Their grain to Russia until just leave yourself

Moscow introduced a temporary ban on grain exports. While it is expected to last until the end of the year. To take such measures forcing natural heat, which will lead to a reduction in yield. Such problems are experienced not only Russia, but also the global market as a whole.

An incredible hot bread inflated "bubble"

"The stock is no sore" — that is explained Vladimir Putin decided to introduce before the end of the year a temporary ban on the export of Russian grain. It was at this meeting of the presidium of the government. This

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You know, what is most striking to us, the Russian?

You know, what is most striking to us, the Russian? It's a fabulous ability to digest triggered us into the blood and muck to reduce poisoning of her poisons to a minimum. Here you look at the young man frikovsko-punk type or the so-called Gopnik in the doorway with a "jaguar" in hand, and you think, yes, sir, all sailed degradation triumphed. A run into him in a difficult life situation or heart-to-heart talk — honestly hearted man, with all of our senses and great anguish, no alienation or indifference. Or communicate officially with a business man, a kind

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A few words about the premises of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940

Finland — in contrast to Poland — to join it to Russia in 1809, has never been an independentStatebut was a long time ago won a part of Sweden. As a result, Russian-Swedish War of 1808-1809 the territory of the future of the Finnish state was ceded to Russia. Similarly, stories with "Kingdom of Poland" was not only a manifestation of the will of the Russian, but the result of the preceding brief war in 1812, "zigzag" European geopolitics.

The Great War of 1812-1815's as if to protect us from the events

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Siberian weapon for the Russian army

DIC Omsk region got its second wind by increasing defense contracts, as well as a large-scale conversion In the first three months of 2011, the main business Omsk defense industry produced goods worth more than 3 billion rubles. In general, an increase over the previous year did not exceed 2%, but that could change — in 2011, the Russian state defense order will reach 1.5 trillion rubles. Higher dynamics of growth of industrial production in Omsk defense, of course, is fixed by the new development and increasing the share of defense contracts. However, to stay afloat, "the defense" can only

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Siberian separatism

Daughter studies at the Law Faculty in absentia. Working. She came to the meeting — lives alone, an adult. The first thing for me to work — in the library with literature is difficult, and there have puzzled theme — "Siberian separatism, and the origins of the modern state." I had some help. But the theme itself is somewhat forced to think on this issue. These thoughts I would like to lay out, but — do not judge strictly. I am not a political scientist, just curious and tried to summarize. There will be a lot of quotes — but,

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IV Kireyevsky. On the nature of education in Europe

One of the biggest differences between a legitimate system of Russia and the West are indigenous concept of the right of property in land. Roman civil law, it can be said, the essence of everything is nothing, as the development of the absoluteness of the right. Western European social systems also come from varieties of combinations of these original rights, the basis of its unlimited and only in the relations of the public to some mutually conditional restrictions. You could say the whole building of Western public opinion is on the development of the personal property rights, and so

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Nobel myth

Since 1901, the Swedish Academy of Language and Literature Prize awards, which are considered the highest and, no less important, devoid of bias recognition of the achievements in the arts of speech. The writer received the Nobel Peace Prize, appears in the eyes of millions of people as an incomparable talent or even genius, which is to say, a head taller than all his brethren, not gained this supreme and universal importance of having a reward.

But though such ideas about the award has long been firmly embedded in the public consciousness, they do not

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I. Ilyin: About Orthodoxy and Catholicism 1950.

1. The value of Russian Orthodoxy.

The value of Orthodoxy in Russian history, culture, spiritual-defining. In order to understand it and make sure it does not need to be the most orthodox; enough to know Russian history and have spiritual vigilance. Enough to admit that thousand-year history of Russia created by people of the Christian faith, that the Russian term which gained strength and deploy their spiritual culture, it is in Christianity, and that Christianity is perceived, practiced, contemplated and introduced to life in the act of Orthodoxy. It was conceived and reprimand the genius of Pushkin. Here are

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From the book by NN Insurance: The struggle with the West in our literature. Herzen 1882.


The era in which his views took shape Herzen was the most flourishing era of Westerners in Russian literature. It was the end of the thirties and early forties, while Stankevich, Granovsky, Belinsky, etc. Judging by the internal forces, the depth and consistency with which the minds imbued with a certain mood of thought, then we must admit Herzen's the biggest star in the galaxy of this initial Westerners. In a sense, Herzen was not just Westerners, that is not just a fan and imitator of the West, it was a Western man, which merged with the whole soul

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Alex Stepanovich Hamsters of the West

Foreigners in his works, with good reason, humiliate Russia. "In Europe, began to talk and write about Russia. It is not surprising we have so much said and written about Europe, that Europeans, at least out of courtesy should engage Russia. Every Russian traveler, returning from abroad, asks his friends couch potatoes, "read that they have written about us, Lord so and so, so and so Marquis, such bookseller, Dr. so and so?" Homebody, of course, always says he does not read it. — "Sorry, sorry, very curious little book, How many new as smart as entries! Of course,

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