Denis Melyantsou: Soft Control democracy

Melyantsou: "For me, the results of the elections fully expected. Judging by the fact that it has been not two, but four parties, we can say that management chose Russian way" Myagenkaya control "democracy. And I would agree with many commentators that they say that in Russia occur uniformly the same trends as in Belarus, but it is more leisurely, more Myagenkaya method than in Belarus.Circumstances of this lot. Our homeland still quite a huge government, quite influential in the international arena, because it has to adjust its own course in accordance with international norms. "Yu.Drakohrust: "What will be the

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U.S. concerned about the launch of a new anti-missile radar in southern Russia

The U.S. military has expressed extreme concern that in the city of Armavir in southern Russia commissioned a new generation of radar. 

The U.S. believes that Russia intends thereby to destabilize the strategic balance of forces in the world, according to The Washington Free Beacon. In turn, Vladimir Putin said that the Russian army must be ready to meet the new threats.

The new radar is located near the Black Sea, and was designed to protect Russia from missiles launched from Europe and Iran. According to media reports, these radars will

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A. Fyaduta: Current School — deidealyagizavanaya because no ideas

During the week we will open a discussion changes that occur in people’s minds. And on Friday this topic will be prepared special transmission. By education sovereign Fyaduta teacher because conversation with him by our correspondent Alexander Ultsenka — about Russian and the current school education.Ulitenok: "Alexander, who also brought Russian school?"Fyaduta: "Do not the most educated person in the world. Not very moral. But it must conform to certain aspects laid down in so called moral code of the builder of communism. Nothing should be consistent with the classical life of Christian civilization … "Ulitenok: "Christ — Christ, but

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United States intends to acquire 10 amphibious aircraft Be-200 in the version for night flights

MOSCOW, June 19. (ARMS-TASS). U.S. forces are going to purchase Russia has 10 amphibious aircraft Be-200 in option for night flights. The final decision to sign a contract for the purchase of the Party Be-200 will be made after the aircraft in 2013 will participation in the exercise of marine special forces carried out at one of the bases of the U.S. Navy in Florida. In this exercise will involve combat swimmers from the U.S. Navy and the Navy Russia. This is korr.ARMS-Tass representative of the defense-industrial complex.

According to him, the cabin Be-200 at

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Snowy Russia — for Lukashenko?

"Bel" analyzes the situation in dormitories. The occasion was a disaster in the Gomel Municipal Institut F. Skaryna when a student after 11 pm could not get into the hostel and climbed the fire escape to his room. The young man fell off and eventually died. How to prevent such incidents? Not close the boarding for the night? Read in this issue of the newspaper."BelGazeta" offers an exclusive interview with filmmaker Alexander Sokurov. Question Movie "Alexander", where the main role is played by Galina Vishnevskaya. Film on denkov was released in Russian cinemas.Newcomer Non-Governmental Organization "Belaya Rus" said about his

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A.Povelitel: In Russia, Putin will be a collective

Member of the House of Representatives prior convocation Sergei Skrabets states afterdnie acts Russian authorities remind him of the situation in Belarus:"Unfortunately, at the moment there is, in my opinion, are the same processes seizure of power that took place in Belarus in 1996 and 2006. Certainly, there is whipping up the personality cult of Vladimir Putin. It recalls that what’s happening on the Belarusian National Assembly and the last meeting of "snow-white Russia."Whereas previously we had hopes for Russia as a democratic country, which will help our fight against the illegitimate regime of Lukashenko, now they disappear. Already at

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USA 2020 will pay Russia for the delivery of U.S. astronauts to the ISS

Quietly and without fanfare Barack Obamasigned into law, according to which the NASA 2020 Russia will pay for the shipping of American astronauts to the ISS. Americans have no choice: the ability to transport people to space technology, they do not possess.

U.S. President Barack Obama put his signature under the law under which NASA will continue until 2020 on the basis of the financial services of Russia to deliver U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station. This was reported in the press service of the head of state.

At the end of 2012

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End quote: 24.09.2007 — 30.11.2007

"Very basically, that this congress exactly advocated independence as BPF-independent force. Force should be-independent-independent. This in-1’s. Vo-2, the BNF should emerge from the shadow of such general terms as" opposition " , "motion", "initiative", etc.. We are quite a long time, I think a very good work in coalition, frontovtsy vspamagayuts a novazyavlenyya initiatives and movements, but I think, nevertheless, that no matter what kind of coalition, no matter what force is strong when a strong ridge of her … There should be no headquarters on adjacent streets, where decisions are made that will ask for the Belarusian Popular Front.

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In Russia arrived observers from PACE and the OSCE PA

Total today’s elections in Russia more than 300 accredited international observers from the OSCE, Council of Europe, Union and CIS. 5th invited organization — OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions dealing with long observation refused to send a delegation after Moscow has limited the number of observers and delayed issuing visas. For comparison: in the recent parliamentary elections in 2003 in Russia attended by over 1,000 observers.As officially announced CEC control, increasing the quota of foreign observers means assistance outside intervention in internal political processes of.L.Slizka: "Democracy is not a guarantee of foreign observers, and the will of the people"Now head

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Putin must go and Putin should remain …

Drakakhrust: Why Russian power leads a brutal campaign? It would seem that there is nothing to worry about, according to the polls, "United Our homeland" will receive the most and even constitutional. Why the company is conducted as if the enemy stands near Moscow?Radzikhovsky: You know, at the moment I no longer have to explain to you, and you must explain to us, as we are rapidly moving in the direction of Belarus. You — our teachers on real time. It seems to me that there are several circumstances. First — purely technological. Under the election created a large machine:

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