Smoothing Curves.

Trading lumps and bumps for fair lines.

Incorporating curves into a piece of furniture can really delight the eye. The interplay between curved and straight lines can help ease transitions between sections and emphasize the overall form of a piece. Curves can also make elements appear visually lighter, more graceful, and even playful at times. Whether in the form of contoured edges, profiled moldings, or other shapely adornments, curves have a lot to offer your work.

However, they come at a cost. Curves take more time to cut than straight lines, and smoothing them demands a certain finesse.

In fact,

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Our new sander takes care of details others havent even thought of.

Most corner Sanders just scratch the surface compared to the new Bosch B7000. For example, its motor not only delivers 1.1 amps of true orbital action but also minimizes annoying vibrations.

What’s more, to meet the demands of jobs ranging from scraping to polishing there’s a wide selection of optional pads. Hook-and-loop backings make them easier to change than messy adhesives. Plus, unlike the competition, pads and head points last longer thanks to the exclusive Clic’ adjustable head.

For added versatility, a pad extender accessory gets the B7000 into places other corner Sanders can’t touch. And for a cleaner workplace,

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Disc world

Sanding, I loathe doing it, but it is a necessary evil. For finer work and the ultimate finish, hand sanding can be far more tactile than any machine or tool. Even the hint of a hand-sanded arris edge can be enough to raise a piece, and trying to achieve the same consistency with a mechanical sander can be all but impossible, but machines have eased the majority of sanding tasks.

Of course abrasives play a very important part in the finish, but here I’m concentrating on the different types of sanding machines, what they do, and which specific ones you

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