Why is it essential to colour calibrate?

Discover why calibrating your computer monitor is necessary to achieve top results from your photos.

It’s not uncommon to find that your photo prints lack a little vibrancy when comparing them to the edited image on your computer screen. Some colours may even appear incorrect, with reds seemingly more magenta and greens looking a little yellow. This is often the result of your computer monitor not having been calibrated.

Colour calibration is important if you want perfect print results, as it will ensure the colour hues that you see on screen match those that are produced by the printer.


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Well, look at the handsome HTC, still heading up this fop 10 in the wake of our Supertest pitting it against the Xperia Z and Samsung’s hotly anticipated Galaxy S4. The One is a masterclass in smart phone craft, from its impossibly clear 1080p screen to its stokable aluminium body, clever Sense 5 skin and Ultra Pixel camera. The S4 might be better for power users, and the xperia Z for mobile movie buffs, but the One finally drags HTC out from under the also-rans.

Super-stylish, ultra-smart and a pleasure to use, the HTC One is a

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The best phones in the world run Android. The best Androids ore this Samsung, Sony and HTC. Sophie Charara finds out which is best of the best… of the best.

A smartphone is the most important weapon in your gadget arsenal. That means choosing the right smartphone is pretty damned difficult — and this is especially true today. You see, not long ago we would have automatically recommended the iPhone; it was the best option on many levels, so the only decision to make was how much built-in storage to plump for. But now that Android rules the roost, with

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How to incorporate screening into your outdoor space.

There are many reasons to use screens in the garden: for privacy, to hide unsightly views, as a windbreak or to create an outdoor room. So let’s outline some clever uses for garden screening as well as some practical materials you can utilise. Screening doesn’t have to be a boring old paling fence or a straight-clipped hedge. There are some very interesting materials that can be used to create a screen, such as metal, bamboo, or a variety of plants.

Traditionally, screens have been used for practical purposes, such as to hide

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Samsung NX300.

Does this retro-styled camera from Samsung push att the right buttons for beginners?

Among a steady wave of releases, the Samsung NX300 stands out for its DSLR quality and sheer usability. It comes with most of the features you could want from a compact system camera (CSC) — touch screen, large sensor and wireless connectivity — making it a superb option for anyone upgrading from a point-and-shoot.

It’s easy to switch shooting modes via the dial on top. The usual Auto, Program, and Manual modes are all present, joined by a new Lens Priority mode. This makes it easy for

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

The contender

This is the first Samsung tablet we’ve been excited about for a while. It’s a shrunk-down Note 10.1; an iPad Mini rival with a quad-core processor and a handy stylus. But it’s also a sized-up Note II, as the 3G/4G version can make voice calls. Plus, the Note 8.0 has a much improved Multi-Window split screen feature, which now handily supports Google apps such as Chrome. Maps and YouTube. A microSD slot for adding up to an extra 64GB and a huge 4600mAh battery complete the geek’s wishlist, but style gurus might be disappointed by the Note’s cheap-feeling

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It can’t run iOS6 and your friends have started using it as a tea tray. Never fear: Mark Wilson has some apps and accessories that’ll make your first-gen iPad essential again


Turn it into a Windows 8 tablet

Or an OS X Lion iPad, depending on your home computer. Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your Mac or PC, and you can control your desktop remotely on an iPad via the Splashtop 2 app. It even streams audio and video, so you can watch HD films or play games over Wi-Fi or your data connection. Splashtop 2 /


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Lilliput 663/0/P

Designed for DSLR movie makers, Liiliput’s upgraded 7in field monitor can also be a big-screen companion for tripod-using stills photographers. Damien Demolder tests it.

MANUFACTURERS have become very good at finding the space for large LCD screens on the backs of their cameras, but even the biggest in use on a standard DSLR is only about 3in across. Although this size allows some checking, it isn’t until we view via a laptop or desktop computer that we can feel confident everything is as it should be. If it is up to the job, this Lilliput screen offers photographers the chance

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You can swap your 40in TV for a 65in one

All those extra pixels mean that you can comfortably sit closer to the screen, as Scot Barbour, Vice President of Production Technology at Sony Pictures, explains. “Basically, to be able to even see 4K resolution, there’s a given distance sweet spot from the screen, one and a half screen heights away. So you’re going to want to have a bigger screen and be closer to it to actually be able to perceive 4K for what it’s really about.” What’s that? Not just a new TV, but a bigger one? OK…


Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

Jack of all trades, master of none

What do you call a device that can be either a laptop or a tablet, or even a few additional novel form factors in between? A Lenovo ThinkPad Helix, that’s what— which, as the name implies, is a hybrid with a twist.

Here’s how it works: In laptop form, the screen is firmly affixed to a keyboard dock, forming your standard clamshell. But press a button on the dock, right be­low the lower-left corner of the screen, pull up on the screen, and voila the screen is freed to serve as a stand-alone

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