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Stars of Sandstone

It is apparent everywhere you look on the sprawling Sandstone Estate that the owners are striving for excellence. From the carefully tended lawns, well designed layout of buildings and storage sheds, and vast collection of steam driven and military machinery, the passion of owner Wilfred Mole shines through. The annual Sandstone Heritage Trust show held in May this year made a point of showcasing the Trust’s large serviceable collection of Military vehicles and equipment. Set amongst the picturesque Maluti Mountains of the Eastern Free State, this working farm boasts 26km of 2ft narrow gauge track on which a variety of

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In the Devils settlement time stops


. This place is under Kozelsk did not get called beautiful or surprising, it is rather unusual, abnormal, and therefore attracts.

Where did it come

In science, a Ferris settlement is described as a place of natural sandstone rock out. Geologists have their origins are not entirely clear, and there is debate about whether there was a settlement on the site of the ancient glacier. I, for one, it reminded the neighborhood of Beijing, where exactly the same sandstone comes to the surface. It seems that just about see the Great Wall

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