TRAGEDY gone out to sea

Millions of years ago, they lived on the land. And then went to sea. Nobody knows the reasons which have pushed them on this step, which was only the first link in a chain of mysteries enshrouding the animals. «Wonderful dolphins are no creatures on the Earth, — wrote the ancient Greek poet Oppian — for a truly once they were people, but at the behest of the gods changed the land to the sea and took the form of fish.» So says the ancient manuscripts.

Since time immemorial, people are trying to unravel the mysteries of these mammals of

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Reckless person who will travel from New Crobuzon to the north and overcome the mountain is on the shore of a freshwater sea in the Cold Claw lands grindylow — Dzhengrise. There’s almost no outsiders, except that a few visiting traders — people and water. Nobody wants to settle in Dzhengrise and the surrounding area because of the terrible rumors. Allegedly, the fate of those. kosh grindylow seized more than unenviable, and slavery -eschё favorable outcome. Outsiders strictly limited access to settlements; for they are the harsh rules that are better not to disturb. Grindylow this situation is more than

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Glowing inhabitants of the oceans

Even in ancient times Carthaginian and Arab sailors watched the glow of the sea. Carthaginian admiral Hanno in V. BC. e. He noted that in the south of CERN, he saw the sea, «burning into flames.» But the glow of the sea for the first time described the Portuguese navigator and commander of the XVI century Juan de Castro in his book on the Red Sea.

Now we have had many colorful descriptions of this phenomenon. Here are the most interesting ones.

I not passed by this phenomenon and the French zoologist Edmond Perrier. «Suffice it to a short stay

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Adventure at sea stranger

To find happiness, I had to go to distant seas.

And nothing, not even beloved grandmother could not keep me on this journey.

All my little family so … peculiar, to say the least. Grandmother calls himself vorozheykoy, health corrects people, destroy charms shoots, making the secret police, in other words, amulets. But never agreed nor bewitch or to separate or direct damage, said that if something does, then all at once her strength gone. I do not understand it because my grandmother did not force me moved, did not pass it to my mom. But Grandma was not discouraged

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Sea views.

Our people made the beds to sunbathe and swim in the pits. If you spent the summer again, not where they wanted — you have a chance to go on a voyage, if not in reality, then certainly in the pages of Naked Science. We’ll tell you about the most incredible passenger ships, present and future — on the largest cruise liners and the most incredible technical solutions in shipbuilding.


At all times, the main feature of ocean liners had their value. Perhaps no single work of human hands are not attracts as much attention as

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In return Crimea Russian naval missile-carrying aircraft

Airbase in Guards (Crimea) in 2016 receive-carrier carrying Marine Regiment (MRAP), armed with far Tu-22M3 bombers, Interfax-AVN reported with reference to the Russian military department

«We hope that in two years at the airbase in Guards again be based missile-carrying regiment on the Tu-22M3» — said the official.

He explained that the Ministry of Defense does not put himself ahead of the recovery puzzle all aerodromes which were located in the Russian missile while the Black Sea Fleet Air Force, namely, in a joyful and October.

«There will be a necessary and sufficient sea submarines. The need for

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Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. July 11

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with a favorite public associations businessmen "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka.• Poll — how many need to earn to be considered a person comfortably.• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Continuing the story of the composer Stanislaw Moniuszko.2nd part:• Samples of Belarus buy your Navy — Marine vadaplavy prescribe in Minsk • Survey on the shore Svislochi in Minsk — much needed marine vadaplavav Belarus? What and where they could carry?• Belarusian Web at "Night Siege" takes Dmitry Podberezskaya.• «Night rap." Prose Alexei Batyukova.

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South Stream — a big step in the game of chess

June 24 during an energy summit of the Dark Sea in Zagreb Russian President announced a brand new project, which will mean a sharp appreciation of the impact of Moscow’s South-Western Europe and the continent as a whole.Putin: "As you know, yesterday signed a memorandum between Gazprom and the Italian company" ENI "the probable latest gazaparavodnay laying on the bottom of the dark sea."Construction of the new pipeline is meant to end in 2011, its pumping capacity will be 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year. This, for example, two-thirds of the annual transit of Russian gas through Belarus.F.Bardanara

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F-35B first carried out a night landing on the deck


Test Pilot of the U.S. Marine Corps for the first time carried out a night landing fighter with short takeoff and vertical landing F-35B on the deck of amphibious assault ship USS Wasp, reports Landing fulfilled Colonel SR (CR Clift).   Second series of sea trials began on March 12 fighter, landing made on August 14. «Everything went very well. In one night, missed 8 of successful landings, because we are very optimistic about the prospects for training pilots combatant, «he says.   The program is designed for 18 days. During the tests will be expanded the

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NATO exercises in the Black Sea — planned

NATO warships alliance — one Spanish, one German and one Polish — together with South American frigates uchavstvujut in the planned three-week long exercise off the coast of Romania and Bulgaria.Amid tensions relations between West and Russia in connection with the Russian-Georgian military conflict Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Russian Federation on August 28 said that Russian naval forces hunted down "build up of forces" NATO in the Black Sea.

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