Fish kills in Moldova


Tiraspol, August 02 (New Region, Dean Leonidova) — In one of the dams in the river Yagorlyk Transnistrian village Doybany-1 Dubasari, fish kills occurred.

As the "New Region" in the organization "Doctors for the Environment", in late July, there was a dead fish in the waters of Dubossary reservoir and on the shore near the dam Dubossary HPP. Local residents told the organization that the bridge pond "swarming half-dead fish as if it was cooked in boiling water."

According to the deputy director of the reserve "Yagorlyk" in the scientific part of Tatiana Sharapanovskoy on the ecological system has

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The village witch




Edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" sent two correspondents — Yuri Meshkov Snegiryov and Alexandra — in terribly dangerous expedition to the Russian homeland Chupacabra

— I like to drink krovushki brave journalists!

March 8 in the vicinity of the village of Ville, on the banks of the river

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Mysterious explosion in Alaska


December 8, 2012 — Alaska — Residents of the Yukon River in Eagle community excited about the mysterious geological event, radiating fire, steam and the smell of sulfur. Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve lead Interpretive Ranger Pat Sanders says that it all started in September. 27. There was an explosion in the Eagle, which is rare, so we, of course, it was interesting — Sanders said. Sanders said, on Oct. 10, a fire was spotted about 2 miles up the Tatonduk River, known locally as the sheep, by the stream. She says that the fire spread around 15 acres.

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In Marupov killed all the fish. Video


5.07.11.Iz-severe consequences for chemical pollution in Marupe killed almost all of the fish, said the executive director of the portal DELFI Riga Juris Radzevich.

"The flow of chemicals left severe consequences Marupov, lost almost all of the fish," — said Radzevich.

But, he said, the Daugava, given the volume of water in the river, the chemicals will not cause much harm.

"At the same time, to swim downstream estuary Marupov, for example, cable-stayed bridge is not recommended. In turn, the official Riga beaches and Vecaki Bullyusale as confirmed Health Inspectorate, no danger for swimmers not, "- said the

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In Cherkasy Tyasmin die in the river fish


6.06.11.V Cherkasy region in the river Tyasmin dying fish. The cause of death of fish are now trying to establish ekologi.Ob, said acting chief medical sanitary epidemiological station area Vladimir Cherkassky Kupriy correspondent GolosUA.

"The water has a low oxygen content. Perhaps this was the reason. We took the fish on the analysis and found there are no toxic chemicals. But found that there is an increased water pollution. In addition, a few days before the fish kill was a big rain in bold, and atmospheric waters with run into Tyasmin ", — said V. Kupriy.

He also said

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About the indigo children




The main symptom of "Indigo" — is that deep down inside they are aware of their special mission, can not stand when they are trying to control or put them in a queue. Each of them knows that he is — is special, and not in the

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Dead birds found in Sweden


5.01.11.Okolo hundreds of dead birds, including crows, ravens, magpies, found on Wednesday night, local residents Falchepinga located in south-western Sweden, according to Swedish news agency TT.

One of the eyewitnesses Dril Hula, in describing what he saw TT interview, said he was returning from work late in the evening, when I saw a lot of black spots on the road one of the streets of the city, RIA Novosti reported.

"We stopped, and in the beginning I did not understand that there were birds. I remember when I read that something similar happened in the U.S..

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Industrial production in the Kaluga region in 2010 grew by 1.5 times

Moscow. January 19. Interfax — The volume of industrial production in the Kaluga region in 2010, according to preliminary estimates, increased by 45.4% compared with 2009, said in an interview to "Interfax" the governor of the region Anatoly Artamonov.


"Now we are in top in Russia in terms of growth of industrial production. This was possible due to the dynamic development of manufacturing industries (an increase of 1.5 times compared to 2009), as well as the production of cars and television sets (more than 2 times), "- said the governor.

He said the increase is

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Locusts survives tourists from Crimea


Photo from

19.07.11.Prekrascheniya rains brought vacationers peninsula new attack — the voracious insects. Experts also recommend holiday-not to panic

After a five-year lull in the Crimea again locusts. It occupied Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai, Saki, Lenin, Soviet, May Day and Black Sea regions.

Vacationers complain of flying insects that annoy them on the way to the sea, beaches, summer cottages and hotel rooms. Especially a lot of them in the evening. There were even complaints that the locust bites holidaymakers. Landowners calm: the invasion of green insect stops in early August.

As reported by the site "Krym.Kommentarii" in

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Scientists have uncovered the secrets of nature Yaroslavl




Yaroslavl region comparable in size with medium-sized European country like Belgium or the Netherlands. Its territory is taiga and deciduous forests, glacial lakes and vast peat bog. It is therefore not surprising that the researchers of nature almost every year are faced with unique flora and fauna.

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