6 weeks to Mars, the Moon and the oxygen of stargazing

At the end of September (September 24-28) in India held an international congress astronauts, attended by more than 2-thousand academics and professionals in the field of cosmic. They discussed the future of the "global space exploration strategy" — the idea of cosmic international cooperation, which was prepared in several in recent years.Scientists: Moon must populateAccording to professionals, this idea just does not have the price, since the mutual exchange of developments and discoveries in the field of cosmic progress in the exploration of space will cost less and move even faster.Admin South American Space Agency NASA Michael Griffin read at

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Bandazheuski shows confirmation Chernobyl diseases

In Weimar Bandazheuski from France brought the manuscript own future books. As the newspaper writes Thuringische Landeszeitung, in this research work provides confirmation of the influence of small doses of radiation on the human body, illustrate certain "Chernobyl" in the midst of diseases Belarusian kids. In pictures — boys and girls with different genetic defects, severe damage to the central nervous system pathology of various internal organs. "Belarus is moving toward a demographic catastrophe" — said the Belarusian scientist.By Bandazheuski, Chernobyl is its "real cross." "For the desire to convey the truth about the consequences of his compatriots of this

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Belarusians a hand in an enormous explosion

To start the project of so-called the Great Hadron Collider attached Belarusian scientists, which are the European Center for Nuclear research (CERN). But the closer to the announced date, the greater the number of opponents who do not consider harmless experience. Indeed there may be dangerous for a large-scale scientific experiment?As explained by nuclear specialists, the Large Hadron Collider — is a proton accelerator. Looped structure with a diameter of about 30 km, nestled on over 100 meters depth, has no analogues for themselves and placed on the ground 2-States — Switzerland and France. Work on the construction kalyayderu began

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Overview of the Western press: Reddish forest in the Chernobyl zone. As malicious salt.

On the results of their own work in the Chernobyl zone said French and South American scientists. German newspaper "Die Welt" wrote: "Amazing results obtained from the study of animal behavior in the districts Charnabylyu — birds that nest there, find a place for themselves with low background radiation. As birds find out force contamination remains a mystery to scientists." Nests in the reddish woodsScientists working in the so-called "Reddish woods," which is just 3 km away. from the reactor. Forest so christened so after tragedy trees there became reddish. Those reddish trees, however, have already cut down, and the

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Institute of History of NAS fired Eugene Onishchenko

Scientific Secretary of the Institute for Marat Zhylinski to Onishchenko had a lot of claims, "Examination Board, which met on February 19, acknowledged that Evgeny Onishchenko does not meet a senior research fellow of the Institute. subsequent day he submitted his resignation on their own", — said Marat Žilina.According to the most Onishchenko, he filed an application due to the fact that the results of his evaluation was not offered a transfer to another position or fix bugs prescribed. Prerequisite for solving this Attestation Commission Onishchenko said his research, which do not meet state ideology and policy of eliminating the

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European greenish mourn Nesterenko

The statement manager greenish French region of Rhone-Alpes Helen Blyanshar activities Belarusian scientist Vasily Nesterenko in the dissemination of the truth about the consequences of Chernobyl disk imaging called "exceptional."Blyanshar Helen recalls how in the spring in Lyon Doctor Nesterenko participated in the conference "How to live in Chernobyl" and as impressed by his report of the organization’s representatives expressed their willingness to intensify their assistance to victims of Chernobyl, first children. According Blyanshar, "that goal, which performed Nesterenko saving civilization can not be overstated."European greenish note in Belarus activities of the scientist, as he founded with the support of

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Bomb, which exploded on July 4, did not in Belarus?

In Minsk and regions make searches of democratic activists and interrogated them in the KGB. Meanwhile, scientists say that Belarus does not have professionals who would be without the help of others have done such a bomb.Favourite unregistered Freedom Party Sergei Vysotsky visited now Investigation Department of the preparatory inquiry, that the street Sappers. He took the examination fingerprints and saliva.Sergei Vysotsky previously spent three days in the KGB jail as a suspect in the bombing on July 4. After the interrogation, the investigators decided not to send him to the temporary detention and released.Sergei Vysotsky said "Freedom":

"Naturally, the

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Scientists threats

(Aired July 1)

"I think it may be, this decision takes control of institutions, regardless of what values they represent. Exciting thing that such cases are is: we help the scientist who can not work own country, and institutions of his country immediately take other researchers who can not work at home. For example, we have in our program there a scientist who was obliged to leave Egipet, and immediately perceives Egipet Iraqi scientists who need help. We have a scientist who was obliged to flee from Spain, so there Basque terrorists threatened him, but Spain perceives affected scientists from

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«Really important technology»

«Now the world has seen the peak of enthusiasm for these developments. And for Russian scientists in this area recognized the undisputed priority «, — said the newspaper gaze zavlaboratoriey physics cluster structures Physico-Technical Institute named after Alexander Ioffe Vul, commenting on the news of the award of the prize for obscure scientific merits Russian scientist. Russian engineer Igor Petrov from Science City Snezhinsk Chelyabinsk region received so referred to the Ig Nobel prize for peace reincarnation explosives in diamonds. The awards ceremony, awarded for extraordinary ideas and absurd scientific achievements, accomplished at the Harvard Institute in the town

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Scientists against nuclear blackmail

Midst of scientists — Dr. Jora Lepine, Ph.D. Victor Jusko and Yegor Fedyushin. Scientists plan to confront the political decision of the authorities in the country to build a nuclear power station. During the "round table" on the dilemmas of nuclear power sounded: NPP construction in Belarus is not "inevitable necessity" because its development is no economic, social and technical prerequisites. Ya Fedyushin "Who recycles 440 reactors?"One of the initiators of the movement — a nuclear physicist, Ph.D. Yegor Fedyushin. Well acquainted with the problems, because even in the Russian time came, the Coordination Council of radiation damage physics of

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