In Chukotka, killing whales

September 14, 2013. Representatives of the Marine Mammal Council together with the workers of the Russian Research Institute for Nature Conservation and the Russian FSB Border the Chukotka Autonomous Region held in the first week of September survey of 800 aviation-kilometer stretch of the coast of the Arctic region. In a survey of experts found the remains of at least ten whales made waves on the coast.

The remains of six of the ten whales were found at the distance of 120 kilometers (between the villages and Neshkan Nutepelmen in the Chukotka region), which is a worrisome indicator and requires

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Russia has a new giant gas field

Russia may delay the operation of the giant Shtokman gas field. Experts like Gazprom opened near Sakhalin — this is the vice-director of the group Andrey Kruglov.


Discussion by the Polish news portal Wirtualna Polska:Rosja ma nowe gigantyczne zloza gazu

Korek — It is immoral and unfair to other country had so many resources, it should share with other inhabitants of the planet. Or voluntarily, or we will take by force.

Idzi — @ Korek Go to the Muscovite legions of them. Edgar of Wloszczowa (Sejm deputy Przemyslaw

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Russian classics in Japanese comics

The truth is that very few people in Japan read Russian literature, because it is itself a foreign literature is not popular.

There are several reasons for this state of foreign works …

First, in Japan there are manga and anime.

Second, Japan — an island, and it does not need a deep relationship with other countries, so do not read books by foreign authors.

But books like "Crime and Punishment", "War and Peace" and "The Brothers Karamazov" and "Master and Margarita" are known in Japan, and it is said that

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Sinop embankment of the Northern capital was decorated with busts of Russian admirals

By the 160th anniversary of the victory of the Russian fleet at the Battle of Sinop, which will be celebrated in November, on the waterfront of Sinop, the busts of prominent Russian naval commanders — Nakhimov, Kornilov Novosilskogo and Panfilov, and the dome is situated right here social and business center "Sinop" now crowned by a bas-relief of the Empress Maria Feodorovna. 

Exactly the same bas-relief decorated the ship "Empress Maria", who participated in the Battle of Sinop.

Immortalized the names of the ships, crushed under the command of Admiral Nakhimov Turkish fleet. Sinopskaya embankment

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Russian expanse from Ukraine to Finland

In the near future often are the claims that Russia was close to the present borders, and it will expand. Eastern and Southern Ukraine will become Russian territories, then attach the Kremlin Transnistria, and there will come and turn Belarus. Passing Russian bear has seized the Baltic republics. The final step of Putin’s «forced march» Finland becomes. NATO and the country is not included, and is, the Alliance will not defend it.

Federal Republic of Ukraine

Trial balloon Russian expansion some experts behold the events in 2008. Two months back, giving an interview to Ukrainian «Public TV» economist Andrei

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Russian scientists predict 100 years of cooling

Russian scientists predict 100 years of cooling Facts

The cyclical behavior of the sun allowed Russian scientists to talk about the 100-year cold snap. Such predictions make the Russian astrophysicist Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of research at the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory and the Russian sector of the ISS.

Scientists link climate change on Earth and solar activity. Cooling and warming is a 200-year cycles, corresponding to solar changes over the same period. The approaching cold snap will be similar to Maunder minimum period of 1645-1715, known as the Little Ice Age.

Strong spirit stronger than steel

From the memoirs of a German captain Helmut Welz. November 11, 1942 

Enemy forces hold significant parts of the factory "Red October". The main center of resistance — open-hearth shop. The capture of this plant is the fall of Stalingrad. 179th Engineer Battalion reinforced 11.11 seizes shop and makes its way to the Volga. The immediate challenge — the south-east side of the shop. I looked at the clock: 02.55. Everything is ready. Strike groups have already taken starting positions for the attack … It's time to go … our artillery barrage already carries

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«KaY-wave predicts earthquake. Part 3

Haifa laboratory earthquake warning Alexander Jagodin predict.y @

< Часть 2

The dependence of the difference in arrival time of the waves and the start time of the earthquake jolts appropriate distance from the sensor to the epicenter of this earthquake, given the correlation over 0.99, indicating that the mathematical formula-dependence of these parameters.

This wave is called the wave of the author Kozyrev-Jagodina (KaY-wave) of the names of the author (Jagodin) and the names of the great Russian astronomer — Kozyrev predicted the relationship of tectonic activity of the Earth and the Moon, which is important

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Russian law enforcement agencies are equipped with ropes to besparashyutnogo landing of the helicopter

In the special purpose units main power ministries and departments of the Russian Federation began arriving Russian ropes for speed besparashyutnogo landing of the helicopter. The ropes are fitted with loops for the evacuation of six people, equipped with synthetic rope for hanging the functioning of the central hatch helicopter.


Russian ropes are similar in purpose to foreign ropes Fast Rope, however, in comparison with them have a number of features and benefits:

Rope is suitable for coverage of hands by the relatively small surface topography (12-strand rope double weave); shrinkage of the rope length

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SIBUR sold on the international market 1st tranche of units to reduce carbon emissions

As part of the largest Russian JI SIBUR sold on the international market, the first tranche of emission reduction units (ERUs) in the amount of 1.2 million tons of CO2. Buyer ERU made the investment bank JP Morgan under the overall coordination of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation — the operator of carbon units in the Russian Federation.

Total volume of the largest in the Russian JI project is 8 million tons of CO2obtained by the construction of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug second phase of the South Balyksky gas processing complex. As a result of the project, completed

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