Dutch Confirm P-3 Sale to Germany

THE DUTCH Ministry of Defence announced on July 20 that agreement has been reached on the sale of eight P-3C Orions to the German Navy to replace the ageing Br. 1150 Atlantics of MFG.3 at Nordholz. On April 28, the Dutch Parliament gave approval for disbandment of the Groep Maritietiie patrouille-vliegtuigen (MARPAT -maritime patrol aircraft group), closure of naval air station Valkenburg and sale of all 13 Dutch P-3Cs.

Germany will reportedly pay 295 million Euros for the aircraft, spare parts, flight simulator and additional support equipment. All eight will have gone through the Capabilities Upkeep Programme (CUP) by the

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In Brest can visit stravsyatsiny

"Narodnaya Volya" reports that the Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office reopened the investigation into the death of Brest Lithuanian diplomat Vytautas Pociunas. Diplomat body was found August 23, 2006 near the hotel "Intourist", but the Attorney General’s Office of Belarus considered this unfortunate event and criminal case not opened. The Lithuanian side is conducting its own investigation, but in the last year in December, it stopped. At the moment, the investigation will continue at the request of the deceased relatives. "Morning plus". "Svetlahorsk be allowed," the hammer. "In the town implement communal property. Two shops and restaurant" La berth "not sold

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In Kiev, arrested a citizen of Belarus, which is blamed for human trafficking

Press secretary of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs Lena Miller said in Kiev was arrested D. citizen of Belarus, which from 2000 to 2004 came into the gang trafficking, organized mom delayed. For 5 years in the group has sold more than 438 sex appeal slavery ladies in including 131 minor.Ukrainian law enforcement authorities arrested a suspect after, as to them in June received a request Belarusian colleagues. At the moment, addressed the issue of her extradition to Belarus.

The negative balance of foreign trade of Belarus reached the billion dollars

The main prerequisite deficit Storm referred increase in oil prices and gas prices. Moreover, in This year many Belarusian enterprises began to sell its own products for less than the country’s borders. For example, exports of petroleum products from Belarus decreased by 205 millions of dollars, as the Belarusian oil factories were not quite loaded. The government hopes to reverse the situation by implementing more potash. During the first half of the amount of potash sold for export has increased by 40 percent. Almost finished creating the Belarusian Oil Company, through activities which put their trust in the government to

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Or rebuked in Minsk to sell beer on the streets?

If the proposal will take effect Misha Pavlov, summer cafes bankrupt — convinced the emperor tents on Independence Avenue"In business, of course, kick (which concerns Minsk namely). Indeed trade without beer is actually not. With all this still everyone who want to, will find method" bought all. "Sit on the subway, passing two stops, get in the store and vorachivayutsya back to the center with beer bottles. And who wants to legally drink beer, he does not drink.’s the whole effect. In other words it is real and no one will not help. But initiatives by the authorities constantly provoked

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In Venezuela, forbade trade alcohol for Easter

"Do not dry law!"Many Venezuelans were flegmantichnymi to countless urged Chavez to make a "new man" in the process of socialist revolution. But today the government’s decision to ban the sale of alcohol during the Easter prazdnichkom called an ambulance and rather not a good reaction inhabitants. Opposition newspapers have criticized this measure, disgruntled businessmen, many cars appeared inscription "Do not dry law!".By Easter algagol can only sell from 10 am to 5 pm, but on Thursday the sale of all untainted spirits completely banned in Venezuela, only on Saturday will be made exception for a few hours a day

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The prospect of privatization Belshina Bobruisk was a surprise for

Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky led directly under what criteria the investor can claim a share in the authorized capital of the Belarusian company. "If someone wants to buy for a penny — this will not" — the head of the government. He said that in a number of priorities for sale is meant to expose "Belshina". But investors should be prepared for the fact that the plant would cost billions of dollars more.As experience shows, the prospect of privatization in most "favorite" companies find out if the case or from the news BT. My call from the control

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Privatization plans in Belarusian: everything is very expensive

S.Sidorsky: "Distribute state property for pennies we have no intention"On the ability of the privatization of large Belarusian companies recently wrote a Russian newspaper "Vedomosti", it is widely open a discussion professionals. Now Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky confirmed plans to the Ministry of Economy to conduct in 2007 competition in the sale of shares of a number of strategic companies. Head of government privatization intentions illustrated by the example of Bobruisk association "Belshina". With all this he voiced even probable price of the enterprise — more than 1 billion dollars. "Belshina" — a company that works fine for a penny

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In Minsk, prices were higher

Guest shops, Fri public supply, communication outlets, hairdressing salons, tanning salons last week waiting for the contrary finding. On the disposal of municipal authorities raised to 10% local tax on services and sales that immediately reflected in their prices. Clarifies aspects lawyer Oleg Kravchuk. Kravchuk: "budget for 2007 allowed by local administrations, the executive committee to increase the local sales tax to 10%. Whereas previously it was 5%, the reality — 10%. But for some services provided multiplying factor, in other words, additional taxes. But in general sales tax — 10% of virtually everything it touches, including services. In short,

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Belarus — 110th on appeal vkladyvatelnoy

Full list of companies dedicated to the sale, posted on the web page of the Municipal Property Committee. The list made 519 entities. In addition, the government will sell its stakes in 147 already made public companies.When will the first trades in the relevant departments until they say. But in the Municipal Property Committee clarify that the approach to each enterprise will almost all personal, given the specificity of this or other object. In other words, some factories will be auctioned off, while others will be implemented by competition or by previously defined performance criteria. And the most strategic agreement

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