Saakashvili became a member of Lukashenka?

Alexander Lukashenko during negotiations with the Georgian guest said: "I am delighted now we have the opportunity to draw a line under a period of chaos, determining the level of our relations. " The Belarusian leader noted that relationship between Belarus and Georgia have been different, but at the moment Minsk tuned "to different things with Georgian brothers", he wants to make the Belarusian side of the case "even the highest compared with the Russian period." According to Interfax, the Minister Merabishvili gave Lukashenko "great greetings from President Saakashvili." "The official and unofficial level, our president emphasizes convergence, which is

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Saakashvili: Our motherland wants to rework the map of Europe

Meanwhile, Russian President and France Dmitry Myadvedev and Nicolas Sarkozy discussed Russian-Georgian military conflict during a telephone conversation, which lasted more than an hour. According to the Russian side, Medvedev said Sarkozy that Georgian troops must return to their barracks, in accordance with the armistice agreement.

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Support — to put themselves on a par with the thief

One of the managers of "Conservative Christian Party BPF" Yury Belenky comments on the statement of the Russian ambassador."And the context of the statement, and the shape is very similar to the disassembly of the criminal environment. Separator One reproaches another to say: I’m supported in some illegal business, what do you have at the moment threw! Official Minsk threw Why? See, it was very much a robbery attack rf other CIS 1st CIS member to another. And here lay support — means to put himself on a par with the thief. Our homeland no longer thinks that behaving inappropriately.

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Independent: The U.S. and Europe have been humbled

South American political scientist Eugene Rumer writes in "Washington Post", nowshnyaya situation reminds him the situation of the Russian Federation Russian Union 30 years ago."30 years ago, well-fed from the oil and gas revenues Russian Alliance threatened Europe and threw a challenge to the United States. In 1979, Russian tanks in Afghanistan … vkatsilisya West was not able to stop the monster capital without risking nuclear destruction of the world" — says Rumer. "Russian invasion of Afghanistan drove the last nail in the coffin adruzhannya — shy policy of rapprochement between East and West. She also founded one of the

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Saakashvili is murdered small country

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the operation on the territory of Georgia need to avoid new Georgian attack in South Ossetia.Georgia says about 19 Russian aircraft shot down. Moscow confirms only beaten four planes. According to the Russian side, in Georgia killed 18 Russian peacekeepers and 52 were wounded.

If the Russians were able to capture Blaze then, Saakashvili, Russian tanks will open the road to Tbilisi.

Georgian president Misha Saakashvili now said to journalists in Tbilisi that there are fights with the Russians for the city glow. If the Russians were able to capture Blaze then, Saakashvili, Russian

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Fighting in Tskhinvali resumed

Fierce battle is on the southern outskirts of Tskhinvali. This was stated by "Interfax" referring to the command of Russian peacekeeping forces. Fighting in Tskhinvali resumed after a lull that lasted several hours.North Ossetia declared its readiness to arrange about 3 thousand refugees from South Ossetia. More about a thousand refugees are willing to accept other regions in southern Russia.With present a day or Our homeland stops air links with Georgia. This was told Itar-Tass Russian Ministry of Transport.Meanwhile, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said that South Ossetia is controlled by Georgian troops, reports "Times".According to Saakashvili, Tskhinvali "one hundred percent

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Georgian citizens elect parliament

This second special elections in Georgia This year. After mass opposition protests in November last year President Misha Saakashvili on his own initiative reduced own presidential term and proclaimed presidential election on January 5, 2008 On the same day in a special referendum, citizens of Georgia voted to hold early parliamentary elections May 21, 2008According to the professionals and public opinion polls, in the new Georgian parliament should get United National Movement President Saakashvili and 9 combined coalition of opposition parties. Five per cent electoral threshold can also overcome two more opposition — the Republican Party and the newly established

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Saakashvili invited the opposition to leadership positions

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Georgia: Misha Saakashvili defeated in the first round

Misha Saakashvili gaining 51.19% of the vote presidential elections in Georgia. This means his victory in the first round. His main rival, opposition favorite Gachechiladze received 25.53%. On it informs RIA "Announcements" with reference to the CEC.Currently there are no clear results from remote areas and from stations abroad, but they emphasize the representatives of the Central Election Commission, has no effect on the final result. International observers said that presidential election in Georgia in the main meet democratic standards. Immediately observers noted a number of violations that should be addressed in the future. Meanwhile Tbilisi several thousands of people

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Georgian elections as a referendum on the Rose Revolution

 Conditions and results of the electionsDrakakhrust"According to preliminary data of the Georgian Central Election Commission and the results of exit polls on election on January 5 Misha Saakashvili won, gaining more than 50% of the vote. His main rival Levon Gagechylade received support from about a quarter of the electorate. Saaakashvili Why not managed to replicate its own triumphant outcome of 2004, when after the "Rose Revolution", he scored in the presidential election 96% of the vote, and why all the same beat: Temur Yakobashvili that your answer? "

Yakobashvili"In 1-x, 96% indicated that Saakashvili came to power a revolutionary

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