Technical properties of building sand

Construction sand — one of the main materials used in different areas of construction. This sedimentary material the size of the grains up to 5 mm is composed of small particles of minerals and rocks that had been destroyed by a natural. Composition of sand is, depending on the species from which it was formed.

Building sand is used in the production of construction materials — bricks, concrete, concrete products. It is also used for laying roads and railway cars, for the back filling in housing, basic landscaping work areas. Sand is a major component for glass production. This

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Undercover caravans from the Land of the Rising Sun

Historical Chronicles: full espionage in Japanese

In the global public consciousness the notion of "total espionage" is associated with Nazi Germany, and the only scientist Yaponisty clear that this phenomenon was born, and for centuries was created and perfected in the Land of the Rising Sun.

According to experts, the Japanese espionage dates back to the middle of the XIX century. Prior to that, Japan was the country that is closed to foreigners. But the July 8, 1853 in the Gulf of Edo became a powerful South American squadron under the command of Commodore Perry. Getting off on the

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Canada, Sable Island — Eater ships!

Far to the north-west, where there is almost as hot as fresh milk, indestructible Gulf Stream encounters and mixes with icy coldness scorching water Labrador Current, hiding fatal Sable Island. This, of course, not the Bermuda Triangle, but nevertheless one of the most famous anomalous zones in the world.


As is always the end of the article about the amazing video Sable Island.

Death trap



Sable Island stretches like a giant tentacle, 24 miles from east to west. The nearest port —

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In Kerch issued ashore dead anchovy

Near the bridge, near the village Chelyadinovo, the coast is dotted with anchovy. Fish covers the dense carpet sand large plot poberezhya.Sayt KERCH.COM.UA reported the incident in the Kerch veterinary laboratory for fish diseases. Experts went to the scene and confirmed that they are watching a lot of fish on the shore.

"Currently, we have surveyed the lake Tobechik jumper and head to Cape Taquile. Later we will drive to the village Geroevskoe to determine the length of the coast, on which the fish, — told us the experts. — At first glance, you can determine that the anchovy died

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Dzhadan Payeng and forest in the desert!

Green area, covering an area of 550 hectares, is home to many rare and endangered species, including at least five tigers, one of which recently acquired the offspring and one-horned rhinoceros, and that's not counting the huge number of birds, mammals, livestock and predators.

The history of the events laid 1979, when the flood water is made on a sandbank in the middle of the Brahmaputra many snakes. After a couple of days Dzhadan Payeng, while another 16-year-old, found her ashore full of dead amphibians. This moment turned his whole

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Ghost town in the Namib desert. Kolmanskop

City Kolmanskop, is located in the Namib Desert, 10 kilometers from Luderitz and the Atlantic coast. The city has something remarkable and romantic history. The fact is that in this desolate corner Diamond was so much that the workers were crawling on his stomach and easily raked them with a brush to scoop.

Diamond rush began in April 1908 due to the experience and luck Zacarias Levan serving railway Luderitz, Keetmanshoop. At the time, he worked in the Kimberley and a practiced eye had managed to make out the diamonds

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Expedition to the ends of the earth. Nightmare Sahara watch online

Extreme marathon by sand dunes across the Sahara Desert. Sahara — it's excellent desert dunes and searing heat. There is no water. Not even a shadow, except for those cases where the sand storm shrouded sunlight, and sand face cuts like needles. Heat spalivaet all living things. All this makes the most violent places on Earth. Not a lot of people here can survive. But every year there is something indescribable: here come-marathon athletes. Marathon sands. It is exhausting expedition, during which the runners have to run 350 miles in 6 days. With a minimum of food and drink

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Silica sand mining on Kormilovsky field (Omsk region).

In Kormilovsky near Omsk region started commercial production of quartz glass sand. In the future, the Company "Quartz Group" intends to build a factory for the production of different types of sand.

The company "Quartz Group" to develop this field for about two years and has invested in exploration and equipment of approximately 50 million rubles of its own funds. On the quality of Kormilovsky sand is not only suitable for the production of container glass, but also for use in other industries — construction and electronics. For the method of hydraulic mining of raw materials, which is

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Australia. Red storm of sand and dust

Surprising phenomenon filmed working tugboat off the coast of Onslow (Australia). Red storm of dust and sand appeared in a few minutes and went to the Indian Ocean …

This phenomenon is not often seen in nature because every time it hits and scares her beauty. Wind speed greater than 100 km. per hour and sunset colored the dust cloud in an off-red color.

Online Video Red dust storm. Australia


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In Tatarstan, instead of snow fell coke

In Tatarstan fell gray-black snow. Local laboratory experts have determined that the snow consisted of a mixture of coke and metals. The origin of this unusual type of precipitation is unknown.

Gray snow noticed a black speck in the village near Alan Nizhnekamsk. About unusual phenomenon told local television. The inhabitants of the village, and so constantly suffering from unfavorable environmental situation in their region, have caused health experts from the laboratory.

The experts who conducted the chemical analysis of the snow, found in its composition 84% coke. The remaining share was inorganic components — aluminum, silicon and magnesium, reported

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