Does Russia conspiracy of the liberal media?

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Does Russia "conspiracy" of the liberal media?

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First we give a few sentences from the publication "Political prostitution changed her sex" ("Moskovsky Komsomolets", 16.03.2013), and caused a public outcry, appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. This, for example, there is a publication of the phrase: "Appeared type of women — political mistresses, who are ready to" go to "for any party." Or this: "To what normal man needs a" tank in a skirt ", which may roll into the ground? ..

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Ground forces will move to the city on a MLRS Tornado-G


Russian ground forces in 2011 will buy a number of new multiple launch rocket systems "Tornado-G". On this, as reported by "Interfax", said a representative of the press service of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Ground Forces Sergey Vlasov. According to him, the new system will replace the already outdated MLRS "Grad".

On the new MRL little is known. Presumably, the "Tornado-G" is bikalibernoy system capable of firing 122-bit and 300-millimeter bullets. Presumably, the installation will be based on the MAZ-543M. Vlasov said "Tornado-G" is "much more efficient than their predecessors, by increasing the

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Perverts, pederasts, fascists and moral monsters of the PACE taught Russian barbarians to civilization

After paying an installment on the content of the Council of Europe in the amount of EUR 23 million (the largest contribution to the organization), Moscow has sent a delegation to the annual spanking to the Parliamentary Assembly of the body. Paid flogging the Russian delegation began a tradition after the entry of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe in 1996 and since then has not stopped …

In the end, MEPs also need entertainment, and there is a fascinating exercise, you put your knees on the Russian peas and tear up their rods for the money?

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Surkov, Putin prepares offset

In the circumstances at the time of the Russian political world situation only Surkov poses a real threat to Putin's presidency.

Today, May 8, there was a kind of sensation: the president of RussiaVladimir Putinsacked Deputy Prime Minister, Head of GovernmentVladislav Surkov. The press service of the Kremlin on this occasion said that the deputy head of the cabinet to resign voluntarily. The decree came into force upon signature by the President.

It should be stated that the president made a move to stay ahead of events that could have ended

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Our homeland is ready to give a loan to Belarus

In Russian 2007 budget reserved amount for special loans to various countries. But it does not specify how much and what the country can get.According to the minister, Alexei Kudrin, as appropriate credit can be issued and Belarus. Now all depends on the relations and contacts between governments.Deputy Director of the international monetary relations Russian Ministry of money Konstantin Vyshkovsky Pronunciation:"This issue is no longer practical and political. Techno work has been done. I can only say, on what criteria this question open a discussion. In the same as before. Market conditions! Decision perceives Russian Federation Government. While it is

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Supercomputers SKIF-Aurora

South Ural official Institute (SUSU) and Russian manufacturer of supercomputers JSC "RSK-SKIF" put his signature on the contract for the delivery of SUSU newest supercomputer "SKIF-Aurora".

The solution proposed by the "RSK-SKIF", is considered to be the outcome of a supercomputer program "SKIF-GRID" Union of the Russian Federation and Belarus. The main goal of the program is considered to be the essence of Russian rulers systems similar features on their own most powerful supercomputers produced by major foreign companies.

Supercomputers "SKIF-Aurora" is the 1st study, which represents the freshest lineup SKIF supercomputers in row 4. Technology expressed in

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The supercomputer at the service of biotechnology

In Novosibirsk at the Russian Academy of Sciences Centre opened "Bioinformatics". In fact, it is a huge computer system suprekompyuter, which can be used to simulate a cure for cancer and AIDS, decoding the genomes of plants and living organisms.

Supercomputing Center "Bioinformatics", recently discovered in the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, one of the fastest in the world — 16.5 trillion operations per second on the power they do not yield the same set at the Center for Vital-IT in Lausanne.

Head of the Siberian Supercomputer Center Boris Glinski said: "We have

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Supercomputer Lomonosov simulates a cure for old age

Russian scientists are preparing the drug, which slows down the aging process in the body of living beings. The chemical compound, which it is based, modeled on a supercomputer prevonachalno MSU "Chebyshev", and now, with the lack of computational resources on it, the problem is transferred to the "University".

As told CNews Dmitry Cherepanov, senior researcher at the Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry. Frumkin Academy of Sciences, in the near future on a supercomputer "Lomonosov" will launch a large-scale model of chemical compounds on the basis of which can be created by

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Superjet to Interdzheta

Recently in the media was the message that the first of 20 ordered by the Mexican airline Interjet Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft in the next few days will be delivered to the customer. The plane will fly from Venice to the Mexican Toluca with 5 intermediate stops at airports Reykjavik (Iceland), Goose Bay (Canada), Bangor (Maine, USA), Washington (USA) and San Antonio (Texas, USA). In fact, the ceremony of transfer of the aircraft airline Interjet took place at Le Bourget Air Show in 2013, but the plane was delayed in Europe for another month.

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Superjet in Interjet

Miguel Aleman, Miguel Aleman Foundation:

"If you buy a ticket, then just fly away"

The owner of a private foundation Miguel Aleman Foundation Mexican Miguel Aleman — the first foreign aviapredprinimatel who believed in the Russian aviation industry. In early 2011, he owned airline Interjet ordered 20 Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ). Russian plane won a tender from the Brazilian Embraer. The airline already operates two of the liner. On why the choice was made in favor of the SSJ, he said Sergey STARIKOVA. 

— For Mexico, Russia is not the closest country

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