Tomsk and Moscow for the first LTE-connect video calls on the equipment produced in Russia


According to the regional administration, December 1 in the SEZ will officially open the first Russian plant equipment Multiradio standards GSM / UTRAN / LTE. It is built according to the signed between Nokia Siemens Networks and Scientific-production company "Micran" agreement on a joint venture.

The event will be held at two venues simultaneously in Moscow and Tomsk, where production is located. At the opening will be a unique event for the country — LTE-video call between the two towns, made by LTE-equipment of the Russian manufacturer.

Invited to the opening of the Deputy Minister

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Vityaz Russians are not needed

They are concerned about that because of lack of funds to overseas buyers may be considerably diminished Belarusian exports. Chairman of the Industrial Commission of the House of Representatives Anatoly Pavlovich previously worked as deputy general director of the Minsk Bearing Plant. And he knows that at least some of the enterprise means reliable delivery markets its own products. Now the situation could get worse here, predicts sovereign Pavlovich"We have a very strong component — export. And because I’m worried that those countries where our products are, for example, auto, steel from the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant, etc., can reduce the

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what would happen if Eremenko will play against Russia?

Much ado is not required as the "SE" have already written. Let's get straight to the facts. Last week was played qualifiers and friendlies different teams, provided for in the FIFA calendar. The Russian team was resting, getting ready for the game against Finland. However, paradoxically, the Russians still out on the field. Including in the Finns — our rivals in tomorrow's qualifying meeting in Helsinki. Learn more — in the material correspondent "SE" Eugene Dzichkovsky. [Cut] Before this discrepancy would cause problems. Today, everyone knows what it is about. Yes, the Russians are playing for the national teams of

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What is behind the dangers Lukashenko U.S. Ambassador?

Why did the other day, New Year’s Alexander Lukashenko made a threat to remove from the country after the United States? Why they made claims personally Ambassador? What are the consequences such a step the official Minsk, if he really is made of?Drakakhrust"Why did Alexander Lukashenko threatened to expel the ambassador of the United States (" the first who will be thrown out, it will be salting the United States, "he said.) I remind you that in July, during the celebration days of the Republic, he has promised that if U.S. to impose economic sanctions against Belarus, will take the

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The Titans defense industry

Constructors enterprises Rostekhnadzor create military-technical potential

The development of the military-industrial complex — one of the most important tasks on a national scale. Russian defense companies, including organizations Rostekhnadzor, annually participate in exhibitions of military equipment. Many development of Russian manufacturers considered unsurpassed in the world.

Enterprises provide excellent financial performance and improving our products. But it turns out that the brand new, breakthrough developments in the defense industry today is extremely small. According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin creation Council chief designers defense companies at the Military-Industrial Commission will help to solve this

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Technopolis new Russian electronics


Holding GS Group creates a "western Zelenograd": in the Kaliningrad region from the ground is being built with private funds electronics city center "Technopolis GS» — a unique combination of Russian production and design centers microelectronics, electronics and related industries.  

In the country's history, perhaps, there is only one good example of this urban development in the interests of the electronics industry: growing up in place of forests and wetlands near Moscow, Zelenograd, for his half a century bringing together the best resources of the Soviet Union in the field of

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As a British Winnie the Pooh became a Belarusian

In This year translation came out in Poznan publishing "Snow white crow", and now in Prague accomplished presentation of the book. Recently the presentation Vitaly Voronov said as he did a fabulous English myadvedenya Belarusians also about how the book will come to the Belarusian reader.Ravens"The book came out a little while 300 copies. But it will be printed in the measure needs so that enough for everyone — only to take and read.As for books spread in Belarus, it is a matter of time. While those who wish to purchase a book, can contact me soon and get this

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Belarus received 1.5 billion Russian loan

The fate of the 1st loan — 2 billion dollars — and in indefinite mandatory kamentuetstsa structures of dictators.In February, the government turned to Russia with a request to grant a loan of 1.5 billion dollars to pay for supplies Russian energy resources. With years in the midst of the respective agreement in December, during a visit to Minsk, Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the same time identified and terms of the loan: 15 years with a grace period of 5 years, interest rate of 0.75% per annum. December 20 in Moscow with the criteria agreed lending Deputy Prime Minister

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Technologies based on the GLONASS system will be actively implemented abroad

Moscow. February 2. INTERFAX.RU — Export Technologies of the Russian navigation system GLONASS — one of the main goals of the Federal Network Operator "Navigation Information Systems" (NIS), as the capacity of the Russian market can not reach a sufficient level of development of the system, the head of the NIS Alexander Gurko.

"There are negotiations and preparations for the signing of cooperation agreements with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Egypt, Bahrain," — said Gourko Wednesday at a press conference in Moscow.

He noted that the active introduction of GLONASS technologies goes on

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Technology and production of Radium factories in the Urals

We continue to watch videos of Russian industrial enterprises in the competition PLANT new Russian industry.

Of "Radium" — developing Ural enterprise, which produces fire alarm, radio, products for civilian and military purposes. It all started in 1941 when the Russian hinterland, small Urals town Kasli moved to Kharkov radio factory was evacuated …

How to live in a small Ural factory in Castle today?

Watch the video of the industrial enterprises of Russia!

Photo video clip under the cut!

Brief information about the company:

Open Joint Stock

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