Russian aramid fiber — one of the best in the world

Everyone knows that it is easier to break up the usual string of sharp jerk. However, there is absolutely no other thread — high, in which a sharp impact force to the outer gap, including a speed of a bullet or fragment, greatly increases the strength (this is called dynamic strength). Only Russia has the technology of production of aramid fibers. Fabric Rusar (sometimes called Arus) of these threads. It is used in the manufacture of personal protective equipment, and is recognized as one of the best specialists in the world.

It is from Rusar Center high-strength materials,

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Russian language has become the third most spoken in the world

Russian language supplanted Spanish and won the third highest prevalence in the world, talking to him for 500 million people, said Friday the president of the St. Petersburg State University, president of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature Lyudmila Verbitskaya.

"I can assure you that the Russian language is known for half a billion people and it is not the fourth, and third place after Chinese and English, "- said Verbitskaya at the World Congress of Compatriots

"The Spanish language should now be on this scale for the Russian," — she said,

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Russian language in France

Russian President Vladimir Putin today at the summit of the "Group of Eight" in the UK to meet with his French counterpart Francois Hollande.

at the upcoming meeting will discuss the topic of studying Russian language in France. The subject heads of states and governments of the two countries are paying a lot of attention. Thus, the Ministry of Education of France Russian language included in the list of recommended teaching at the elementary school foreign language (Starting from 2014. Study Russian, among eight other foreign languages, be introduced from class 1). Opened new

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Russian language — an international language in space.

In addition to training spacewalks, breaking skills training with robotic technology and piloting a spaceship, NASA now requires that all future astronauts learn to speak and read in Russian.

The rule is very clear and simple: if you fail the exam on the knowledge of a foreign language, you can not go into space.

A number of NASA astronauts were taught Russian still with the same time as the United States and the Soviet Union began to work at the station "Mir" in the 1980s, told Duane Ross (Duane Ross), the training manager for astronaut candidate. But

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Russian language — as the air

Prepare the new history textbooks without double interpretations, written by a good Russian language, called the president at a meeting of the Council for Inter-Ethnic Relations.

A key theme of the meeting was the strengthening of the Russian language and history lessons in schools. "Our basic goal — to strengthen the harmony and concord in the multinational Russian society that people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, saw themselves as citizens of a single country," — said Vladimir Putin. In this — the key to successful development of the state, he said.

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Russian whisper drives Americans crazy! In a good way)

Let this video and all the cute design of Mary GentleWhispering made not with us, but in the U.S., its essence — to the Russian … the roots of the hair and even more)) Masha come from Russia. It turned out that her voice has on the local wonderful relaxing effect, what would she whispered. When Masha whispers in Russian — and even more so the local audience falls asleep her video "likes" and compliments our great, mighty and NEEEEZHNOMU language! That's right, on the sly, our people create a new image of Russia proper.

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Buying ships overseas — Cancel omen?

On most illustrations — the process of unloading the South American military transport "Shewhart", which is used for shipping worldwide equipment the Army, Navy and Corps sea U.S. Marine. The trick is that the original title of this vessel sounded completely different — before becoming a "messenger of democracy", a high-speed military transport "Shewhart" was peaceful Danish container ship "Maersk Laura!" In 1996 krosotka "Laura" without any trace of missing the docks of San Diego, and a year later at the World Ocean came out 55,000-ton monster that can in a matter of days are to deliver on foreign

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Russian Center opened in Simferopol


December 15, 2011 in Simferopol was opened Russian Centre of Universal Scientific Library. IY Franco. He became the 79th Russian center in the world and 7th in the Ukraine. The opening was attended by Minister of Culture of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea A.A. Placidus, Consul General of the Russian Federation VV in Simferopol Andreev and Head of Russian centers and units of the "Russian world" NK Sergeichev.

The ceremony participants noted the importance of this event for the cultural life of the Crimea and the new opportunities that the visitors center opens library.


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Russian fleet returned to the ocean

Russian fleet returns to the ocean. Over the past half-century, these words uttered repeatedly — in the 60-ies of the XIX century, when Russian ships appeared in distant seas after the break caused by the defeat in the Crimean War, in the first decade of the XX century, when the Russian fleet began to recover after the Russian-Japanese War, in the 60's, when the Soviet fleet has sailed off recovering after decades of half-forgotten, and finally, now — when the fleet is beginning to recover after the collapse of the 90's — early 2000's.

Now the ocean

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Russian has become the second most popular language of the Internet

OnAccording w3techson March 19, 2013, Russian walked German and became the second most spoken language of the web.

Russian language is used 5.9% of all Internet sites.


Domain. Ru became the most popular national TLD in September 2011, and since then has continuously increasing its popularity. Russian language is not only used by 89.8% of sites in the domain zone. Ru, but also in 88.7% of the sites that use the domain of the former Soviet Union. Su (which, logically, should lose popularity, but in practice the situation is the opposite.) Russian is also

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