The average teacher salary in Moscow — 57 thousand rubles.

In Moscow, for the first time in many years, there are almost no jobs for teachers, the average salary of the teacher in the capital in 2012 amounted to 57 thousand rubles. per month, said Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.


The head of the Department of Education of the capital Isaak Kalina noted that most of the teachers in Moscow at the age of 35 to 50 years. According to him, "senior teachers as much as the young."

The average salary of teachers in the Moscow region in 2013 will increase to 36

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Russian UAVs for Arctic research

Moscow. February 12. Airports — Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) ordered LLC "Special Technology Center" supply a set of aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) "White-10," said "AviaPort" a source in Oboronprom.

Complex with two drones "White-10" AARI company will deliver in the first half of this year. In the future institute will continue and extend the work using unmanned vehicles, the source said, recalling that in 2012, the AARI already has at its disposal a range of UAVs with this type. The experience and results of the application of this

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Novosibirsk ceramics

Now this pottery is made only at the factory in Germany CeramTec. Nanoceramics production project in Novosibirsk has been specially created for this purpose in 2011 JSC "NEVZ-Ceramics".

"The plant NEVZ-Union with the support of" RUSNANO "bought all the equipment, which can produce an analog of international standard in order to enter the world market with this bionanokeramikoy", — Gardening said. According to him, now there are studies in laboratory animals, biomanekenah, completion of the strength and quality of this bionanokeramiki.

"And we are beginning to be used in patients for the replacement of the

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Our missiles, your wheels

Wheeled chassis MZKT-6922 "Tetrahedron" Source: 

Belarusian manufacturers of military equipment supplied in single file with Russian

The Russian government has decided that the current regime is now placing the state defense order for Russian companies should extend to the Belarusian producers.

The news was announced in a blog post on the internet Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, prefacing it with the words: "Attention to our Belarusian friends." He addressed to all the RF Government Decree of December 24, 2012 N 1389 "On Amending Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation

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The outstanding Russian scientists awarded the Demidov Prize for 2012



Demidov Prize was established nearly 70 years before the Nobel Prize in the 19th century and were given 34 times. They were awarded the Russians, whose names are known all over the world and made history — the surgeon Nikolai Pirogov, a traveler, academic Ferdinand Wrangel, explorer Ivan Krusenstern and many others. The awards were suspended in 1861, but in 1992, the tradition has been revived. Presentation of the Demidov Prize leads to an increase in interest in science, enhance the prestige of the scientific professions.

In his new history of the Demidov

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In Tatarstan, launched the first installation of NPK TANECO

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev took part in the ceremony of launching the first installation of oil refinery "TANECO". The head of state personally pressed the "button" start-up on the monitor, and then began pumping oil.


Medvedev congratulated the management and staff of enterprises with the start of the call and start the first installation of a "big event." "We built in a short period of time — two years, especially during the difficult period of crisis, it is very good" — The president said.


General Director of "TANECO" Bagmanov Hamza said that

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New blood center opens in Moscow on the basis of the First Medical University

With the latest equipment specialists will not only large-scale blood bank and its components up to 10 tons per year, which roughly corresponds to the needs of the metropolitan hospitals, but also will conduct basic research.

The device is not just pumping blood into a plastic bag — inside the complex mechanisms that divide the blood into fractions, getting out of it only the programmed components. For example, there is a surrender of platelets — proteins involved in blood clotting. All other components of the machine re-mixes and return to the owner. And the level of

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EU sounds alarm for corruption in Spain

Echo of high-profile corruption scandals in Spain has come to Brussels, said the journalist El Pais Claudia Perez. At the disposal of the newspaper business was the report of the European Commission, warning of the negative consequences of current incidents. The Commission highlighted the history of the publication of the alleged archive Luis Barcenas — former treasurer of the ruling People’s Party. "Barcenas recorded that almost all members of the party leadership, including Prime Minister Rahoyu, issued thousands of euros," — says the reporter. Rajoy denies everything.

"The Spaniards have lost confidence in their politicians," —

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The volume serial production of missile Bulava may exceed 150 units

Military-industrial complex (MIC) Russia should in the near future to build more than 150 sea-launched ballistic missile "Bulava" to arm the new strategic submarines of Project 955 "Borey" and to create a reserve, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense, Chief Editor of "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko. "If successful, the test launches of ballistic missiles sea" Bulava ", scheduled for 2010-2011, and accepted into service, to equip the eight strategic nuclear submarines of Project 955 class" Northwind ", the construction of which is stipulated by the state program of armaments,

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In Orenburg biokozhu used to treat stomach ulcers

In 2011, in Orenburg, opened a small innovative company "biota", created on the basis of OSU and designed for the production of bioplastic materials for medical purposes. One such material — biokozha "Hyamatrix", which is known for its unique healing properties.

Cured of ulcers by biokozhi two. Third on the road to recovery. It is possible that in the City Clinical Hospital. NI Pirogov Russian Center for bioplastics will ulcer. While this is just talk, but they are not groundless. This is a breakthrough in medicine. It was made possible thanks to the

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