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The last eggs of the Russian school

About the Director of the Chelyabinsk Lyceum number 31 Alexander Popov say: he pisses all and annoying, it is inconvenient and is perpendicular to, but provides results to the surface. In the ranking of Russian schools Lyceum in third place. The new school year met the director as the helper of two criminal cases: the bribe and application slapping. Local education community has risen over the mountain colleague. In their submission the news that the director of A Nightmare crooked police, hit the tops of the federal news. But Popov himself has openly declared to the whole country, that

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News review Rostekhnadzor this week


"Inhuman" FIGHT



THREAD "Progress" will develop fighting robots.

Joining the Group "Kalashnikov" opens THREAD "Progress" new possibilities for the development of the relatively new areas of activity of the Institute — robotics. This was the general director of the Research Institute of Technology, "Progress" Andrei Zorin.

"The winner is not the one who has the most advanced tank, the fastest fighter or the most powerful rocket, and the one who can most effectively integrated and coordinated way to manage the full range of

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News review Rostekhnadzor this week!


SHAREHOLDERS "MegaFon" approved the purchase of 100% "Skartel"

Shareholders of "Megaphone" at an extraordinary meeting on September 12 approved the acquisition of 100% of 4G-operator "Skartel» (Yota), said the report "Megaphone". The main shareholder of "Megaphone" holding Garsdale in voting was not involved, as is the owner of "Skartel." The transaction is expected to close at the end of September, the company’s value in the message of "Megaphone" is not disclosed.

"The closing of the purchase of" Skartel / Yota »actually turns" MegaFon "in the largest operator of 4G in Russia. We

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Karpatneftekhim, which resumed production

Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said on Tuesday visited the Ukrainian Company "Karpatneftekhim", belonging to the group Lukoil, which resumed the production of polyethylene, inspected packing plant for polyethylene and took part in the launch of a new installation, the press service of the Ukrainian government.

"The opening of new modern enterprises, which are planned in the area — this is the best evidence that the state program of work and the economy is gaining momentum," — said the head of government. 

During a visit to the "Karpatneftekhim" Prime Minister inspected the plant for polyethylene

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CJSC Aerokon demonstrated the new drones Frontier

CJSC "Aerokon" at the fifth International Forum and Exhibition Unmanned Vehicle systems control, navigation and communication "Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems — UVS-TECH 2011" demonstrated new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) under the general designation of "Frontier", said "AviaPort" Chief Designer of unmanned aircraft systems type of Igor Petukhov.

According to him, developed a family of complex aerial monitoring and surveillance UAV type "Border" — "Border-10", "Frontier-20", is working on the creation of complex UAVs "Boundary-30."

Complex UAV "Boundary-10" is a serial product. As long as the supply of the complex was not, but in 2011 it is

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Russian spacecraft next generation

A full-scale mock PTKK NP was first presented at the MAKS-2013. It is no longer a concept, but almost ready to ship, the first test launch is in an unmanned mode is planned for 2017 — the beginning of 2018, and manned — closer to 2020. The ship of the new generation — reusable, and is designed to hold up to ten flights to the ISS as well as the orbit of the Moon. Head developer — RSC "Energia", with the participation of the University "MISA".


"In PTKK NP pioneered the use of

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In Trinity’s running modern production Oil Extraction

The first modern oil-extraction and high-tech production in Ukraine is opened in the Trinity area in Luhansk. The press service of the Luhansk Regional Council.   "The equipment manufactured by the German company Lurgi. We are now at the stage of commissioning. Without extraction meal is still up to ten percent of the oil. Wasteful! Modern technologies allow to squeeze it, it can be said to drop. Yes, and the cake after it is better — less fat and more protein. The animals, which he goes to feed more useful, "- said the founder of" Agro Capital Group

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The world’s second producer of automotive glass opens plant in Russia

On Saturday (September 7) in Kalugaofficially opens plant to produce automotive glass of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass — ChineseFuyao Glass Industry Group, which only in China, more than 10 plants. The group previously only imported glass in Russia.

Construction of a factory Fuyao Kaluga began about two years ago. Capacity of the first stage will be one million sets of automotive glass, in the future, within two years she will be tripled, said today at a conference "Sheets "in Kaluga "AvtoEvolyutsiya 2013 "CEO "Fuyao Glass Rus" WEn Chutsin. According to her, the general investment in the

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Orthodox sponsors gathered for the reconstruction of the Alexander Nevsky

Laura 500 million rubles.

Orthodox sponsors gathered at the reconstruction of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery 500 million rubles.

In particular, the plans to restore the bell tower of St. Petersburg diocese. A few of the bells will be inscribed in it: they sponsored the CEO working on gospodryadah JSC "Vodokanalstroy" whose name has recently appeared in connection with the story about the theft of large sums.

 More than 500 million rubles allocated for the reconstruction of investors of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. "This is a lot of money, we could hardly have mastered 250 million

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In the metro started installing machines with drinking water

The Moscow Metro began installing the first machines with free drinking water, said the Department of Transportation and Development of road infrastructure.

The first machines have already been installed at the stations "Savelovskaya", "Dmitrov", "Timirjazevskaja", "Tepliy", "Falcon" and "Prospect of Peace."

"In the near future machines will be installed at the station: Textile workers, Kuz’minki, Ryazan Avenue, Belyaevo, Airport" — said in a statement.

Previously head of the subway Ivan Besedin said that initially wanted to put the cooler, but they are not suitable in terms of hygiene. "We need machines

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