Surikov: gas prices — about $ 200

If the price of oil will decrease, then the gas will be cheaper. But not over 7%.Surikov mentioned that the burning remains Offer Fishing season to move to the settlements for energoelementy with Belarus bucks U.S. Russian ruble. This is to ensure, according to Surikov, that in Belarus "has always been Russian rubles in store. "According to official statistics, the lack of Belarus on trade with Russia for the first three quarters of this year amounted to about 8 billion dollars. Asked payment in Russian rubles only concerns energoelementov or total trade with Russia, salting replied that "question energoelementy about.

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Selecting a non-Soviet elite — Belarus

"The Germans did not interfere with those cases dealt with by the Belarusian intelligentsia. Belarusians did it all yourself I too was cooked up in this cauldron, but my personal contribution to Belarusian small business. B" Belarusian newspaper "I was technical rather than creative staff … But what breathes and what criteria revision works, I understood well. Vsepolnotsennuyu business conduct was hard — German censorship behaved very aggressively. About her and moved editorial plans. As a result, the main place in the newspaper was given to military events. Attention was paid to literature, culture, but not as big as it

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Finnish shop will sell for rubles

Department «Stockmann» in Helsinki in December will accept as payment in Russian rubles. Go to such measures makes obstrivshayasya competition from Sweden and Estonia.

According to «Helsingin Sanomat», more shopping "Stockmann'e" the Russians are doing so improve the service for Russian tourists is so important that from the beginning of December the store will accept Russian rubles.

Coming to Finland, the average Russian tourist buys primarily food — for example, fish. The next item is clothing for adults, then cooking utensils and other household goods.

In January-September 2012 the total value of tax-free purchases made

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Belarus to check what it feeds Our homeland

The Minister referred to these numbers: Power supply in the Russian agricultural industry 122 companies. Russians claim to have 35 of them. The reason — the mismatch properties of milk and meat Russian standards. But so far only seven companies know that just do not like Russian consumers of their products.Semyon Shapiro states, these actions Moscow first protect their own producers. But lose the Russian market is unprofitable, — he said. And he brought such an example: half of Belarusian milk exported specifically Eastern friend. Because at the moment, these enterprises must urgently "to remove flaws", at least to buy

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Medvedev: We have no weekends, Alexander G.

Now Mayendorf castle near Moscow hosted a meeting of the presidents of Belarus and the Russian Federation, which lasted more than 3 hours. First, no details reported, and open to the public were rather short, only those statements for the camera, heads of state exchanged before the talks. Transcript of these expressions is available on the website of the President of the Russian Federation. Dmitry Medvedev, Welcoming the guest, the now should discuss the situation in the money markets. According to Medvedev, the other day international summit Twenty, "I would like us to contact the coming partners such countries as

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Belarus hopes this year to get Russian loan

"No failure was not, negotiations are perhaps not as strong as we would like. But they last," said Kobyakov. The question, when can we expect the results of these negotiations, Deputy Prime Minister said: "I hope that in This year, because senior officials of the Russian state promised the loan " Recall that in the end 2007, after Putin’s visit to Minsk, Belarus received a loan and a half billion dollars. Whereupon Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin said Our homeland that Belarus is ready to provide another loan of 2 billion dollars

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Belarus wants to take gas to 140 bucks

About it now said the vice-premier Belarusian government Andrei Kobyakov, in the circular hall answering questions of the MPs:"Our proposal has already been transferred to Gazprom. But until the reply from Moscow not."Deputy Prime Minister also commented on the conflict situation between Gazprom and Beltransgaz,The essence of the conflict in that the Ministry of Energy of Belarus imposed an additional tax of 19 percent of profits from joint Belarusian-Russian company.Russian side believes that this lack of market and illegal measure.Kobyakov said open a discussion this dilemma April 23 Andrei Naryshkin — Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Ministry.The Belarusian

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The phenomenon of GLONASS: GPS almost caught up

The breakthrough came in first place in the terrestrial sector of the global satellite navigation system.


The assembly of the spacecraft "Glonass-K". Photo Reuters.

With 2011 Year ends with the federal program for the development of GLONASS. Should be taken a new, dedicated the next stage of building the satellite system. There is reason to evaluate the distance traveled.

Exactly four years ago, I went completely decadent article "In the hope of GLONASS, GPS and customizable" (See "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", 26.12.07). While in orbit were only 18 GLONASS satellites, of which only 13 worked as

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Medvedev and Lukashenko discussions are cash crisis

"Belarus vision fundamentally Russian side effects of the global financial crisis," — said Lukashenko, as "we are attached to the Russian Federation with viewpoint economy, the monetary system. "By the Belarusian president," almost half of gold supplies in our Russian rubles. "Lukashenko believes that bilateral relations have to give people" some positive signs. " "I think we will what to say after meeting, "- said the Belarusian control. In turn, the Russian president also said that we should discuss the situation that prevailed in the money markets. According to Medvedev, the other day international summit Twenty, "I would like us

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Falsification of mass protests

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How liberastnye media and foreign agents to escalate the situation in Moscow and artificially inflated the hype surrounding the verdict Navalny. It came even before the spread of misinformation …

Longing for the protest buzz dermokraticheskie liberal journalists and experts after the verdict ruler of all Russia "network hamsters" and thieving ex-officer Navalny as a chain broke. But given the fact that the public broadcasters in Moscow in this category broadcasters present only channel "RBC" Mikhail Prokhorov, is this resource and has attracted our attention. And given the general

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