Murlough Beach

County Down

After a week spent battling with the elements on the stormy north coast of County Antrim, I decided to spend the last couple of days of my Northern Ireland trip further south, and so headed to County Down. I had seen photos of Murlough Beach, and so decided to try and capture a sunrise on the beach.

I first arrived at Dundrum early afternoon, and decided to make a quick reconnaissance trip to the beach to familiarise myself with the location in preparation for the next day’s sunrise.

I wandered the paths through the Murlough National Nature Reserve

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Derial Firearms Abuse

My tests were to explore the limits of what piston-driven rifles could withstand. I fancied myself the «destroyer of ARs, the ender of usefulness. » Halfway through the tests, I was merrily abusing a $2,000 rifle when I turned around to see one of the club members watching me in horror. ‘After watching this, I have to go to confession, and you should seek therapy,» he said.

I tried all the reasonable malfunction items: mud, sand, dirt, oil (or the lack of it), water and ice and snow. I failed to produce any consistent malfunction that could be attributed to

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Christ is on the bank of the Neman

It is going to make a society "Legend of the Sand", headed by menchuokm Hanicke Loikaw. Under the plan, a statue of sand has Tipo Kaloskuyu protect ancient church, part of which fell into the Neman in 1853, when the substitution of the river to keep, on which it stands.

Minsk displays clay prazdnichkom

Plein Air from the series "Legend of the Sand" was set up at the foot of the mound, where the donations of the Roman Catholic community of St. John the Evangelist will soon begin construction of the church.

Sculptural composition received the title "Prayer of St. John the Evangelist." On a plan Gennady Loikaw, guardian of the faithful Catholics, Saint John the Evangelist, sitting at the foot of the mountain, will pray for a place where there will be a temple. Endorsed the idea of a Catholic parish priest Alexander. It did not happen without force majeure: in the

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Tver scientists have developed a new anti-icing agent — melt away

On the roads of Tver significantly increased the number of road accidents. The reason most small accidents — road slippery. To meet the challenges of winter roads scientists Tver State Technical University offer a unique eco-friendly agent. Using similar invention anywhere in the world.

New antigololed scientists named "Melt away". It is composed of natural peat and organic additives. Scientists have them blended, passed through a special machine — granulator. Installing the operating-type grinder for an hour and can produce a ton of finished pellets. Getting on the ice surface, "melt away" makes it rough

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Maldives will not prevent rising sea levels

October 2, 2013. The continued accumulation of sand within the annular attolov Maldivian reefs may provide a basis for the future development of the islands, new research suggests. It is assumed that such islands like the Maldives will be one of the first to experience the effects of climate change, particularly sea level rise. The study, published in the journal Geology, describes the formation of islands in the Maldives attolov.

The researchers studied the history of education "island of the foundation," which begins when the lagoon is quite filled with sand, which is derived from the surrounding coral reefs that

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Harmful if sand for Superjet?

No. Remember that the main advantage of the An-148, on the "Dry" is a high-lying engines? This supposedly allows the aircraft to sit on the ground with the ground or low-quality coating and protects the engine from sucking in his sand and other debris. But Sperjet100, allegedly at such aerodromes will not be able to sit down, he drives like vacuum cleaners, zasosut stopyattsot tons of sand and will be destroyed.

I’m not a professional, but I always seemed a bit dubious assertion. Why? Well, because I always thought that the Sukhoi engineers are no fools. I do not

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The new wastewater treatment plant in Vladivostok: waste will be almost no

Construction of treatment facilities was completed in record time — 2.5 years. By September, they will be displayed at full capacity — 160 thousand cubic meters of sewage per day.

The object can be called a factory for the production of pure water from sewage. The resulting output water, purified of all impurities and disinfected by UV installation on the parameters close to the drinking, but it will only be used for watering lawns and cleaning of city streets.

The implementation of this large-scale project will collect and process all domestic waste water in the city

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Boy and sea stars.

The parable of man walking along the beach and suddenly saw a boy who raised something from the sand and threw it into the sea. The man came closer and saw that the boy picks up sand with starfish. They surrounded him from all sides. It seemed like the sand — millions of starfish, shore was dotted with them for many miles. — Why did you throw these starfish in the water? — The man asked, coming closer. — If they stay on the beach until tomorrow morning, when the tide begins, they shall perish, — said the boy, without

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The original formulation of the solution for masonry walls developed at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering.

The composition of the dry cement mixture, which is kneaded in mortar for masonry walls, usually included as a filler sand. It should be dry and it requires the calculation of per cubic meter of material three times greater than the cement itself. In the gas purification systems for drying sand produces a lot of waste dust — the so-called dust entrainment. For example, the asphalt concrete plant manufacturing 300 tons of material per year, such dust is produced up to 10 tons per day. And what to do with this waste — no one knows.

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