Mystery Lada. Fireballs then seen as something ordinary

September 7, 2012 12:03

Some residents believe the Volga: flying around the fire clots — the souls of dead people In search of anomalies of the Samara Bend expedition "AIF" went to the boom Tokhtamysh — mystical hill, the occurrence of which the researchers attributed to the battle on the river Kondurcha, in the fourteenth century largely determined the fate of Europe.

Where is a Tokhtamysh arrow?

"Look, what a flat wall, like a knife cut, — Oleg Warrior, vice president of the research group" Avesta ", shows the elevation, which drives up our car. — According to

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Fireballs Zhiguli Mountains

August 8, 2012 17:51

We have already written about the mysterious phenomena that are observed from time immemorial people in the Middle Volga. One of the most intriguing points on the map of Russia is considered Samara Bend. Researchers from the NGO "Avesta", whose headquarters is located in Samara, for many years collecting information about anomalous phenomena in this place.

"Man-owl" on the river Usoy

At Samara Bend and Zhiguli mountains are villages, whose history for several hundred years. This, for example, sat Shelehmet, Shiryaevo Podgora, Shafts. Ascula, Tor-new and many others. Information on their very first inhabitants are

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Zhigulevskme Mountain — Man?

January 13, 2012 17:44

Scientists from Samara nongovernmental research organization "Avesta" nearly three decades studying anomalous phenomena that regularly occur in the vicinity Zhiguli Mountains. Explanation of such phenomena as it may seem, researchers regularly find in the … local folklore.

Samara Bend — a steep bend in the middle reaches of the Volga. Snapshot from space. Why make such a big river and a hook for millions of years to skirt this small mountain?

How did the Samara Bend

Scientists "Avesta" have now been collected a lot of evidence to the original hypothesis, the essence of which is

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