Wolf in lambs clothing

You just have to mention the word •Contractor’ to any Scammell heavy haulage devotee and their eyes will probably mist over with a mix of pleasure and excitement in recalling one very special machine.

Of all the models built at the Watford plant, it’s arguably the Contractor which has championed the reputation of Scammell right round the world. In production for almost 20 years (1964-83) the 6×4 was available in a variety of lightweight and heavyweight versions and used for all manner of testing work.

As we explained In the June 2012 issue of Heritage Commercials. Graham Booth must be

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Scammell Wynners

Wynns and Scammell: in the context of Britain’s heavy haulage industry, it would be impossible to say two more iconic names In the same breath.

Founded by Thomas Wynn in 1863. this year marks 150 years of the Wynn family’s involvement in goods transport. At the start — before the dawn of mechanical road transport — carts were drawn by heavy horses, typically for local distribution of goods shipped over longer distances by rail or horse-drawn barge.

At one point. Wynns had over 200 heavy workhorses stabled at its base In Newport, South Wales. Imagine the logistics of feeding them

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