National Pro Fastpitch

The Comets have no home field. They practice at Rutgers and play their local games at four minor league baseball stadiums scattered between Pomona, New York, and Allentown, Pennsylvania, in order to reach die maximum word of mouth audience. Fans wishing to save on gas can listen to radio broadcasts of the games online, as I sometimes do, dirough the Web site of the Christmas City Broadcasting Network. A word of warning: Barry Eisenberg, the play by play man, doesn’t sugarcoat. «I am not making this up, folks: a bunt double», he said, in the middle of a dispiriting onslaught

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Me and my bike

I got my GPz from a girl I knew up in Topanga Canyon, CA. We’d just come back from the beach when I saw an old motorcycle parked under some tall trees in her yard. It was so covered in leaves and stuff that I couldn’t make out the model. The girl said she hadn’t ridden it in years, and that if I wanted it she’d sell it to me cheap. “Just watch out for black widow spiders,” she said as I began cleaning it off. With the battery charged, the bike f red right up. I hopped on for

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Just like old times.

Who was Ernie Els talking to on his cell phone on the practice green at Royal Lytham late on Sunday afternoon at the Open? Business icon and friend of 23 years, Johann Rupert. And what were they talking about? How Adam Scott was playing the 72nd hole, «I said, ‘Listen you idiot, stop messing around on the phone. Go hit some practice putts/» Rupert said from his home near London later that night.

In January Rupert introduced Els to Dr Sherylle Calder, the sports vision specialist who works with the Springbok rugby team. They were playing at Fancourt in the

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Written by Hal Van Man Photos by Frank DeBlase

I’ve got a lot of different wounds to lick. That’s for sure. But more often than not, I end up pouring salt on them. Still, I’m trying to loosen or unleash my grip on the past and all that it once meant to me. One month you’re rolling in dough and the next one, you don’t have a pot to piss in.

I don’t deposit my money in banks—but rather in racetracks all over this great country of ours. Which is interesting, ’cause there is usually no payoff! I never had

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Heart and Longevity

The passion that keeps EAA strong

EAA IS A VIBRANT ORGANIZATION: magazines, forums, all manner of stuff on the website, chapters, advocacy, and, of course, The Big Show—AirVenture. It’s just an exciting and fun group to be a part of. I sometimes shudder to think where we’d be in aviation without it. So how did it get to be where it is today? It only takes four words to answer that question: Paul and Audrey Poberezny. But, beyond that (and Paul and Audrey will be the first to tell you this), it’s because of people, airplanes, and passion. Over—and I

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Greenwood And Goldtops

Danny’s house is decorated with portraits of the blues greats, but one in particular – a picture of the late, recently departed Hubert Sumlin – inspired the song Greenwood 31, titled after his place of birth, on the new album. ‘Hubert was the first blues legend I ever met – I played a festival with him when I was about 20,’ says Danny. ‘I asked the promoter if I could meet him and he said, “I’m not sure.” After the gig he said, “He heard you play, you can go in.”

‘So I spent about an hour with him. He

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Great expectations

Ahead of NATO’s next expansion effort, the four aspiring Balkan countries most eager to join the alliance are making headway with their membership preparations, but their candidacies remain problematic, as Brooks Tiger reports

NATO is slowly, if discretely, preparing for its next expansion. Although it is conceivable that this could go north to embrace the remaining two Nordic countries that still lie outside the alliance — Sweden and Finland — it is far more likely to go east. The question is: how far east — and when?

For the time being neither Stockholm nor Helsinki have expressed any interest in

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Graffiti notes

What makes people scribble love notes, trash politicians or go so tar as to stamp mysterious symbols on paper money?

As human beings we crave to leave a legacy, to somehow tell the rest of Earth’s residents, “I was here.”

That may be part of the motivation for people scribbling messages on Federal Reserve notes. The everyday pocket cash certainly gets around and anything out-of-the-ordinary attracts attention.

Examples of paper money with personal messages on them are often referred to as graffiti notes. Some people devote themselves to finding such notes just for the fun of it. Some like to

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DIY Reupholstering

A new interior might be cheaper than you think

WE ALL WANT OUR airplanes to fly faster, go farther, and, for some of us, navigate safely through more challenging weather conditions.

But we also like the innards to look sharp. After all, it’s the part of the airplane that we spend the most time looking at. And we surely want the seat of our pants to be comfortable along the way. Still, I admit, in the overall mental checklist of priorities, redoing the interior of my vintage Bonanza has lingered pretty low on the list.

But a shoddy interior is

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Kidney samples taken from patients who died of Balkan endemic nephropathy.

Because BEN takes decades to develop, investigators are always following a cold trail, and this makes the disease a particularly intractable puzzle. Animals don’t live long enough to get it, and respond to toxic substances differendy from humans, which limits the possibilities of experimental research. The villages affected are in a demographic ally fragmented region, fraught with wars, revolutions, genocides, and totalitarianism all of which have hampered research and medical record keeping. Today, BEN is a budget straitened side project for most scientists who study it. A disease that

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