Polish uprising of 1863-1864. Part 2


Teran Ludwik Mieroslawski from Poznan defected from the border with the Secretary Krzhivosondza Kurzhinoy and several officers, adventurers from different nations. Soon he was joined by some 10 people prefer students from Warsaw and the coming small rebel groups. Forces detachment grew to 400-500 people. February 7, this group met at the edge of the forest with a group of krzhivosondzskogo Olonetsky regiment commander Yury Schilder-Shuldnera (three and a half company of infantry, 60 Cossacks and 50 border guards). Russian squad just scattered the rebels were captured baggage, correspondence dictator, weapons and horses. Mieroslawski himself managed to escape and

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From the Baikonur Cosmodrome to the ISS was launched manned spacecraft Soyuz with an international crew

The Russian "Soyuz", launched today from Baikonur, went into orbit.

"Today at 00:41 MSK" Soyuz TMA-09M "separated from the rocket and went into orbit" — a correspondent reported. ITAR-TASS in Baikonur.


On board the "Soyuz TMA-09M" crew MKS-36/37 expedition in the Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin, NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg and ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano. They will have to work in orbit for more than four months.

"All three of them are doing well," — said in Baikonur.

Baikonur / Kazakhstan /, May 29. /

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From the Italian saw and a Russian engine

The company "Interskol", a leading manufacturer of power tools, in September last year bought the Italian firm Felisatti, a global leader in professional tools for working wood. As a result of this transaction, the Russians have the newest fleet of production equipment, including a one-of-a-kind robotic machining center, design documentation for new models of woodworking machinery and patents on their key components.

Buying Felisatti initiated a major project that brought our toolmakers in the world market of hi-tech — a segment of professional power tools. Interskolovtsy now preparing to introduce a radical innovation, which will provide them

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Happy birthday, Nikolai!

March 20, 1804 in the village Sorochintsy, the son of middle-class landowners birthplace of the great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol

Gogol Nezhinskaja graduated from high school science, served as an officer in St. Petersburg at the Department of principalities. During this period, Gogol tying extensive literature dating, in particular, VA Zhukovsky, P.A.Pletnevym, Alexander Pushkin. His tales, first on the theme of Ukrainian life, and then deeper works Petersburg period, the writer has quickly gained popularity.

But not only literary works, including such immortal works as "The Inspector", "Nevsky Prospect", "Taras Bulba", "Dead Souls" and others,

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The Polish gentry turmoil in 1863 and MN Katkov

On the eve of the 150th anniversary of the Polish uprising of 1863, the topic is uniformly politicized. No hesitation that "the Polish uprising of 1863, as it approaches its 150th anniversary will be used extensively to pump more and more angry anti-Russian hysteria" (1). The Seimas officially declared 2013 the Year of the uprising in the Kingdom of Poland in 1863 against the Russian Empire (2). Polish «Gazeta Wyborcza» (3), extolling the English editor of "The Bells" Herzen, welcomed the anti-government uprising, supported the initiative to establish a monument to Herzen in Warsaw.

And then remember the fit

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Happy Border Guard!

Border Guards Day is celebrated every year on May 28. This professional holiday takes its countdown to the May 28, 1918, when the decree of the CPC was established Border Guard of the RSFSR. The Russian Federation has the longest border in the world — about 60,000 kilometers and borders with 18 countries. Protection of the state border on a daily basis is more than 11,000 pogrannaryadov, dozens of ships and boats.

Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation almost completed its reform and ready to effectively meet

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Happy Air Force! 100 years of Russian aviation

The history of aviation in Russia — it is a continuous feat, it continued for a hundred years, the heroic work of designers, engineers, and technicians. This summer work hard everyday drivers — both military and civilian, millions of passengers and millions of tons of cargo delivered around the world, is the protection and safety of our skies, our pride and endless respect for those who prepare and lifts into the sky hundreds of different types of aircraft ranging from single-engine the training and ending with the powerful wide-bodied airliners

It all began with a trip to the

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Information war against Putin — the war against the great Russia

Information and intellectual attack on Putin both domestically and abroad continues after his taking office. 29 May in the pages of Financial Times published on its monstrous bias, rudeness and falsehood article two fairly well-known figures in the West: Ian Bremmer, president of the group "Eurasia", and Nouriel Roubini, chairman of Roubini Global Economics Monitor. The essence of the article the newspaper "Vedomosti" sums up as follows: "Neither the political nor an economic point of view, Russia can not be considered as one of the leading countries, and its participation in the G8 and BRIC does not make sense.

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Half billion contract to supply Syria Russian arms are in progress

According to the disk imaging TSAMTO from February 8, treaties of the Russian Federation with Syria for the supply of defense products are in progress. These contracts are valued TSAMTO more than $ 1.5 billion. USD. Deliveries under the contracts are planned for 2012-2014.

It should also be noted that the extent of military-technical cooperation with the Russian Federation, Syria, can be significantly increased. At the current time on a number of programs not supporting the official disk imaging. An amount of 1.5 billion. U.S., planted over the next three years, only takes into account the identified contractual obligations.

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Look out! We were talking French UDC

Moscow Paris presented a truly royal gift

By the evening of the Catholic-Protestant Christmas Eve, in other words, December 24, 2010, came the news of the outcome of the tender for the purchase of the Russian Navy amphibious assault ships. Sensation did not happen. The winner was the UDC French "Mistral", which, as the Paris newspaper La Tribune, was a Christmas present Kremlin Elysee Palace.

However, the French did not have allowed to reach fully nezapyatannoy victory. Orders will receive a consortium that includes the French state company DCNS and the Russian United Shipbuilding Company (USC). Thanks to the energetic

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