The Federation Council approved the law on treason

The Federation Council approved a law toughening penalties for divulging state secrets and introducing criminal liability for illegally obtaining secret information.

The law complements the Criminal Code (CC) of the Russian Federation with a new article (283.1), on which receipt of information constituting a state secret, by abduction, of fraud, bribery, blackmail, coercion or threat of use of violence is proposed to punish by a fine of 200,000 rubles to 500,000 rubles or imprisonment for up to four years.

If such an act is committed by a group of individuals with violence, with serious consequences or using special technology and

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Russia at Airshow China 2012

Despite the fact that the airshow Airshow China 2012 is already over, in the next few days it will remain one of the main topics of discussions about the fate of world aviation. Naturally, quantitative and quality characteristics of Chinese exhibition still can not compare with those of the leading salons of the world, but China is doing everything in order to intrigue and aircraft manufacturers, and its future buyers. And yet until Airshow China is undertaking, so to speak, of the second class. In the midst of the rest of this is reflected in the composition of the

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Assembled in Russia Italian AW139 helicopter made its first flight

JSC "HeliVert", a joint venture of "Helicopters of Russia" and the Italian company AgustaWestland, reported that the helicopter AW139, assembled in Russia, made its first flight. 18 December 2012 in accordance with the program of ground test aircraft underwent a so-called roll-out of the first AW139 assembled in Russia, tail number 60001 for ground testing.

(C) Photo of Russian Helicopters

The next day, December 19, at 16:30 Moscow time on test program board 60001 continued rise of the first helicopter in the air. Within 37 minutes of flight, the new AW139

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Dogs bark — the caravan moves on

Super Jet 100

While fierce criticism from the opposition camp are engaged in the distribution network of hard-core statistics and bright pictures that illustrate the foreignness of the new Russian aircraft Sukhoi Superjet-100 companies involved in this global-scale industrial projects, little by little, more localized production of key components of the liner in Russia, acting in line with the concept of accelerated development of advanced technology competitive global aviation industry. In this regard, recently presented a turbojet engine SaM-146 manufactured by NPO "Saturn", which is already recognized as one of the best in the world. According to the Industry

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Since its charter in another monastery do not go

MOSCOW teacher who was fired for reading the notation of "non-Russians" The Apprentice, has seized PAYMENT AND RETURN TO WORK

In Moscow was resolved, at least formally, the conflict with inter-ethnic tinge that erupted in one of the schools where two teachers were fired for calling for "non-Russian" disciples abide by Russian law. Literature teacher school number 847 Shamaeva Svetlana and her fellow historian Marina Stupich lost their jobs for "immoral behavior" and "for the physical and moral pressure on students."

But on Tuesday Timirjazevskijj court found their dismissal illegal and ordered both

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RAS provides a development center of future combat technologies

On the basis of the institutions of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Centre will be established basic research to the development of advanced defense technology, said at the annual meeting of the Academy branch in Novosibirsk Presidium Chairman Alexander Aseyev, reports correspondent April 19

"The decision to establish the Centre for Basic Research and Development at institutes of the Siberian Branch. We need to create a consortium or a commercial partnership with those companies with which branch has been successfully working, "- said the chairman.

Aseyev expects that customers will be the development

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Reducing alcohol and tobacco use among adolescents

Copenhagen and St. Petersburg, February 15, 2013

Data published by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, show a significant decrease in alcohol and tobacco use among adolescents of the Russian Federation. In particular, according to the latest report of the study "The behavior of school-age children in health" (HBSC) by 13-year-old girls who smoke at least once a week, has dropped by almost a factor of 3. Indicators weekly smoking among 15-year-old girls and boys also decreased significantly.

The level of alcohol consumption, which rose steadily from 1998 to 2006, also declined

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The tragedy of Galich. Concentration camp for Russian

In 2007, a scandal broke out in Austria, which opened nearly century-old mystery about the unimaginable cruelty of the Austro-Hungarian authorities in relation to the Ruthenians. In 1914, they were victims of appalling ethnic cleansing, what today is called genocide. This is a shameful fact in modern Europe prefer not to remember. Austro-Hungarian occupiers Russian lands was the world's first concentration camp Talerhof, which lasted from 1914 to 1917. It was intended only for the Russian — Ukrainian Writes and let you go. Until the winter of 1915 in Talerhof no barracks and people were lying on the ground

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Winter road without domestic appliances will not stay! So: 1. Snowmobile US-440 "Rys-500MP" Ufa MPO

2. Snowmobile "Buran ADA" of "Russian Mechanics"

3. Snowmobile "Tiksi Suite 250" of "Russian Mechanics"

4. Snowmobile "Taiga-550 PATRUL SWT» JSC "Russian Mechanics"

And finally on the appetizer: 5. Terrain vehicle (ATV) RM-GAMAX AX600 (Co-production of "Russian Mechanic" and the Taiwan company GAMAX)

As always, the entire range of lead — would be too long, but the best representatives you can evaluate for yourself!

ZY By the

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Snowmobiling TAYGA in Montenegro

Domestic snowmobiles will now be operated in Montenegro. 15 units of Russian equipment already entered service in the Interior Ministry.

Snowy winters the last few years left outlying areas of Montenegro without transportation and communication. To get to the mountain communities could only snowmobile. Therefore, the operational service of the country decided to adopt this only effective in severe weather equipment. After analyzing the market, the Montenegrin experts opted for snowmobiling in Russia. In March, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Montenegro Miodrag Koljevic arrived in Rybinsk for this production of "Russian mechanics." During the visit, a

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