Unquote: 12:04 — 18.04.2008

"Being in the party outside the party to act against it, or do something to the detriment of the party — I think it is incorrect. For me it’s not normal. ‘Cause that was created by such a special commission on ethics in the People’s Party and the front of these people pochetaemyh — I think this is normal. could just talk, give a hint for people to understand. Nobody throws, just talking — let’s when we together, do everything together. "Valentin Golubev, a member of the Diet BNF — a conversation Commission on Ethics of the BPF party other

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Facts about the Russian Empire, which you did not know.

Interesting facts including those which we now would not hurt. 

1. In the Russian Empire were allowed to carry weapons Leisure. Before the revolution of 1917 weapons freely sold in hunting shops.

2. Instead, a measure of weight in kilograms of the Russian Empire was pounds, equal to 16.38 kg.

3. Before the revolution, Russia (Russian Empire) was the teetotal country in Europe, Russia has traditionally been one of the most sober of Europe. Less than we saw in Europe, only Norway. We were standing in the penultimate place in the world

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Passion for Russian submarine from U.S. shores

Last week was marked by «Pike.» And it is not a new astrological sign, and Russian submarine Project 971, which NATO called «Shark.» Initially, a number of mass media reported that the Russian submarine «Pike-B» showed the inadequacy of the U.S. radar, spending, nothing less, almost a month in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico in close proximity to the coast of the United States. Added fuel to the fire of the South American newspaper The Washington Free Beacon, published an article entitled «Silent running» in which told its readers that the U.S. Navy «blinked» finding a Russian

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Russian Gazette — Hate Jews newspaper

In an appeal to the Ministry of info and Commissioner for Religions and Nationalities they say "edition allows for himself and lunges at the address of Belarusian Jewry." Details figured our correspondent.Signatories to the middle of the appeal — public activist from Gomel Maria Bogdanovich. She says that even earlier appealed to the Ministry of disk imaging in connection with the article "Spiritual Values of Holy Russia," written in the first 2-rooms "Russian Messenger" in This year: "In his appeal, I quoted excerpts from publications. For example, the creators call" not to give Russia robbery international aferystam living under the

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Lukashenko tomorrow flies to Moscow?

Russian "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" report, October 25 in Moscow to meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev arrives Alexander Lukashenko. About this newspaper source said "Russian kalyaprezydentskih wheels." Surprise is that this meeting can happen in just one week before the scheduled meeting on November 3 The highest Rada "Union countries."

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Trial of 14 starts now

They blame participation in mass mess.Although only this case 14 accused currently on trial only 10. 4 more who do not have time to read the materials criminal case, cause to the tribunal later.Young people blame the organization or active participation in group activities that breach public order. According to this article, is punishable by a fine of up to 3 years’ imprisonment.Misha Kryvau — the oldest of the youth activists, called on the dock. Yesterday evening I asked Misha share their feelings:Curves: "I have not a bad mood. I treat this process even with some humor. I do not

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Scientists have begun to work on the scientific instruments on the project EkzoMars

MOSCOW, Jan. 25 — RIA Novosti. Russian scientists from the Institute of Space Research Institute (IKI) has already started to work on scientific instruments for the orbital Mars probe TGO project "EkzoMars", which is scheduled to launch in 2016, the director of the Institute for Green Lion.

"An agreement was signed, the process went. We have received funding before the new year and started making instruments for the (mission) in 2016," — said Green told reporters. He did not specify how much the institute will get to the creation of devices, but noted that it was

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Scientists have learned how to identify the disease on a drop of blood

 Photo source:rian.ru

MOSCOW, Oct. 19 — RIA Novosti. A unique device that allows you to diagnose a number of pathological conditions in the early stages, developed by a group of Russian scientists under the direction of Honoured Scientist Mary Kondrashov the press service of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

"The device, created by Russian biophysicists, reveals hypertension, metabolic syndrome, cancer, stress, and other dangerous diseases long before the appearance of clinical symptoms," — said the press service. This is done by analyzing the activity of a key enzyme of energy — succinate dehydrogenase, and

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Alternatyva Russian theater expansion

That advertising promisesAdvertising that every night turns on Belarusian teleekanalah promises everything expects theatrical performance gourmet. Russian classic, but quite rare for Belarusian scene. NOT bitter or Ostrovsky, and Gogol, besides his prose that never instsenizavalasya in Belarus. Names creators of the performance — which is popular and even prestigious director Nikolai Pinigin in major roles — the undisputed star of the state scene Victor Mann and Sergei Juravel. Well, artists co-starring as the names — Alain Victor Sidorov and Gudinovich.

Enthusiasm spurred the fact that this performance — personal entreprise

Enthusiasm spurred the fact that this performance —

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Scientists have resumed drilling to Lake Vostok in Antarctica

Russian experts, leading to the drilling of the well subglacial lake Vostok in Antarctica, have resumed work, told RIA Novosti the head of the press service of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Hydromet (AARI) Sergei Lesenkov.

Scientists have resumed drilling to Lake Vostok in Antarctica

"Drilling has resumed after a short break for necessary maintenance work. We can not yet predict exactly when to leave the ice-water boundary, as there are several methods for the determination of the border, and they have all the precision of plus or minus 20 meters," — said Lesenkov.

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