Will the rings around Saturn eventually make a moon?

Nelson Joseph

It is unlikely that Saturn’s ring system will ever form one large moon. Saturn has an extensive ring system, with more than ten different sections to it. However, the ring system is extremely thin, just ten metres (30 feet) thick on average, and is made up of mostly very small ice particles, so even if a moon was made from all the ring particles it would only be a few hundred kilometres across.

There are many moonlets located within the ring system that are proposed to have formed from material in the rings, but these are usually from

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Next-gen Rockets

Right now, companies around the world are building a new breed of super launcher that will have the capability to take bigger payloads in greater numbers beyond low Earth orbit (LEO) than ever before.

Known as heavy-lift rockets, these behemoths are essential if we are to continue our unmanned exploration of the Solar System as well as taking humans to new destinations. But there’s a reason the last such vehicle, the Saturn V, was retired over 40 years ago; these massive launchers are not only expensive but complicated and a huge engineering challenge, too. Now, however, it’s time to take

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Hong did not play due to an injury to the Saturn

Midfielder "Rostov" Hong Yong Jo was injured in training of the medial collateral ligament of the knee. At Monday, August 16, after a magnetic resonance computed tomography will be announced the reversal of the player, the official website of the Don of the club. Thus, Hong not take part in the match of the 17th round of the Russian Championship against "Saturn."

Photo report of the match, Saturn — Rostov

On Saturday, August 14, in the 17th round of the Russian Championship Football Ramenskii "Saturn" was defeated at home by FC "Rostov" 0:2. We offer you a special reportage photographer "Championat.ru" Alexander Safonov.

FC "Saturn" — FC "Rostov" (45 photos). To view the most spectacular images from the match you can, visit the blog of sports photography — sportsphoto.livejournal.com.

Three news from JSC Saturn — Gas Turbines

The results of the first half: Plan on volume of sales made on the 110.8%, thus the same period last year was exceeded by 76.6%.

The production volume compared to the first half of 2012 increased by 41.8%, the production plan first half of 2013 executed by 120.4%.

The gas turbine unit GTA 6RM

Shipment of gas pumping units GTN-16 for Bovanenkovskoye GCM

JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines" started pumping units shipped GTN-16 unit capacity of 16 MW. The equipment is intended for the organization of production of natural gas in one of

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An ice moon may be volcanoes

An ice moon may be volcanoes Facts

NASA space unit investigated icy moon of Saturn Dione for geological activity. Data were obtained that the bark of the satellite has a similarity of cracks, which may indicate the presence of active volcanoes on it. It is reported that the faults found are very similar to the "tiger stripes" of another moon of Saturn, Entseladusa who once splashed huge amounts of water into space.

Activity on Dione is supported by several obvious facts. Earlier in the magnetic field of Saturn was discovered by a stream of charged particles, most likely got there

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10 little-known facts about the solar system

10 little-known facts about the solar system's interesting

There are many myths and misinterpreted facts about the universe. Sometimes, things that seem familiar to us, in fact, partially or totally incorrect. In this article are 10 little-known facts about the universe, such as the solar system.

10. The case helped discover Pluto

In space, objects in motion. Gravity is one object affects the other path that eventually lead to its change. After the discovery of Uranus in 1781, astronomers noticed a slight deviation from the expected path of its orbit. Presumably, the reason for this could be the gravity of

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Around Saturn rotates incredible antiquity



Rings and moons of Saturn are much older than previously thought. As reported by NASA, the data space probe "Cassini" show that they are around four billion years. This means that the gas giant spins a sort of "antique shop" — the ancient celestial body that appeared during the birth of the solar system, at a time when there were around a young star protoplanetary cloud.

Draw such a conclusion allowed astronomers to data "Cassini" that around Saturn has a large number of water

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The coming catastrophe



The coming catastrophe 19.11.03, the



From the point of view of astrology Altai earthquake (27.09.03 at 18 h 36 min., 28.09.03 in 1 hour 55 min., 1.10.03 at 8 pm local time, the epicenters near Aktas and Kosh-Agach, …) can be attributed to the entry of Saturn in the sign of Cancer on June 4 this year As you know, on May 31 solar eclipse occurred in the 10

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Rybinsk NPO Saturn has completed the delivery of GTE to the JSC INTER RAO UES

 Photo source:yarreg.ru

JSC "NPO" Saturn "has fully complied with the plan of supply of gas turbine engines of heavy-duty 2011 for JSC" INTER RAO UES ". The company has shipped to the customer GTD-110 number 7 110 MW. This is the second high-power industrial engine, designed for the assembly of block number 2 Ivanovskikh 325 MW CCGT (branch of JSC "INTER RAO UES"). Shipment of GTD-110 number 6 for the second unit took place in July of this year. Currently, there are three commercial operation of high power gas turbines produced by JSC "NPO" Saturn "- two GTD-110 number

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