How Well Does Honda’s ADV Scheme Scale?

Honda’s latest X bike, the CB500X, is a machine we know borrows a lot of CB500F/CBR500R architecture—so much so that you wonder how different these three motorcycles could possibly be. Different wrappers on the same bike? That in mind, we thought a more interesting exploration would be to see how the CB-X stacks up against its very similarly styled cousin: the slightly older and slightly more expensive NC700X.

Even though the CB500X and the NC share basic styling themes and are close in displacement (471cc and 640cc), they appear to approach the common

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Two New IMH90 First Flights On Same Day

FURTHER PROGRESS on the Finnish Army NH90 programme came on July 13, when a successful first flight was made by the first Patria-assembled example, KH-202 at Halli, Jamsa, Finland, where the helicopter took off at 0930hrs for a 1hr 5min sortie. This is the second NH90 for Finland, the first (KH-201) having been built by Eurocopter at Marignane, France, where it first flew as F-ZWTF last September. The second NH90 for Finland, KH-203, was built by Agusta at its Vergiate production facility in Italy, though the remaining 18 (KH-204 to KH-220), all in Tactical Transport Helicopter configuration, will be assembled

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Compiled by David Baker, Fads on File, New York, 549pp, illustrated in black and white, 22cm x 29cm, £39.95, hardback.

LAID OUT IN an date/event format, this large tome must contain between 5-6,000 entries. At first sight it appears to list everything, bar Bill Gunston’s birthday, and the entries often contain informative comment. It is therefore impracticable to review it in the accepted sense, the only possible course was to open it at random and examine a section.

Unfortunately, this revealed a few errors. For example, the ‘Battle of Barking Creek’, which incidentally, was not named as such, had suspected


Fighting fire with fire

Taking action With the successful funding of PACT, we decided to find out what they are trying to achieve for artists — and why

In the aftermath of a panel discussion at IlluXCon, Jim Pavelec, Aaron Miller, Todd Lockwood, Randy Gallegos and Mike Sass have created PACT, the Professional Artist/Client Toolkit. It’s a new website designed specifically to encourage transparent working relationships between artists and clients. This is in direct response to some of the shadier aspects of making a viable living as a professional artist.

«The first thing on the PACT list is to get a cheap membership programme

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Miami Beach condo owned by a Toronto couple, Fort Lauderdale interior designer Richard Nemec of Environ Interior Design Associates had already transformed most of the living space into stylish contemporary rooms. However, the basic white laminate kitchen was badly in need of updating. «It was time to bring the kitchen up to the same standard as the rest of the condo,» says Richard. «And, since this is the owners’ escape from the cold weather back home, we wanted it to exude warmth while at the same time be slick and sophisticated.»

For the cabinetry, he selected dramatic high-gloss Macassar

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An Event Photographers Workaround

I have always enjoyed photographing events. Recently though, I have been forced to cover certain functions where the movement of photographers is restricted. Due to this, I am forced to shoot along with other photographers from the same enclosure. How do I avoid my pictures from looking the same?

If you are restricted to the same vantage point, getting innovative with angles can be a little difficult, but it is not impossible. Use focal length wisely… most event photographers stick to the tried and tested tight frames. Get a safe shot, but then experiment with a wide photo that includes

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Khrushchev — the path of betrayal

By their profession I am very far from politics and economics and is a purely techie. Over 50 years I have been creating a fundamentally new computer equipment or, as they say, the development of computer technology. Recently I was asked to write an article about the history and development of the areas of computer technology, I've been doing all my life. In the course of writing this article, systematizing their memories and studied a number of historical materials, I unexpectedly found that in Soviet history, there is a period of phenomenal development of science, technology and the economy as

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Favorites PROVINCE

After the first round of the European Cup for a couple of places located clubs that were not expected.

The group is headed by leaders of persecution "Rostov" and Nalchik "Spartacus" in the number of these same leaders and includes: a team of Yuri Krasnozhan "hook" for CSKA with "Ruby", breaking away from í on six points.

Nevertheless, with the Rostov nalchan still do not believe: Many agree that the stalled until the fall of Moscow grants southerners displace — unless Nalchik will be able to catch on in the top six, a well-deserved respect to the set of

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Ural T-72 tank. Inductee, who returned from the Third World

Exactly forty years ago, a joint resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers was adopted for the prototype main battle tank "object 172m", which received the designation T-72 "Ural". Began the life of the mass of the modern Soviet tanks. 

Soviet tankoprom lived extensively — in the best years, he drove in the ranks of the army of four versions of the main battle tanks that are not compatible to operate and repair. And if the "heaped" T-64 and T-80, stuffed with the best Soviet achievements in the field of

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Unique for the Russian glass line opened in Udmurtia

September 9 Igrinskaya Udmurtia region at the "Torch" the launch of a new line of glass.

"Torch" — one of the oldest companies in the region. It was founded by Gregory Sergiev merchant. The plant has experienced the difficulties of the revolution, war, reform the 90s. Today, it employs nearly 600 people, most of whom live in the same village. Two and a half years ago, "Torch" was purchased by OAO "Udmurtspirtprom." At the same time, and began active modernization of glass production.

The new management has decided to purchase a new line of equipment known in the

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