African-American Vernacular Art

In Atlanta, the «Hard Truths» exhibition was in its final days at the High Museum. Arnett was scheduled to give a talk there at six o’clock, and arrived early. On his way into the lobby, the toe of his loafer caught on a grate, and he fell toward a steel beam. His forehead just missed it. A guard helped him up, but Arnett dismissed him and hobbled inside, his khakis ripped at the left knee. «Can knees sweat?» he asked. «I don’t think so. I’m bleeding.» Soon, the khakis were wet and red.

He ignored this and walked over to

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A workshop castle

Dan Martin’s shop has a place for everything — and for everybody. “We have had seven people in here working at a time. Everybody has his own spot he can work at,“ — Dan said. Those seven people would be members of the Woodworkers of Central Ohio (W.O.C.O.) club, based out of Westerville, Ohio (total membership: around 150). They make things like wooden toys, chair lifts for an arthritis foundation, and, each month, about 200 to 300 toy items for hospitalized children to paint.

When the contingent working in Dan’s shop is ready to put things away, they encounter some

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A Giant spreads its wings

New York John F Kennedy Airport’s main terminal building, an architectural icon of civil aviation, illustrates the fast pace of commercial aviation like no other structure. The world-famous Terminal 3, with its roof resembling a big flying saucer, opened in May 1960 as ‘Worldport’ of Pan American at the former Idlewild Airport. This is where the airline with the blue globe logo soared to world dominance — and where in the 1980s its gradual demise became most visible.

In 1991 Delta Air Lines from Atlanta, then mainly a domestic airline, took over Pan Am’s transatlantic routes from Terminal 3 shortly

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A finish to behold.

Double, double, triple and trouble; Lytham reduced them all to rubble. All, that is, except Ernie Els, who has his own scrapbook full of woe to throw on the pile. If Adam Scott had to re-gift the claret jug, at least he passed the family silver on to an older friend who knows only too well what it feels like when a ton of bricks falls on your heart. Surely there’s a place in heaven where champions sit around, sip a shandy and compare old battle scars. When that day comes, calling the roll for the 141st Open at Royal

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Pukhovichi: first victory defenders ecology

Applicant from the public Rysivets Anastasia said "Freedom" that access to disk imaging about the enterprise of "August-Bel" PUKHOVICHY executive committee imposed restrictions. Now the Tribunal found it was a mistake. Ms. Anastasia says:"We have a satisfied mood, because it already certain victory. The prosecutor asked PUKHOVICHY executive committee to submit the appropriate documents to the court. We will be able to see what did they write. In a court case, we still have substantiated that this particular environmental information. Bureaucrats have violated our constitutional rights. "The interviewee said that the continuation of the court tomorrow. Population and settlements everybody

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The Japanese are buying in Ukraine a unique device to purify water from radioactive contamination.


Institute "Ekoenergia" Ukrainian Academy of Sciences signed a contract for the supply of electric steam-plasma water purification systems from radioactive contamination from the Japanese company Vasaki Sktec for the nuclear power plant Fukushima-1 at one million euros. This is UKRINFORM the president of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Alexei Onipko.

According to him, at present there are no analogues in the world of such a system, which would work on the water. "There is a development of plasma systems operating with air, but with water — no, it is a novelty," — said the president of UAS.

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Yak-130 at Farnborough: participation in the flight program

New Russian combat training aircraft Yak-130 for the first time to take part in the flying program of the International Air Show in Farnborough, which will be held in the summer of 2012 in the UK, said Vice President of Marketing and External Relations NPK "Irkut" Vladimir Sautov.

"Guidance" Irkut "corporation decided that the Yak-130 will be further developed under the flight demonstrators. Starting with the world's largest air show "Farnborough-2012" for our potential customers will be performed demonstration flights. This summer, one aircraft will not just stand on the static, and will take part in the flying program,

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Nuclear physics has come to the food industry

Institute of Nuclear Physics. Budker in the last 40 years produced about 200 boosters, many of whom are still working in the industry, said the deputy director of the Institute Gennady Kulipanov, Interfax reports. "However, if before 1990 80 accelerator was delivered in Russian and Soviet republics, after 1990, we delivered 12 accelerators in Russia, and the rest in China, Korea, India, the United States," — said G.Kulipanov.

The amount purchased by the country accelerators can, in principle, to testify about the pace of innovation development of economy of these countries, says G.Kulipanov. At the same time,

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Southern Military District received the Mi-35M

Military pilots of the Southern Military District received new attack helicopters Mi-35, the press service said.

"Another batch of Mi-35M under defense contracts entered the Army Air Corps air base of the Southern Military District, stationed in the Krasnodar region," — said the press service.

It is noted that now held by helicopter maintenance work, the flights scheduled to begin before the end of August.

"In the spring part of the flight crew airbase was trained for the type of helicopter factory in Rostov-on-Don, and then at the Center for the deployment and retraining pilots of army aviation Torzhok

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Total joint replacement using a navigation system implemented in Ulan-Ude


Surgeons Hospital Semashko in Ulan-Ude, together with Moscow and Irkutsk specialists have successfully performed the first operation arthroplasty using a navigation system that allows you to work with microscopic precision.

New technologies in prosthetics can fully restore the lost function of the body and return the person to the full quality of life. Equipment costing more than 10 million rubles, allowing to monitor the progress of the operation on a monitor purchased under the federal program "Modernization of Health", aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of health care. In the navigation system includes sensors, sensors

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