goes to the podium to speak. Referent:" Dmitry Anatolyevich, you here before pouncing jacket strings. "Stern voice Putin:" Do not touch, it is fundamental strings. "The view that the new president will be one doll predecessor — the dominant theme is not only jokes, and

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Russian citizen complaint did not satisfy

Recall the incident occurred April 13. Sergei Ostrovsky claims that Belarusian police pulled Tipo bribe and beat him, but in order to avoid liability, falsified charges against him in foul language. "Referee rather the fact that Sergei Ostrovsky previously pleaded guilty. Fact that the process in the Central Court was not eyewitnesses, and my client was not given a lawyer, arbitrator also knew, but did not consider it significant. Certainly, my client’s rights were violated, and I do not rule out that he will continue to challenge the police actions, "- said after the complaint Sergei Ostrovsky his lawyer Vera

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Formation of the program MAKS-2013 completed

Moscow. August 20. Interfax-AVN — The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation — the organizer of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013, which will be held in Zhukovsky outside Moscow on August 27 — September 1, announces the completion of the formation of exhibition and business event programs, according to the organizing committee aviaforuma.

"According to preliminary data, the Air Show 2013 set a record for both the number of participating companies, and the scale of international representation," — said in a statement obtained by "Interfax-AVN" on Tuesday.

According to the

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From the Russian war — a war civilian

"July 18, 1947 in the village council Hidravskim Kobrin district, Brest region meeting was held inhabitants of villages, including clarifying the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on June 4, 1947 on the theft of municipal property. After the event, the district prosecutor was to hold talks on hlebanaryhtovnay company and meet lists hlebazdatchykav village council. Approximately 0.30 started shooting automatic weapons in the window of the house, where the congress. chairman of the village was severely wounded in the head. Meeting participants rushed to the door and ran out into the yard. Indoors remained chairman of the

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