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The Su-34 is recommended to adopt

Su-34 MAKS2011 Photo

At present, a package of documents on adopting a new multi Sukhoi Su-34, said on Monday a source in the Russian aviation industry.

"Having successfully completed the state joint tests of the Su-34. The act, signed by the commander in chief of the Air Force for their follow-up, contains a recommendation to accept aviation complex with the aircraft Su-34 Russian Air Force "- said the source of the" Interfax ". According to him, the decision of the government of the Russian adoption of a Sukhoi Su-34 is expected to be released next year.

"Right now

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Armor plus steering wheel

Became known characteristics of the newest Russian tank


The most anticipated premiere of the exhibition of arms "Nizhny Tagil — 2011" will be presented on Friday the upgraded version of the T-90S. VIEW newspaper found out what’s new in this machine. In particular, for the first time in the history of the domestic tank development to manage it will be possible to the wheel, not the arms. For the first time at the exhibition

In Nizhny Tagil opened the eighth international exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition "Russian Expo Arms. Nizhny Tagil — 2011

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To double the production capacity of military enterprises in the Sverdlovsk region in two years


The volume of production of the military-industrial complex in the Sverdlovsk region in two years has almost doubled. This was reported today at a meeting with journalists Governor Alexander Misharin. According to him, if in 2009 the figure stood at about 100 billion rubles, in 2011 it is expected to grow to almost 200 billion rubles.

"This growth is due, firstly, the fact that the state, in spite of the crisis is past, has provided and provides a defense order, — Mišarin said. — And second, this time in the defense industry have been introduced modern

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If he is as good as the talk about him, we will make a decision about buying


In the modernized T-90AM, which Nizhnetagilskye gunsmiths are going to offer military ammunition is not hosted in the body of the tank, but in a special isolated compartment at the rear of the tower. According to the developers, this arrangement greatly increases the chances of the crew to survive a detonation of ammunition.

— If the traditional line-up between the shells and the crew there is no obstruction, there is ammunition separated from the people armored wall capable of withstanding an explosion — said the Uralvagonzavod.

In addition, the machine is equipped with a new

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Quay Massalitinova Voronezh opened to traffic

During bypass the regional governor Alexei Gordeev and the head of Voronezh Sergey Koliuh monitored the opening of the labor movement on the waterfront. Photo

The governor said that the road work completed. "The questions are not related to the work of the builders — landscaping of the adjacent territory. On the aesthetic design of the embankment is given 3-4 days. The Mayor of personal control that object. I have no doubt that everything will be completed in time, "- said Alexey Gordeev.

Sergei Koliuh, in turn, said that now is the active phase of improvement:

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The growth point of the Russian Agriculture — export development — Helen Skrinnik


Selhozsektor recovered experienced a drought last year due to government support. "We are all mobilized, with the support of the country’s leadership issues have been resolved, the state support increased as a result of the industry not only survived, it has increased production", — said the Minister of Agriculture Yelena Skrynnik in an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

According to her, this year, the Ministry of Agriculture expects grain harvest will be even more optimistic forecast of 90 million tons, and the significant growth in the poultry industry — by 16% per year.

It’s hard

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ZIL resumed car production


Since the beginning of August 2011 the plant is dosborka cars, and has recently been launched and the main assembly line for the production of ZIL 334362 with a gasoline engine and a diesel ZIL 432932 ", — said the representative of the company, reports" Interfax ".

He noted that after the visit of the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin in May 2011, the plant had been allocated for the payment of outstanding wages and other payments designed to ensure the functioning of the enterprise. "Thanks to the support of the Government of Moscow in September

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Petersburg Hyundai plant in December will supply Kia Rio in CIS countries


Hyundai Company in December of this year will start exporting cars manufactured in St. Petersburg, in the CIS countries. Until the end, the Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will be sent thousand cars Kia Rio. Experts believe that in the future the plant is able to be exported to 30% of its production, and gradually expand the geography of foreign supplies.

St. Petersburg will be the first Hyundai car plant, which will export cars made in Russia, said Friday the head of the Committee for Investments and Strategic Projects Petersburg Alexei Chichkanov. According to

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Lada Granta with automatic transmission will appear in 2012

The most "rich" Lada Granta equipment with automatic transmission will cost about 350 thousand rubles., And the resource box and the engine will meet the overall level of resource car, which will be declared at the level of 160 thousand kilometers.


Told reporters today the president of "AvtoVAZ" Igor Komarov. However, he noted that the timely passage of MOT and other requirements the manufacturer, cars drive more.

In addition, the head of Togliatti car plant said that the company intends to significantly improve the quality of their products. According to him, now, (from Lada

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Spaceship on the nuclear-powered

Despite the drop in the interest of the international community to further flight into space, Russia continues work on designing a spacecraft for a flight to Mars. Project nuclear engine for it to be ready later this year.


This year, Russia will complete the project megawatt-class nuclear reactor for a new spaceship long range. Next year will be the project and the ship itself. This was in the past in Zhukovsky near Moscow International Air Show MAKS said General Director of the State Scientific Center of rocket Keldysh Anatoly Koroteev. "In 2011, to be completed preliminary design

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