Seamus Ryan

Advertising and portrait freelance Seamus Ryan came to London in 1985 with £30 in his pocket and a dream of becoming a photographer. Now with a string of ventures to his name, he tells David Land about the secrets of his stylish photo booths, and successfully balancing commercial and social photography


• Advertising and celebrity photographer, shooting for clients including Bloomberg,

British Airways, Guinness, Nike, Oxfam and Yellow Pages, and receiving awards from the Association of Photographers and the D&AD

16.5 Runs highly successful social and events businesses Boothnation and Pop Up Shoots

16.6 Studio in the heart

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The situation in the U.S. elderly

Have you ever wondered what is the floor? I found out about it on Tuesday morning, when he opened a stinking wasteland, formerly known as Washington Post. There, among the editorials was one — under the heading "The financial problems of senior citizens are exaggerated"Signed by a certain Charles Lane.

Curious coincidence happened. When I read this headline, I heard the sound of clanging and near my house came from the street. I immediately knew what it was — one of the beggars * spent his daily rounds through my garbage cans.

Several years ago in my town about

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Rite pull Kalyada on oak and the tradition of weaving recognized intangible cultural heritage of Belarus

Rite "pull Kalyada on oak" Village News Berezinsky area and laying the weaving tradition of red and white towels village Semezhevo Kopyl district recognized intangible cultural heritage of Belarus. This was announced by Head of the Department of the traditional art of the Minsk Regional Centre of Folk Art Vitaly Kasperovich, BelTA has learned. The decision was taken recently at the Scientific and Methodological Council on the historical and cultural heritage. The traditional ceremony of "pull Kalyada on oak" completes the Christmas festivities. 've Upgraded in the 1990s and has since been held annually. The ritual does not die

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