Technology Safran promote the Russian aviation industry

French group Safran — the world's largest manufacturer of engines for commercial aircraft (in partnership with GE), aviashassi and biometric documents — will present at the MAKS new developments in partnership with the Rybinsk "Saturn", Zelenogradskaya Bureau Morpho (a subsidiary of Concern) and "Rostekhnadzor . " At Safran in Russia operates 750 people. For comparison, last year alone, the French hired 7,000 new employees worldwide. Aviation, defense and security require a lot of technological innovation, but it needs a lot of skilled workers, explains in an interview with "Vedomosti" general manager Safran, Jean-Paul Herteman. However, the qualification of Russian

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Our homeland has decided to lend Belarusian economy?

With the request for a loan, the official Minsk to Moscow addressed first 2007 — after doubling the price of natural gas and substantial rise in oil prices. But fundamentally agreed to lend Belarus economy Vladimir Putin expressed only during nedavneshnego official visit to Belarus. Were identified and the conditions for obtaining funds: 15 years with grace period of 5 years at a rate of 0.75% per annum. Credit is almost twice the municipal debtExpert Research Center, "Research forecasts, monitoring" economist Alexander Chubrik believes that the Russian loan will support the Belarusian economy recently new forecast appreciation in the commodities

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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

Let’s start with the good announcements. German classic Werner Hertsag after a long pause again make movies. Anyone who remembers his belt "Woyzeck", "Nosferatu-bloodsucker" or "Fitzcarraldo" knows: Hertsaga most interested supratsstayanne face and awkward events. Here and in his own new movie "Rescue morning" he knows the same story. But with a new focus: to This time the action takes place during the Vietnam War. Dieter, a South American pilot of German origin, is captured by the guerrillas. And stubbornly prepares ran.Not counting the outstanding camera work and very restored scenario, the main attraction tape — certainly, the singer starring

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Belarus may receive another Russian loan

This instruction was given by the government leaders of Belarus and Russia. The new loan will be different from the previous one, maybe he will be in the form of a loan to the Russian domestic market, said the minister.

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Putin — Time Man of the Year

"Putin has shown exceptional skill in the manual state that it adopted in a state of chaos and led to stability," — explains his decision magazine managing editor Richard Stengel. It reads:Stengel: "For the restoration of Russian Russian prestige and power, for what he did Russia capable of responding to the challenges of the XXI century Time did Russian President Vladimir Putin" Person of the Year "2007"Time has given preference to the Russian president to such candidates, as today the Nobel Peace Prize last U.S. Vice President Al Gore, the creator of the epic Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s favorite

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Need to be friends — and visas will be as for the Russians …

Man: "I think that our people is not withstanding, these visas and sustain. Only thing I would like to assist them to gain intelligence, because they are very biased towards us." Man: "So makarom they wish to justify that they are a European force. And Actually — "Chicken is not a bird, not a foreign country Poland."Young Man: "Likely as president, and we have such attitude of the EU it accordingly. Because so it is. "Woman: "I do not even know as abroad also do not drive and are not interested in similar issues."Man: "At this question answered themselves EU

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BPS-2 terminal in Ust-Luga port is put into commercial operation

Marine terminal of the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS-2) in the port of Ust-Luga port is put into commercial operation. As the correspondent of IAA "IAA", told journalists during a visit to the terminal said General Director of "Neva Pipeline Company" (the terminal) Konstantin Hamlay.

According to him, on the basis of 2015 through the terminal plans to handle 15 million tons of oil. For this purpose, two berths with a total length of 620 m are continuing work on dnoukrepleniyu berth 5 in order to avoid possible subsidence of the bottom.

Recall the construction work was completed

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Now it works for us. Part 1

Russian companies are actively acquire foreign assets. The goal of our business — quickly adopt modern technology, expand the product line, develop new markets and use the best brains to grow your business.


Foreign expansion of Russian companies have not only limited to a single output products to foreign markets. Our entrepreneurs are buying and production facilities, R &D-center, open subsidiaries logistics companies and so on.

What motivates Russian industrial enterprises engaged in shopping outside the country? How to buy assets abroad contributes to the development of their business? And what problems they have at

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Ideological victory Putin did not work

For what Vladimir Putin arrived in Belarus? Why did he finally agreed to give Belarus a credit of one and a half billion dollars? What do Lukashenka’s statements on cooperation with Russia in the military-strategic sphere? These and other nuances of the Russian president’s visit to Belarus in the program "Prague accent" discussions are the chief editor of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Andrei Dynko, deputy editor of "Belgazety" Viktor Martinovich and columnist Russian newspaper "Gazeta" Vadim Dubnov.

Martinovic"In my opinion, the main purpose of the visit of President Vladimir Putin in Minsk was to discuss the price of silence the

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Teleskandal: non-Russian tales

At the request of veterans was removed from the film "4 Days in May"Ludmila Zhukova, Olga Zhukova18.05.2012

We still remember how, despite vehement protests from the public, in the late 90s on NTV aired, did the film "The Last Temptation of Christ." Channel management, spit on the "voice of the people", the holy day for all demonstrated disgusting, obscene transmission. But on May 7 of this year, something unprecedented happened. For the first time in more than 20 years of perversion of the Great War, listened to the voice of the living participants in the battles.

After many kinopakostey

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