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Center of Vladivostok remained without electricity due energoavarii


9.11.11.V Wednesday the central streets of Vladivostok were without power because of a failure in power, according to the press service of the town hall.

"This is switched off. Now maintenance crews are trying to establish an emergency substation work ", — said the press service of the City Hall," Interfax ".

He said that the accident occurred at the substation "Bay", which provides a light main streets of Vladivostok: Svetlanskaya Semenovskaya Aleutian, fountains, border, Fokine.

"As a result of the accident a number of houses in these streets no power," — he said.

"It is expected that the

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A new version of the missile BrahMos to deal with aircraft carriers

Indo-Russian aerospace joint venture "BrahMos" supersonic cruise missile developed with a range of 290 km for the destruction of aircraft carriers, said the managing director of this company Sivathanu Pillai.

"We have the ability to attack aircraft carriers using a version of the missile with a supersonic dive (on final) — said Pillai — And after the recent demonstration of the rocket that has greater accuracy, we now offer it to equip the Indian Navy."

He was commenting on this week held a two-run ground-based missile "BrahMos", fitted with a range of

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Designed mobile tester for tanks

Ministry of Defense has developed a mobile diagnostic system for wheeled and tracked vehicles, now detect problems in a tank or armored personnel carrier can be a matter of minutes without the involvement of industry, write "News".

As the developer of the complex (he was given the working title "maintenance workshop MTO-ON-1"), Andrew Shuliko, a workshop was assembled on the factory Shumerlinskii special vehicles based on vehicle Ural-43202.

"The machine is equipped with a digital diagnostic complex, which allows you to" interview "on-board electronics and machinery identify what items need to be replaced, and what components and units

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In Luhansk river became red


The water became red because it flow into the groundwater from a closed mine. Photo:

25.10.11.V village of Krasny Kut (Antratsit district, Luhansk region) Miusik red river — a tributary of the River Mius, which flows into the reservoir Janowski. The press secretary of the Company "Luganskvoda" Vladimir Chernyshev.

According to him, Janowski Reservoir is one of the largest reserves of fresh water, providing clean drinking water after the town of Red Ray and nearby towns.

"Local residents appealed to the Department of Krasny" Luganskvoda "to see that the river has turned blue. Our

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Bird deaths in Minnesota, USA


14.01.12. A large group of starlings found dead in the U.S. city of New Brighton, Minnesota

In County Police said they had received reports of the incident from local residents living near Brighton Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

Commission to investigate the causes of death reported 30 dead individuals of European starlings, and a hawk. All of them were found dead in one together.

Matt Kramer, a representative of the Department of Wildlife, said that at the present time, experts are trying to determine the cause of laboratory bird deaths, for which, according to him, may take about two days.

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Residents of California and Nevada have been falling meteorite. Video


MOSCOW, April 23 — RIA Novosti. Meteorite fall on Sunday caused confusion among residents of the U.S. states of California and Nevada, according to the Associated Press.

On Sunday morning, the police of both states began to receive numerous calls from local residents who claimed to have heard a sound like an explosion. Many residents said that he felt the blast.

"I was knocked down, and the whole house shook. And the sound was such, as if everything was happening in the house next door, "- said one of the callers.

No evidence of casualties or damage, however,

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Scouts CVO received more than 30 GLONASS navigators

More than 30 new GLONASS satellite navigation "Perun-V" entered the troops of the Central Military District (CVO) in 2012, told reporters on Monday, the representative CVO. According to him, the instrument greatly facilitates the action of crews on the ground, helping to accelerate the orientation, set the route, see the distance to the desired point, while driving the machine determines the deviation from the route in degrees, what gives light and sound signals. "By the end of the year another 30 scheduled delivery navigators" — said the officer. In addition, he said that earlier to perform similar

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In the village near Kaliningrad in well water gone


Residents of the village under the Guards months living without water

23.01.12.Zhiteli village Kujbyshevskoe under Guards for six months living without water. During the three days of the June suddenly dried up all the 14 wells, then intermittently began to flow water from the tap.

"For us, every time a surprise when going to work — there will be water or not. And if there is, then collected a cup per minute and all "- said," Klops.Ru "local resident Vladimir.

To wash or prepare food, local people, and 230 of them are here, go to the

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02.07.12.Gibel fish Zlatoust Hay River. Video


Updated, added video 3.07.12.Prirodnoe disaster occurred near Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant. Cause massive river fowl plague is contamination vody.Pervymi Zlatoust railway workers noticed something was wrong. On Friday evening, they performed bypass routes. It was then in their eyes and started an unusual color of water in the river Ai.

Eugene Lemesev, fitter way:

— On Friday we worked here. The river was red! On Saturday we did not work already, lineman walked. We have a crawler. He said yesterday the people fish here so much going!

Fish began to die en masse on Sunday. Then went to an endless

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Residents Kohtla-Jarve again choked emissions


14.06.12.S pm June 13 and until late at night on June 14 reporter called the inhabitants of the city Järve Kohtla-Jarve and complained that, approximately, from 18 am until late at night, they feel on the streets and in the apartments of the sharp smell of hydrogen sulfide.

A resident of one of the houses on the street Olev, Vitali, said that in the evening, when he came home with two young children, they began to cough and choke. According to him, the house could not open the window because the apartment immediately penetrating smell of sewage. The

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