Modern-day Petzval

Fancy adding an old-worldly look to your DSLR images? Lo-fi photography masters Lomography have been busy measuring, crafting and testing a 2013 reboot of one of the first and greatest portrait lenses of all time — the 1840 Petzval lens. Immensely popular thanks to its ability to render high-contrast images with a tack-sharp centre and swirling, out-of-focus bokeh, the original 175-year-old Petzval is still highly coveted by those who continue to practise the art of wet-plate and large-format film photography. The new Lomography version looks set to bring all of these characteristics to your Canon or Nikon DSLR, and will

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Perhaps the most marketable aircraft currently held by AMARC is the F-16. Various governments from around the world have opted to buy or lease F-16s previously stored at AMARC following retirement from the US Air Force under a Foreign Military Sale. A Foreign Military Sale starts with government to government agreements. The Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs will approve a sale and the specific hardware, software and weapons which can be released. In most instances, the customer will send out an advance party to AMARC to go through the records of individual aircraft available within AMARC to

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Saudi Arabia buys U.S. C-130J-30 and KC-130J for $ 6.7 billion


WASHINGTON. Agency for Defense and Security has notified the U.S. Congress on probable sale to Saudi Arabia of 20 aircraft C-130J-30 and 5 KC-130J aircraft air refueling, and associated equipment, parts, , Training and logistical support — the estimated price of 6.7 billion. bucks.

The proposed sale of aircraft C-130J-30 and KC-130J will contribute improvement of foreign policy and national security of the United States, helping to improve the security of a friendly country which has been and continues remain the principal force for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East.

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Chelyabinsk bulldozers evolve

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant begins to translate its production models — bulldozers B-11 and B-14 — Lever on control. First B-14 with a joystick dealers saw on a show organized for them technology, dedicated to the great meeting of sales representatives. Soon this tractor with modern ergonomics and design will be on the line, the press service of the Corporation "Uralvagonzavod". It is the fruit of evolution produced by tracked vehicles.

Previously, such an option is only installed on wheel loaders enterprise. Automation of management processes tractors allowed them to achieve smooth operation and improved

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Kharkiv Machine Building Plant increased its sales by 17%

KIEV. July 31. UNN.In the current year the volume of sales of the State Enterprise "Kharkov machine-building factory" FED "increased by 17%. ThisUNNsaid Assistant Director Vladimir Derlyuk.


"This year we have seen growth in sales of 17%. Exports have also increased this year," — said V.Derlyuk.

As previously reported byUNN, products produced by "FED" is set on the aircraft operated in more than 60 countries around the world.

Reference: GP Kharkov Machine-Building Plant "FED" (GP HMZ FED), part of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" produces high-precision fuel metering equipment, integral hydraulic

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BeST implement Turks

Responding to questions from reporters in Kiev, Economy Minister Nikolai Zaichenko styled Turkish company Turkcell more possible buyer Best.Turkcell interested in acquiring 80% stake in the Belarusian mobile operator, said at a meeting of the emperor Zaychenko Governing Euro Bank for Reconstruction and Development. As for disk imaging on sale "BeST" Managing company’s press service said Taisa Pastukhova so:"We generally do not comment on any statements on the subject. This can only do our founders. Other words we do not have the right to provide commentary on this topic . "Reporter: "How much do you currently subscribers?""We have about 190

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No bucks, but they promise to bring

First "Freedom" Intriguing Belarusian borderland areas. After all, for example, the Polish news agency said now that the rate of the dollar relative to the zloty has risen by 30 percent. For a buck in Poland take more than 3 zlotys. In Bobruisk population has increased the demand for foreign currency Mogilev and Bobruisk population is buying foreign currency. What is the reason, they say banks are not only convinced that they are able to meet this demand.In monetary council department of Mogilev "Belarusbank" reporter heard:"Mogilev people buy everything. AND euros and Russian rubles, and Bucks. We never had a

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Ukrainian Aircraft engine in 2011 significantly increased sales

Moscow. March 21. Airports — Ukrainian JSC "Motor Sich" and state-owned enterprise (SOE) "Ivchenko-Progress" According to the preliminary results for 2011 have substantially increased the level of sales, said, "AviaPort" the president of the Association "Union of Aviation Engine" Victor Chujko.

According to him, the volume of sales of JSC "Motor Sich" in 2011, according to preliminary data, exceeded 2010 figures by 22% to 19 billion rubles. "Zaporozhye GP" Ivchenko-Progress "is also very substantially increased sales — they are 32% above the 2010 level," — said V.Chuyko.

He said that in mid-March of this year,

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UAZ increased vehicle sales for the 6 months of 2012

In the first six months of 2012 were sold 31647 units., Including exports — 3725 SUV, while in the first six months of 2011, total sales were UAZ 27651 pcs.

Most popular in 6 months of 2012 are model UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup. In the Russian market sales model UAZ Pickup for the first six months of 2012 increased by 41% compared to the same period in 2011. Increase of 22% is a model UAZ Patriot.

Recall that in May 2012, UAZ began production and sales of new versions of popular SUV UAZ Patriot

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Turboatom increased sales of equipment for power stations

"Turboatom" in January-September 2012 increased the income from sales by 8.1% — to 1.04 billion USD., The press service of the company. According to the report, net profit amounted to 237 million USD., The share of exports in total sales — 64.5%.

In particular, for the first 9 months of 2012 "Turboatom" manufactured and shipped steam turbines for Zaporizhzhya TPP bl. Number 1 and bl. Number 3, Zuyevskaya CHP bl. Number 4, Starobeshevskaya CHP bl. № 13 (Ukraine) capacitors for the Kalinin nuclear power plant number 1, Novovoronezh and Balakovo number 1 (Russia), power

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