Uruguay will purchase Russian armored cars Tiger

Uruguay decided to buy a batch of Russian armored multi-terrain "Tiger." On this, as reported by "Interfax", said the representative of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies" in Argentina Anatoly Zuev. According to Zuev, the contract signed on April 28, is political. "Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uruguay is counting on these machines to combat the growing drug trafficking," — said the representative of "Russian Technologies". However, he did not specify the amount of any transaction, or the number of machines that you plan to deliver. Uruguay became the first country in Latin America that decided to purchase a

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Belarusian petroleum and chemical industry are willing to buy on the cheap

Sibur "Fertilizers", "Eurochem", "Lukoil", "Rosneft" — is far not the full list of Russian companies, which at one point reduced their intrigued by Belarusian companies. And first, they took the time to do joint ventures with Grodno "Nitrogen" , Gomel chemical plants, Polotsk "Naftan", Bon "Polymir". "But as soon as the negotiations on these projects, we can say suspended. By the way, we do not litsezreem any new initiatives by Russian companies. The process has stalled, "- said the agency Itar-Tass, citing an anonymous source in the bodies of state administration in Belarus. The same source of calm and reason

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Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant introduced a new set of anesthetic

General Director of JSC "SPC" Optical Systems and Technologies "- General Director of JSC" PO "UOMZ" Sergei Maxine presented to the members of the Board of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies", headed by Sergei Chemezov prototype of a new anesthetic complex.

Recall that the development of a new system, testing of prototypes and serial production of training conducted by specialists of JSC "PO" UOMZ ", a leading holding companies" Optical Systems and Technologies "(part of the State Corporation" Russian Technologies "), on the basis of a contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade the Russian Federation, signed in 2011.

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Opposition punished with fines and arrests

In the court of Russian district of Minsk tried 19 people, more than 20 people — in the industrial district court, 19 others — in the court of the Metropolitan District. Other detainees — also more than 20 people — in a partisan court.Recall: March 25 riot police and soldiers of internal troops detained under a hundred days of celebration participants will. During his detention were very beaten. Swift was hospitalized 3 people, 10 more matches half the detainees received medical assistance. Doctors have recorded six traumatic brain injury.About the structure of Russian court of Minsk day arrived a few

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Ural insulin was the first phase of registration in the European Union

Ltd. "Medsintez" (Sverdlovsk region, is a holding company "Juno") began recording his own insulin production in the European Union, said a member of the Supervisory Board of "Ural pharmaceutical cluster" Alexander Petrov.

"The first stage we were successful, Registration is now planned. We will lobby the Russian insulin in the European Union ", — A. Petrov said at a press conference Thursday in the center of Yekaterinburg press agency "Interfax-Ural".

All previous Russian manufacturers of insulin, according to him, could get a maximum of 0.8% of the Russian market, the insulin production of "Medsintez" managed to take

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Ural military-industrial complex

 Photo source:blogspot.com

Russian defense industry is actively out of the financial crisis: the ranking of the top 20 largest Russian defense companies by revenue in 2010, compiled by the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), demonstrates a positive trend.

From the Ural enterprises in the list included four: Ufa Engine software (UMPO) in the United Engine Corporation in third place; SPC "Uralvagonzavod" (DC) in sixth place, a group of "MZ" — on the 14th, Kurgan — 15 — m Next to them can get up in the "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant" (UOMZ) production had

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Activists were detained and beaten on the list

Now police in Minsk is about hundreds of detainees. In Russian police station are about 50 people, about 25 in Factory in Guerrilla and more than 20 people.People who went to the police station in a paddy wagon factory said that their cell phones were taken, and they had no ability to communicate with their relatives.It became clear that the policemen who ruled crackdown on his hands were lists of those people that they must first hold, and later they have detained those people under the so-referred to as "cleansing." Artur Finkevich very beaten; Dmitry Dashkevich many bruises on his

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Night Siege — 24 March

On forums portal TUT.by discussions are Belarusian television news about the latest spy komplot that Tipo opened in Minsk. Directorate of the KGB has already said that about any conspiracy knows. Presentation participants forums:"All this nonsense! Filmed a movie written and broadcast. Neuzh you believe it? Even man, far from politics, everything as clear. ""What’s curious experiments on simple" denunciation "neighbors came to the apartment immediately and with a large group of cameras? How do I know the district to inspect such signals corrected or meetings in the latter case. Something I have the camera never precinct did not notice.

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T.Manenok: In Minsk and Moscow ahead of a huge controversy

These questions are answered columnist "Belarusians and Market" Tatiana Manyanok.Tsigankov: Recently the Union Council of Ministers meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko said that Belarus will raise the issue of revising the formula of price formation on Russian gas. But Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov during his stay in Minsk said that Belarus and Our homeland must decide all questions arising in the gas sector, in accordance with the signed agreement. Does this mean that the Russian side believes that the revision of the formula should not be?Manyanok: Huge trading has not happened. Sovereign Zubkov may last came

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Night Siege — March 21

Guests website Russian newspaper "Capital Komsomolets" discussions are article "Zubkov found for" Farther "profit", by Tatiana Zamahinay. Article stating, Belarus donates part of the budget revenues from Russian companies work where Russian capital. Information has become known in the course of the visit Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov to Belarus on March 20. Comments:"Our homeland she spits at all, including the wind. So we have to wipe the spittle";"(Lukashenko) fooled and will prick until sits at the helm of";"Belarusians do not wish to NATO and the European Union, until … Here and forgive them. "Boycott website blog "Living magazine" ("LJ")

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