Our homeland: the campaign is boring and uninteresting

On the streets of Russian cities virtually no campaigning, and for a televised debate of presidential candidates does not look more than a quarter of voters. Why did it happen? The most memorable episode of TV debates in Russia were not the violent disputes, and hassle. On the days of, immediately after recording the debate on one of the channels, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, coupled with its own security held little boxing match against Nicholas Gotz — a proxy for another presidential candidate Andrei Bogdanov. With all this Zhirinovsky, according to witnesses, recommended own protection "shoot" your own opponent in the hallway.

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Ukraine has started construction of a plant for the production of nuclear fuel

Ukraine has started construction of a plant for the production of nuclear fuel in the village of Smolino Kirovograd region, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Edward Stavitskiy. The Minister said that work on the construction site began on September 9.


Recall State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Central Service building expertise" (GP Ukrgosstroyekspertiza) in late Augustapproved a total estimated cost ofpreparatory works for the construction of the plant for the production of nuclear fuel of $ 51.9 million hryvnias.

According to the positive conclusion of the examination, the preparatory work for the construction

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Kebich Lukashenko: subjunctive history

Last motif particularly topical policy regarding Belarus, as aptly said dastsipnik majestic, "it did not die, and not live."My pochetaemy officer Vitaly Tsigankov reading a book of memoirs Vyacheslav Kebich, came to the conclusion that if the 1994 historical map lay differently, if the country appeared headed Vyacheslav Kebich, by 2008 Belarus would come about in the same condition, which came in at the choices that 14 years ago was prepared in fact. www.svaboda.org/content/Article/991871.htmlAllow yourself to disagree with the conclusion Vitali even more so, that his own arguments give arguments for such disagreement.Usually analysis of authoritarian and dictatorial regimes based

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Ukraine and Russia have agreed on the possibility of payment of gas in rubles

Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov and met with and. about. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanova, the leadership of the Central Bank of Russia and Gazprom's representatives have agreed on the possibility of making payments for the consumed gas in Ukraine, including in rubles, said Tuesday the Ukrainian National Bank.

"The agreements provide for the Ukrainian side of the room for maneuver when making payments to pay for goods imports, particularly natural gas, as well as allow to avoid fluctuations in the foreign exchange market in the case of payments with the subjects of the

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D.Myadvedev participates in the meeting of the presidents

For the first time in this event together with the heads of the CIS states participates and first deputy prime minister Dmitry Medvedev Russian government.Presidential candidate Russian Federation perceive the role in a discussion about the implementation of joint projects in the social and humanitarian spheres, which are similar to the national projects of the Russian Federation and that he oversees. In addition, Medvedev for sovereign presence at the summit — a beautiful opportunity to become better acquainted with the leaders of member states of the CIS. However, for 2-Presidents — Russia and Armenia — this summit will be the

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Our Russian oil is coming to America

"At the moment South American capitalists exhibit very great enthusiasm to Russian Union, — notices in 1928 "Belarusian village." — Our Russian oil is coming to America, and, thanks to this, the South American oil industrialists everywhere pressured the British. Because in the midst of the American capitalists are increasingly being voiced for the expansion of trade with us … Large manufacturer of Ford said that America needs to completely recognize the Soviet regime, as it has nowhere to sell their own cars. ""Fatherland" in 1948 with a delay of several months of such declaration recalls: "Rada of the Belarusian

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Life and death legends: Lude

"Lude — is stable community of people, historically rooted in a particular area and which is different from other communities a single language, with measured characteristics relative to culture and psyche, as a general presentation of its own unity and fixed identity. Term" people "includes the tribe, tribal group, nationality, ethnic civilization, religious and linguistic communities. It — only one concentrated definition definition "people" from the 10’s definitions available in the world. And the controversy that began in the 19th century that people have, last. But in Belarus, all 20th century and right up to now all know exactly: there

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For native language Belarusians should pay more

In translation agency "Lantreyding" short message transfer from Polish into Russian take 28 thousand rubles. When I asked her to translate into Belarusian, the interpreter initially heartily asked: "And what for you? Help the military enlistment office served in the Russian language." And immediately added: "We have the same two languages means you need to do in Russian."After I was told that the transfer of the Belarusian will cost 9 thousand rubles expensive. Why? Since such rules, they told me.According to the explanation, I turned to the director of the Bureau translators "Lantreding" Maxim Karavanava:"We translate the Russian initially, and

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Lukashenka goes to Moscow

Russian media noted that their desire to participate in it for the previously expressed leaders all states, included in Sudruzhnasts in including Presidents of Georgia and Ukraine. Some favorites States, namely leaders of Moldova and Kyrgyzstan, have already flown to Moscow.The press service Russian President I was told that, except for the general meeting, Vladimir Putin will hold several bilateral and interviews with its employees. But to say whether the Russian president in the midst of the interlocutors Belarusian head of the country, refused, citing the fact that "the meeting schedule has yet to be typeset and it likely configuration."

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The diagnosis will put Europe’s leading cardiologist

World-renowned scientist, founder and first president of the European Society of kardioradiologov Professor Rainer Rienmyuller regularly happens in our country. He teaches and implements research projects at leading medical centers and research institutes. Since November 2012 the Russians have a unique opportunity to consult a professor in the Nordic health center. On the possibilities of modern technologies in the field of diagnostics, the positive experience of working with colleagues from Russia, as well as the peculiarities of the Russian health care system from the point of view of a foreigner says Mr. Rienmyuller.

You are working in

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