What is Russia lagged behind Europe in modern times?

In our country, since the XVIII-XIX centuries. infiltrated a very peculiar method of studying history. Separately presented world (and in fact, the history of Western civilization) and a separate domestic. And for selected estimates only criterion of "progress" — when and at what stage of Russia "catching up" to Europe.

Why she needed to play catch-up, it is implied automatically. On the one hand — the "land of nod", ignorance, filth, poverty, slavery. On the other — a brilliant France, England wise, luxury Italy, Germany and neat business … But if by "generally accepted" stereotypes go to

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A.Prohanov: Country-animal

After the disappearance of the Soviet Union, America dropped the muzzle. Revealed a terrible mug with bloody eyes, with yellow foam at the mouth, which protrude from the tusks of missiles and aircraft carriers. Today's America — a new type of state, never existed before in history. We still tend to view America through the eyepiece of morality and ethics, attitudes and democratic principles of freedom. We still believe that America is living up to the charter, which was written sometime founding fathers. But America — is the state animal is, the State animal with a steaming

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Stalin and the wind of history

Article AI Fursova "Stalin and the wind of history" does not coincide with the requirements of the site, though I would venture to publish it. Much to ask the moderators do not udolyat article once, let there hung a couple of days because of its beneficial effect on the world)))

That's the trouble! When used to He was furious with sickle Took place on the field squall — Sheaf would collapse over the sheaf. Stalin

The truth — the bitter medicine, unpleasant taste, but restoring health. Balzac

Stalin and the wind of history

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Became known details of the first combat use of the Su-34

The new front-line bomber Su-34 was used in combat and showed "good results", according to «Air International».

Sukhoi Su-34 was first used in combat, when last year made several sorties against alleged concentrations of militants in Dagestan and Ingushetia, according to the Blog BMPDwith reference to the March issue of the journal «Air International».

Details of the operations and the type of high-precision weapons still remain unknown. However, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense described the results of the application of new aircraft as "generally good", stressing that in the context of forest

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Became rich — share with a beggar

In the sidelines of his visit to Cuba PremerMinstra of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev Cuba's debt to Russia, exceeding $ 30 billion, will be partly written and partly — rescheduled for ten years. This was stated by Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Denis MANTUROV.

Russia, having one of the strongest economies in the world, can afford to spend write-off of previously accumulated debt of countries that are of interest to Russia's economic and political aspects.

Over the past few years, Russia has already forgiven number of multi-billion dollar

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The Marquis de Custine how excited contemplative Russia

This title will be, no doubt, seen by many readers as the deliberate artifice of thought, for kyustinovskaya book "Russia in 1839" is considered one of the most "negative" or even at the most "despised" writing about our country.

But, first, I used the title the word "contemplative" and not, say, "interpreter" — that is, we will focus on the immediate impressions of Custine, not about his reasoning. And secondly, personal, private "negativity" of the French traveler in respect of Russia is greatly exaggerated, in particular, the works of many Russian writers provide more — and

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SSTV-started broadcasting in Russian Suifenhe

Channel SHFI-Russian can now watch and residents of the city of Suifenhe in northern China. New Year's Eve there was a solemn start broadcasting. Thus, to an audience of Russian-language channel of China Central Television joined by 200,000 viewers.

Well-known Chinese artists performed on New Year's Eve concert in Suifenhe. The program — the songs, magic tricks, Russian folk dances. View on incendiary speech came nearly a thousand spectators.

But the biggest surprise for the audience was the ceremony of the broadcast channel SHFI-Russian. On the official start of the broadcast channel announced CEO Ding Yong and representatives

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NY Danilevsky: Why Europe is hostile to Russia?

We hear the slander, insults we know Tysyacheglavoy lies newspapers Infidelity, jealousy and fear generated. Our friends at Rus no!

"Take a look at the map — told me a foreigner — how can we not feel that Russia puts pressure on us in its mass as a cloud hanging like a terrible nightmare?" Yes, landkartnoe pressure does exist, but where it is, in fact, what and when manifested? France under Louis XIV and Napoleon, Spain under Charles V and Philip II, Austria under Ferdinand II really gravitated over Europe, threatened to destroy the self, the free

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From here: 27. Sraptor. "It's time to dispel the myth of Western technological superiority.

In fact, anyone who has ever looked inside your own computer, is well aware that the whole "Western" electronics — are China and Korea. A brands in English — it's for recognition from the audience, as in the West — the most wealthy (not because they earn them, but because they have to print them), and hence the wider market. Well, for the same reason I am doing my project playing primarily in English. Does this mean that this Western project? All of these

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The U.S. is afraid that Russia could become an alternative ideological center of the world

Sergei G. Kara-Murza


As reported by the media, Sergey Lavrov said that Russia will respond to U.S. moves unfriendly. This is a good occasion to talk about the relations between the U.S. and Russia as a whole, taking more or less long period of history.

The United States and Russia in the XIX century, were seen as the two superpowers, which offered the world different projects. The United States was created by the Protestant dissidents from Europe, which can be called fundamentalists specific project. In this sense they were "more Europe than Europe itself." They were the

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