Mogilev Swedish films will be shown in Belarusian

Within 4 days of the festival in Mogilev cinema "Rodina" see 5 tapes. Four of them — "Autumn Sonata", "Whispers and clicks," "Ladies in waiting" and "Summer with Monika" — simultaneously translated into Byelorussian."Exhibited at the festival tapes translated famous Belarusian writers, among whom Lavon Barshcheuski also Swedish translators who translate texts on whiteRussian language. These texts are read Belarusian actors, "- said the representative of the branch of the Embassy Lena Katya.

In the Minsk office of the Swedish Embassy in Moscow said "Freedom", the translation of the Swedish ribbons on whiteRussian language made into a symbol of respect

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Yushchenko and Putin to discuss gas debt

Representatives of the Russian company "Gazprom" and Ukrainian state energy office "Naftogaz" try to solve the problem of Ukrainian debt as well as a matter of technical criterion of gas supply. "Gazprom" estimates Ukrainian debt and a half billion dollars and promises to finish the fuel supply if the debt situation is resolved. Ultimatum "Gazprom" sounded from the lips of the official dealer Sergei Kupriyanov last Thursday:"If in the next few days, until Mon inclusive, the situation is resolved," Gazprom "to continue this assistance will not, and supply Russian gas for Ukraine will be terminated."Yesterday in Munich during the Conference

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Surikov: Gas price will rise by less than 10%

"On April 1 2008, according to the formula gas prices, price may Strength from the current first year by 10%, not more, "- said Alexander Surikov. Since January 1, Belarus took Russian gas cost a thousand bucks for 119.5 cubic meters. So makarom, April 1, the cost will not exceed 132 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. Russian salting at this press conference made a number of other policy statements.By him, Russian company "ASE" expects tender for the supply of equipment and construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus. "The Belarusian side all decisions are made: there is a presidential

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At the Kazansky railway station in Moscow, a monument to the creators of Russian Railways

August 1 at the Royal Tower of the Kazan station in Moscow hosted the opening ceremony of the monument to the creators of the Russian railways. The event was dedicated to the professional holiday — Day of the railway, which is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of August.

The monument "Founders of the Russian railways" is a granite pedestal surmounted by a bust of Emperor Nicholas I, surrounded by bronze figures of outstanding industry: a father and son Cherepanov, Franz Anton von Gerstner, Pavel Melnikov, Michael Hilkova, Sergei Witte.  Location for the sculpture was not chosen

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In Minsk judge began V.Krivalya

V.Krival process first refused to testify on Russian language and claimed that the process was carried out on whiteRussian language. Referee Sergei Athos adjourned.Sovereign Kryval blame that he did not obey the requirements Tipo policemen. His family, along with businessman Alexander Tsatsura detained on his way to Minsk on January 10 and made reports.The court session was postponed to February 27. Tags: Kryval, Tsatsura

Ivanov: Lukashenka has no such funds

Ivanov said:"Now Europe is paying for a thousand cubic meters of gas 314 bucks. Lukashenko said that he had no such means." According to Sergei Ivanov, Russian energoelementy prices do not depend on foreign policy Russia. Say, Our homeland "nobody delivers gas free", and the value at energoelementy determined by transparent market formula.Currently Belarus receives Russian gas at 119 dollars for a thousand cubic meters.Ivanov also said that the probable overlapping supply Russian gas to Ukraine, will not affect European consumers. Tags: Ivanov, gas

In Bolivia became interested in Russian helicopters

Bolivia has made an application for the purchase of Russian helicopters and the provision of credit for that purpose.

The head of the delegation of the united corporation Rostekhnadzor Sergei Goreslavsky told reporters that the interest in Russian helicopters in Bolivia came after Venezuela earlier purchase these machines demonstrated their combat capabilities, RIA "Novosti". Meanwhile, the "Rosoboronexport" is going to complete the contract for the supply of combat helicopters Mi-35M helicopters to Brazil by the end of 2013. To date, successfully executed a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense to supply helicopters to Afghanistan. In addition,

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OSCE disagrees with Russian surveillance criteria

It is possible that the Bureau generally abandon observing elections March 2, as it has happened in Last year in the Duma elections. Representative Office Kertas Baden clarifies that the new proposals do not give Russian CEC ability to conduct the present election observation.Badden: "In the initial proposal of the Russian Federation, we could send 70 observers on 28 February for a day or three before the election. Who invited 75 observers from 20 February. Russian press as it is a huge concession to the Russian Federation, and notes that the OSCE Tipo not willing to compromise. On such guesses

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High Tribunal upheld the warning CCP BPF

Warning, the party made by the Ministry, remains in force.December 6 2007 Ministry of Justice issued a written warning to the CCP BPF for spreading the appeal to the officials of the executive committees, educational institutions, judicial authorities, prosecutors and other "assimilation — the sin against the population of the earth." Ministry of Justice decided that the letter contains "biased information policy Russian Federation , rude slanderous attacks against public policy Russian Federation, Russian people and its history. ""Above us hung a" sword of Damocles "Representatives of the CCP BPF Sergei Popkov, Valery Buffalo and other linguistic examination requested an

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M. Statkevich: Russian authorities wish to moderate pressure

"I think that Putin’s visit in December last year was not as common as it was claimed. Belarusian authorities were under no pressure from the small Russian Federation and their already pressured by the union. These criteria Belarusian authorities are obliged to find a counterbalance from Europe. And because they are going to make concessions, new "positive signals" to reduce the pressure to balance Russian, "- said Nikolai Statkevich.

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